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10% OFF Q-See Discount Code:

Save 10% OFF on all orders over $150 at q-see.com.

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Q-See Review – Top Home Security Camera System

This is a brief overview of the company Q-See. This article will provide a comprehensive review of the company, its main products, as well as a brief description of the company’s website such as its ease of navigation, how to shop on the site as well as how to make payments.

Who is Q-See?

q-see coupon codeQ-See is a surveillance production company. It produces surveillance cameras that customers can use to protect their homes and other properties.

Visit Site: www.q-see.com

What are They Selling at Q-See?

At Q-See.com, you can find a variety of high-tech surveillance cameras. These innovations are designed to enable you to protect your home and the rest of your property from any criminal disturbances or unwarranted intrusions.

Watch this video for more information about Q-see Wi-Fi surveillance technology:


Best Selling Security Cameras at Q-see.com

The following are some of the most popular products that can be found on the company website. These products have different features all aimed at making it easier for you to protect your privacy and property.

  1. 720 Analog HD Bullet Security Camera

q-see security camera coupon

The 720 Analog Camera is a surveillance camera that offers 720 pixels of resolution. The camera offers crystal clear images thereby enhancing your surveillance capabilities. You will never have to worry about blurry images at the corner of the screen. Furthermore, the camera also features inbuilt characteristics that enhance the clarity of the images captured by this Analog Bullet Camera. These features include Digital Noise Reduction and Backlight Compensation. With these features, you are assured of crystal clear images despite the surrounding lighting conditions.

The camera can guarantee HD video 24 hours a day. The weatherproof casing guarantees that the camera can work regardless of the weather situation. Changes in weather patterns will not affect the performance of the camera.

It is compatible with multiple DVRs as well as CVI technology. In addition, you do not need to worry about the tampering of the camera cables. Q-See designs these cameras with 3-axis mounts to protect the cables from theft or destruction.


The following are the specifications of the 720 Analog HD Bullet Security Camera:

  • 12 Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
  • 720 pixels of resolution
  • Extensive range of night vision of up to 80 feet
  • Weatherproof both indoor and outdoor seating
  • Equipped with CMOS image sensor

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Q-see coupon codeQ-SEE Special Deal:

Get up to 40% OFF on Q-see security camera systems at q-see.com.

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10% OFF Q-See Discount Code:

Save 10% OFF on all orders over $150 at q-see.com.

10% OFF Q-See Discount Code:

Save 10% OFF on all orders over $150 at q-see.com.
  1. 8 Channel Analog HD 1080p DVR with (4) 1080p Bullet Cameras and (4). 720p Dome Cameras and 1 TB HDD (QC918-8HL-1)

q see bullet cameras discount

The 8 Channel Analog Bullet and Dome cameras is a comprehensive Analog surveillance system consisting of four Bullet Cameras as well as 4 Dome Cameras. The four Bullet Cameras have a resolution of 1080 pixels while the Dome Cameras come with 720 pixels. The system also comes with 1 TB HDD.

Furthermore, the package features DVR that comes equipped with real time recording ability. You are guaranteed of easy playback as you as high quality videos.

The Analog bundle contains top-notch LED motion sensors that act as an effective deterrent against any criminal activities or unwarranted intrusions. You should install this Analog Security System in the most vulnerable spots around your property in order to enhance the overall safety of the area.

Other prominent features of their system are its impressive Night Vision that provides 24 hour monitoring and protection as well as remote viewing thanks to the QC Mobile App.


Some of the specifications include:

DVR Technology

  • Analog HD
  • Recording resolution of various pixels such as 1080p, 720p, and 960H
  • Also offers live viewing with different resolutions
  • Hard drive can hold up to 6TB of data
  • Remote monitoring with maximum 128 users monitoring the system simultaneously
  • Compatible with the most popular operating systems such as MAC, iOS, PC, and Android
  • Monitor connections include the VGA and HDMI

Bullet Camera

  • Uses Analog HD technology
  • Size of the lens is 3.6 mm
  • Comes with a bullet type camera
  • Compatible with Analog HD DVR recorders as well as BNC type recorders
  • Uses BNC connection
  • The image sensor type is CMOS
  • Also comes with IR Cut filter
  • Comes with high quality weather resistance

