mSpy vs FlexiSPY: Cell Phone Monitoring Software Comparison

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A cell phone is a private thing and most would argue that spying on a mobile device is a form of intrusion on privacy. However, in some cases, the intrusion is necessary such as the need for safety. In such a case, a parent may need to keep constant vigilance on their kids to keep them safe. This raises the need for a monitoring app, which allows the kid a sense of privacy while still keeping the parent updated on the kid’s activities. Among the top cell phone monitoring software for the job is mSpy and FlexiSPY with their most advanced features. The in-depth comparison review of mSpy vs FlexiSPY below compares and gives a verdict on which of the two software is the most convenient.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software Comparison: mSpy vs FlexiSPY

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  1. mSpy vs FlexiSPY : Software Features

Features are the first and most important aspect to check for while making a purchase of an item. The cell phone spy software has their features divided into basic and advanced features. In the first case, the basic features are those which a custom for the spy software. These features include call monitoring, text monitoring, email, videos and photos monitoring, remote GPS tracker, contacts monitoring and browser history. Both the mSpy and FlexiSPY applications have these basic features.

On the other hand, the advanced features are what set the software apart. These may include the no jailbreak no installation feature, call listening and recording, and surround listening and recording. The no jailbreak and no installation feature found only on the mSpy is a feature that does not require installation on the target phone. However, it is only present for the iPhone users. On the other hand, the calls and surround listening and recording feature only available on the FlexiSPY also are quite notable. These features are currently the most advanced among the mobile spy software advancements.

Other features worth the mention include social media and IM chats monitoring. While both mSpy and FlexiSPY have the social media monitoring features, only FlexiSPY as IM chats monitoring. This puts it in better stead while checking for a comprehensive software. Some social media platforms covered include Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook among others.

  1. mSpy vs FlexiSPY : Installations

The installation process is different depending on the type of operating system on the device. This follows even in the installation of the mobile spy software installation. In this case, the installation process is different for the Android and the iOS operating systems. To start the process of installing the mSpy software is shorter in the Android operating systems as compared to the FlexiSPY. Due to its bulk of features the setup file for the FlexiSPY software is larger thus takes longer to install. On the other hand, though both are relatively simple to install in terms of the process, the simplified systematic prompts for the mSpy software installation also wins it a favor. Check this video for more information on how to install mSpy on an Android phone:


For the iOS installation, process a different tact is required albeit for the mSpy software only. For the installation of mSpy, one only needs to install it on the monitoring device and not necessarily on the target device. This is the “no jailbreak no installation” feature. This makes the process less time-consuming since one only needs to install the app on one device. For the FlexiSPY software, however, one needs to install the application on both devices in order for it to work.

In conclusion, is the mSpy software winner when it comes to installation since it is both fast and simplified. This, however, does not put off FlexiSPY off too much since it does pack a bulk of spying features that outdoes the mSpy software. The downside of that advantage is the hefty file size that comes with.

  1. mSpy versus FlexiSPY: Budget Considerations

The price aspect is another factor that is imperative while purchasing an item or in this cases a software. Most would wonder the need to pay for a spy software while they can easily download an .apk online. Most of these files are most dangerous for the device and may even pose a security threat too. The premiums help in the development of the software as well as the advancement of features. The tracking features also require a primary server which the premiums help pay for.

For starters, the mSpy software offers cheaper premiums compared to the FlexiSPY software. The software, however, comes in Basic and Premium versions with the premium being the pricey one of the two. The Premium version of mSpy also packs advanced features compared to the Basic. The FlexiSPY software comes as the pricey one of all since it has more features. For both software, you actually get the value for your money. Some features of the call and surround listening and recording are among the most advanced for a mobile spying application.

mSpy vs FlexiSPY: Other Comparisons

Among other aspects of comparison of less magnitude but of considerable import, include the remote tracking without installation and the customer service. The remote tracking without installation is the feature that allows the user to track the target cell phone without necessarily installing the application to the device. Only the mSpy software as this feature for the iOS operating systems. For the case of customer service, the FlexiSPY software due to its better features takes the winning spot.

mSpy vs FlexiSPY – Final Verdict

Spy on Call Logs / SMS / ContactsYesYes
Track GPS LocationYesYes
Listen to Live Calls / Call RecordingYesNo
Video / Image / Audio FilesYesImage & Videos only
Surround Recording & ListeningYesNo
Spy Wifi NetworksNoYes

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Both types of software are excellent since they rank top in both sales and advanced features. The customer reviews on the software are enough to vouch for their convenience. The most notable aspects of comparison come up with the prices and the features. While the FlexiSPY software comes with more advanced features, it also comes with heftier premiums. The customer may eventually have to choose whether to go for advanced features or cheaper option. This, however, does not put the mSpy software in bad stead since it only comes second to FlexiSPY in its features. However, for the sake of the article, the final verdict takes mSpy software as a winner. The software is not only a budget convenience, it also provides advanced features albeit less than FlexiSPY. The installation process, the No jailbreak, and no installation feature for the iOS users also come as an advantage.

(Cell Phone Monitoring Software Comparison: mSpy vs FlexiSPY)

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