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1. iKeymonitor

iKeymonitor is an best spying software that has been used by a lot people to monitor calls, call logs, web browsing activities and other things on targeted phones or tablets in real-time.

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2. Spyrix

Spyrix is an smart phone tracking monitoring software for Android & iOS that really easy to keep track of your children or employees, and all their daily activities.

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3. Spyera

Spyera is one of the best monitoring software for smartphone that monitors the activity of the targeted phone and records it to their system so you can monitor.

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An In-depth Review FoneMonitor App

The following is a review of the software, FoneMonitor, a mobile spy app for Android and iPhone devices. The article will provide a detailed description of the software, its various uses, and the type of customers who will derive the most value from the program. In addition, this FoneMonitor app review will also explain the main features of this software, how to purchase it, how it works, its different price plans, compatibility with different operating systems, as well as what makes this software truly stand out from the others in the market.

What is FoneMonitor?

fonemonitor coupon codeFoneMonitor is a leading phone monitoring software that can help customers monitor all the activities undertaken on a charges’ phone. A charge in this case refers to a child, employee, or a spouse whose phone activities you would like to monitor. The software can be used on both Android devices as well as iPhones & iPads.

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Why We Need FoneMonitor App?

You need FoneMonitor for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you have adolescent children, it is imperative to monitor most of their phone activities as a safety measure to ensure that they are not interacting with any bad elements especially over the Internet.

If you are an employer, and have provided your employees with company phones, it is important to monitor the activities they undertake using these phones as they are part of company property. You should do this in order to ensure that the employees are not misusing the phones and causing the company losses in terms of lost time, and productivity. Monitoring their phone activities can also help deter employees from selling company secrets.

Another reason you might want to invest in FoneMonitor software is to monitor the phone activities of your spouse. This is important when you suspect them of having an affair and want proof of the infidelity.


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Key Features:

Some of the key features of FoneMonitor software include:

  • Can monitor WhatsApp communication

FoneMonitor app also allows you to access and read WhatsApp texts, see incoming and outgoing calls, see statuses of the target phone, see photos, as well as view locations. It does all of this without the need of a rooting mechanism in the case of an Android device.

  • Recording of live calls

The software is also capable of recording live calls both incoming and outgoing on the target phone. The phone calls are recorded as hidden sound files that are sent to your web account, from where you can listen to the recording at any time of your choosing.

  • GPS Tracker

With this hidden app, you can track the location of the target phone using GPS. You can view its GPS location from your user control panel.

  • Monitor phone calls

You can view all of the details of the phone calls, both received and outgoing. These details include time of call, length of call, as well as the contact name. You can also view all of the deleted phone records.

  • Monitor Internet activities

You can also monitor Internet activities of the target phone. This is especially important if you are a parent, and are trying to protect your charge from harmful elements or predators on the Internet. In addition, if you are an employer, this feature helps you ensure that your employees are not misusing the company phones by engaging in Internet activities that cause loss of time and productivity.

  • Monitor the use of apps

FoneMonitor also enables you to monitor the applications being used on the target phone. You can view the history of the apps, the information sent and received through them, as well as enable you to block applications that you do not want the target phone to access.

  • Keylogger

This feature captures the characters that the target uses to log in to social media accounts, email accounts, WhatsApp account, as well as phone gallery. This enables you to login into these accounts with ease as well as undetected.

  • Monitor phone SMSs

Monitor your charge’s SMS communications from the luxury of your phone. You can access and monitor the messages received and those sent. You can also trace SMSs even if they have been deleted from the target phone.

How to Install FoneMonitor?

fonemonitor app install

Installing FoneMonitor is easy as all you need to do is download the software from the company website. After downloading, follow the on-screen prompts and the software will be successfully installed into the device. Before you download the software, however, you need to do a few things. For starters, you need to ensure that your phone is enabled for unknown sources. Go to the settings of the target phone, and select ‘Security’. Check the box next to ‘Unknown Sources‘ and click OK on the prompt that appears.

The next thing you need to do is disable package verifier. This will ensure that the software can operate in the background of the target phone without being detected. You can disable the package verifier by going to Google Play Store, and selecting ‘Play Protect‘. Next, uncheck the ‘Scan device for security threats’. Once you have completed that process, you can now download and install the software.

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How FoneMonitor Works?

FoneMonitor app works by monitoring all of the activities undertaken in the target phone remotely. These activities include monitoring phone calls, messages, as well as social media operations. You can also block applications from operating on the target phone, as well as block access to certain social media sites.

Is FoneMonitor detectable?

No, FoneMonitor is not detectable.


The software is compatible with all of the Android devices, as well as devices that utilize the iOS such as iPhones.

Pricing and Plans

There are two pricing subscription plans, and they include the Premium Edition and Ultimate Edition packages. The Premium package costs $39.99 while the Ultimate Edition costs $49.99. But you can use our FoneMonitor coupon code below to get 25% discount at checkout. Limited time only!

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What makes FoneMonitor software different to other parental control software?

This is a highly innovative app that works in the background of the target phone. It is undetectable unlike other spy apps. It is also quite versatile in terms of features and uses. Furthermore, it is more affordable than its competitors.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout review

The website layout of Fone Monitor app ( is simple, making it easy to navigate. Pertinent information regarding the software such as key features and uses can be found on the homepage. Important links can also be found on this page.

Order and Payment

Before downloading the app, you will be required to choose a package, and pay for it. Once that is done, you will be able to download it and begin monitoring the target phone.

Customer Service

The company has provided customer care contact details at the bottom of the homepage. There is also a dedicated page that details how to contact this department.

Online Support

You are guaranteed of 24/7 online support from the company once you begin using the software.

Should I Buy FoneMonitor App?

You should definitely buy FoneMonitor if you  are looking to  the phones being used by those under your charge such as your children or employees. Hurry and buy the software now, and get 25% OFF with our special FoneMonitor app coupon code below.

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