Dome Cameras

  • Dome camera type
  • Analog HD
  • Comes with IR Cut filter
  • Recording resolution of 720 pixels
  • Compatible with BNC and DVR Analog recorders
  • Uses BNC connection
  • CMOS image sensing
  • Weather resistance capabilities
  • Angle view of 70 degrees
  1. 1080p Analog HD Bullet Security Camera

qsee bullet camera promo code

This is an Analog HD camera that is designed with bullet technology. Offers extensive image clarity as well as superior monitoring capabilities. It is weather resistant with 30 meter night vision range. This means you can monitor your property 24 hours a day. It also has a field of view of 65-70 degrees. This narrow field of view makes the camera Ideal for covering a specific part of the area you are interested in covering. The images will be much clearer than from a camera with a wider field of view.


  • Comes with a narrow field of view of about 65-70 degrees
  • Also comes with high-tech features such as noise reduction, backlight compensation and Automatic Gain Control
  • Has a high weather proof rating meaning it is ideal for working in all weather conditions.
  • Features night vision with up to 30 meter range.
  1. 4MP WI-FI Pan Tilt Camera with 16GB Micro SD

qsee wifi camera coupon

This is a pan-tilt camera that provides 4MP of crystal clear images. Other than pan-tilt capabilities, this camera also comes with auto-tracking as well as two way communication. Owing to its WI-FI connection availability, you can control the camera using your smartphone.


  • 4 MP resolution
  • Auto-tracking
  • Long range night vision
  • Cloud storage upon subscription
  • Two way communication
  • Digital zooming up to 16 times
  • Backlight compensation
  • Auto or manual options for gain control
  • User access for 20 people
  • Extensive variety of frame rates that include 4MP, 3MP, and 1080P
  • Compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, and MAC
  • WI-FI enabled
  • Long night vision range of approximately 33 feet
  • Backlight compensation enabled
  • 6mm of focal length
  1. Q-See QPEN 16GB Compact DVR Camera Pen with 720p Video and 4MP Images

q see qpen camera coupon

This is a unique portable surveillance pen that can take pictures and videos while you are on the go. The pen is capable of taking 4MP of images or 720p of video. It also comes with an expansive 16GB of internal storage. This can enable you to capture and store 1.5 hours worth of video or approximately 14000 pictures.


  • 1 hour of battery life
  • AVI video formats
  • M-JPEG video encoding
  • 1280*720MP of video resolution
  • Compatible with Apple and Windows OS
  • USB interface
  • Aspect ratio of 16:9

Quick Q-SEE.com Reviews

The following section details the company website navigation, layout, shopping processing, customer service AS well as online support.

Website Layout

q-see review

Their official site (https://q-see.com/) has a simple layout making it easy to navigate. All of the pertinent links can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Shopping Processing

Shopping on the site is also easy as there are different product pages. For instance, there are separate links for ‘What’s new’, ‘Deals’, ‘Best Sellers’ and Q-See Certified products.

Order and Payment

Once you find the product you like, you have two choices. You can either add it to your cart or purchase the product now. Once you have finished shopping, you will be directed to the purchasing page. Here, you will be able to fill in your information and complete the purchasing process.

Customer Service

There is a Support section at the bottom of the homepage. Under this section, you will find my links to the different help pages. They are classified into different sections to help you find the answer you are looking for as easily as possible. These pages will guide you on every aspect of the Q-SEE experience. There are also ‘how to’ videos that will guide you on how to use the products. You can get 24/7 support on the site.

Bottom Line – Should I Buy at Q-See.com?

Yes, you should as this is where you can find the best surveillance cameras and systems at the best prices.

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How to Order at Q-see.com?

You can order products from the company by visiting the website , selecting your preferred product, and paying for them. If you order a Q-See product today, you will receive up to 10% OFF in the on-going Q-SEE promotion.

Best Q-See Coupon Code:

Q-see coupon codeQ-SEE Special Deal:

Get up to 40% OFF on Q-see security camera systems at q-see.com.

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10% OFF Q-See Discount Code:

Save 10% OFF on all orders over $150 at q-see.com.

10% OFF Q-See Discount Code:

Save 10% OFF on all orders over $150 at q-see.com.

(Q-See Discount Code & Review)

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