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An In-depth Review of TimeLive TimeSheet Software

The following is a comprehensive review of the software, TimeLive, that is manufactured by the LiveTecs company. The article will cover what the product is, why individuals need this product, its key features, the installation process, how it works, its compatibility with other software and devices, as well as the available pricing plans. In addition, the review will also speak to what makes this software different from similar products in the market, as well as explain to potential customers how to navigate the company’s website when they seek to purchase this product.

What is TimeLive Timesheet Software?

Livetecs timelive coupon codeTimeLive is a time tracking software from the online software company, LiveTecs. This online based time sheet helps companies and small businesses to track the time used per task, as well as the expenses incurred for each task. This tool will help businesses manage each of their projects more smartly guaranteeing less waste in terms of time and money, and enhancing the productivity of available resources.

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Why Do We Need TimeLive Timesheet Software from LiveTecs?

A company will need TimeLive for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to monitor your employees’ productivity or performance on a task/time basis, then this is the ideal software for you. It allows you to compare how much output each of your employees has generated based on the time allocated for each specific task.

You will also need the software if you are looking to track the expenses incurred for each task undertaken by your employees.

All of the reports generated by the software are accurate and can be accessed from anywhere, either on-demand or on-site.

Key Features:

The key features of the TimeLive software include:

  • Time Tracking

With this feature, TimeLive is able to track the time each of your employees spends on a variety of tasks. This information is presented to you in a manner that is simple to understand and compare with previous records.

The feature enables you to identify which tasks are proving too time consuming for your employees, which employee is taking too much time on particular tasks, as well as your most productive employees. You can then use this information to improve on the weak spots that you have identified.

  • Expense Tracker

The expense tracker feature allows you to track the expenses incurred for each task and project that your company undertakes. This is an effective way of allowing you to manage the costs involved in the different tasks, and with this information, you can find ways of cutting costs based on the priority you have placed for each task.

  • Time and Expense Billing

The TimeLive software is also able to track the time spent on each task undertaken for a customer, and bills them accordingly. Each bill created and sent to the customer by the software contains the pertinent evidence of time used on each specific project. This is an incredible feature for companies that bill their clients per hour.

  • Time Off Tracking

Time off tracking and management is now much easier thanks to the TimeLive Time Sheet software. You can accurately track the time offs and leave days for each employee, as well as automate the process of giving time offs based on the schedule that you have fed into the software.

  • DCAA Compliant

The TimeLive software is DCAA Compliant, which guarantees that you are using the most efficient time keeping procedures that have been approved by regulatory bodies, and that your auditing process is simplified to a point that it is no longer a source of stress for the management of your company.

How to Install LiveTecs TimeLive Timesheet Software?

Once you have purchased the software from the company website, you will receive an email notification informing you of your successful purchase. The email will also contain details on how to download the software into your system. After successfully downloading the software, follow the on-screen prompts that will guide you throughout the installation process.

Your system and the software will notify you once the latter has been successfully installed.

How Timesheet Works

TimeLive is an online timesheet software that works by tracking the time used on each task or project, as well as the expenses incurred for each task and/or project. This form of tracking enables you to improve the productivity and output of your employees as you now have the required information that points to which task is too time consuming, and which ones need to be done faster.

In addition, as project manager, the software equips you with the information that you need to identify ways of cutting costs involved in each tasks as well as overall projects. Check this video for more information about TimeLive web based timesheet software:

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This software is compatible with majority of the most popular operating systems as well as devices used by companies in different parts of the world.

Pricing and Plans

For the on-demand bouquet, there are three plans available. The first one is the TimeLive Standard plan that goes for $3 per user. The second plan is the Premium plan that can comfortably be used by up to 50 users and costs $200 per month. The third plan is the Enterprise package that can serve unlimited number of users, and goes for $400 monthly.

The on-premises version also has different pricing plans. The Standard plan of this version is a per user subscription that costs $30 per user for one time use only. The Premium plan caters to up to 50 users, costing around $2500 for all 50 users, and it is single use. TimeLive Premium Plus is designed for 100 users and costs $3500 one time use. The Enterprise plan will cover unlimited number of users, and is priced at $5000 for one time use per user. Please remember to check our special TimeLive coupon code to get discount at checkout.

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60% OFF LiveTecs TimeLive Discount Coupon:

Save 10% OFF with our TimeLive promo code + 50% OFF on annual subscription at

60% OFF LiveTecs TimeLive Discount Coupon:

Save 10% OFF with our TimeLive promo code + 50% OFF on annual subscription at

What Makes TimeLive Different From Other Time Tracking Software?

There are several things that set TimeLive apart from the other time tracking software in the market. These include the fact that it comes with a free data migration feature, fully responsive support that is accessible at any time, fully customisable to your business and its specific needs, a 30 day free trial, and easy setup.

Furthermore, the software is also available as a mobile application, which means you can access the tracking information from wherever you are on your mobile device. This online time sheet software is also available in a variety of languages, so you can be sure that you can use it in your local language.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

Livetecs timelive review

The website ( is fairly easy to navigate owing to its simple layout. All of the pertinent product and information links can be found on the homepage.

Order and Payment

Making an order on the website is achieved by paying for a product using your preferred payment method. Once you pay for the software, you will receive an email notifying you of your successful purchase.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive Support page where you can find all of the relevant contact information that you will need to get in touch with the company.

Online Support

The website has a Live Chat feature that enables you to communicate directly with the company in real time regarding any issues you might be having with its products.

Finally, Is TimeLive Timesheet Software Legit?

Yes, TimeLive is a legitimate online time tracking software with enormous capabilities that can help you minimise costs, and time loss while maximizing productivity and output.

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How to Order TimeLive Software?

Simply visit the company website, select the product and pay for it using your preferred payment method. You will receive an email notifying you of your successful purchase, as well as instructions on how to download, install, and use the product. Hurry and order now and stand a chance to receive a 60% discount on your purchase with our LiveTecs TimeLive coupon code below.

Best LiveTecs TimeLive Promo Code:

60% OFF LiveTecs TimeLive Discount Coupon:

Save 10% OFF with our TimeLive promo code + 50% OFF on annual subscription at

60% OFF LiveTecs TimeLive Discount Coupon:

Save 10% OFF with our TimeLive promo code + 50% OFF on annual subscription at

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