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TrackOFF Review – Best VPN Privacy Software

The following is a detailed review of the TrackOFF privacy software, which are designed to stop unscrupulous individuals from tracking your activities online, collecting information about you, and using that information for unauthorized purposes. The article will give you relevant information on who the company is, what it sells, the key features of some of its products, as well as a brief overview of the company’s website.

Who is TrackOFF?

Trackoff coupon codeTrackOFF is a software company that manufactures tools designed to guarantee the safety of the users’ identities, personal information, and personal lives whenever they use the Internet. The company’s mission is to eradicate the exploitation and misuse of people’s data on the Internet by making it impossible for third parties to track their online activities.

With the tools from TrackOFF, individuals now have control over who accesses their data, and for what purpose. The tools also prevent unscrupulous people from gaining access to users’ personal data.

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What are They Selling at is selling software that hides your activities online so that third parties cannot track you online, and/or collect and use your data for unauthorized purposes. These software applications ensure that your data remains safe and secure as you browse the Internet.

Quick  TrackOFF Elite Review

trackoff elite couponThe TrackOFF Elite is a premier online tracking protection software that guarantees the safety and security of your identity as you browse the internet.

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Why Do I Need TrackOFF Elite?

You need TrackOFF Elite to ensure that websites, online businesses, as well as criminals do not collect any of your personal information while you are browsing the Internet. Antiviruses are not enough to stop the threat that trackers and ID thieves pose while you are on the Internet. TrackOFF Elite ensures that this risk is eliminated, guaranteeing you a safe and secure browsing experience every time.

Watch this video to learn how your privacy is threatened every time you’re online, and how to use TrackOFF privacy software keeps you safe.


Trackoff elite coupon codeTrackOFF Elite Promo Code:

Get 30% OFF on TrackOFF Elite VPN (1 year/ 3 devices) for only $44.96 (Reg. $59.95) at

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced protection from identity thieves – the TrackOFF Elite changes the makeup of your digital footprint thereby making it impossible for trackers and other third parties to collect your personal information.
  • Sophisticated cookie removal – the software clears away all of the cookies, even those that are normally difficult to remove. You can also rest assured that your browsing history is deleted in order to continue safeguarding your identity online.
  • Extensive tracking and analysis reports – You will receive easy-to-read, in-depth analytical reports on third parties tracking attempts’ on your browsing activities. You will also receive instant alerts regarding anyone trying to track you.
  • Private Search – the TrackOFF Elite hides online activities from Internet Service Providers, websites, and trackers.
  • Guaranteed Anonymous browsing – With the TrackOFF Elite, you have the option of enabling virtual private network (VPN) capabilities, which provides you with a private, and encrypted browsing experience by hiding your IP address.
  • Location Masking – The VPN component of TrackOFF Elite also hides your location so that the hackers as well as the ISPs do not see where you are browsing from.
  • Access restricted websites – TrackOFF Elite also enables you to gain access to restricted websites while you are browsing owing to the fact that your IP address and location are masked.

How to Install and Setup TrackOFF?

To install and setup TrackOFF VPN Elite, follow these steps.

  1. Install the software’s extension on your browser.
  2. Create a Cookie Clearing schedule by following the on-screen prompts.

How TrackOFF Works

trackoff elite review

TrackOFF is an online tracking protection software that works by placing fake information within the data that creates your digital footprint. This creates a false profile, and significantly alters what unauthorized individuals such as trackers get to see when they attempt to track you online.

In addition, the TrackOFF applications is able to erase every tracking cookie, enhancing your safety online.

How to Use TrackOFF?

After installing and setting up the TrackOFF software in your device, it automatically begins running in the background. The online tracking protection process commences immediately the software has been set up on your device.

Watch this video to know to how TrackOFF keeps your personal safe online:


Trackoff elite coupon codeTrackOFF Discount Code:

Get 30% OFF on TrackOFF Elite VPN (1 year/ 3 devices) for only $44.96 (Reg. $59.95) at

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The TrackOFF products are compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP. In addition, these products will work well alongside popular antivirus software.

Please note that VPN does not work on Vista and XP. Keep this in mind when choosing whether to enable VPN on your TrackOFF Elite purchase.

You can use the TrackOFF applications on several browsers that include Opera, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

Pricing & Plans

There are different subscription plans for each of the TrackOFF products. For the TrackOFF Standard package, you get to choose between paying the annual subscription or a monthly payment plan. The annual subscription will cost $34.95 a year, while the monthly subscription will cost $3.95 per month. It is advisable to choose the annual subscription plan as you can save up to 25% with this plan.

The TrackOFF Elite subscription plans also fall into two categories, the annual and the monthly subscription plans. The annual plan will cost $59.95 a year, while paying monthly will cost you $6.90 per month. Choosing the annual plan is your best option as it comes with savings of up to 25%.

It is important to note that all of the plans have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Trackoff reviews

The website layout is simple and easy to use. All the relevant links and information can be found on the homepage, and the links take you directly to deeper information that you are seeking.

Order & Payment

You can make an order of your preferred TrackOFF product on the website after you complete filling in your billing information. After providing all the required details, simply click on the ‘Place Order’ tab at the bottom of the form.

Shopping Processing

You will find the relevant products, as well as their prices and related information on the ‘Products and Pricing’ page of the website.

Customer Service

Customers can find a ‘Commonly asked questions’ section at the bottom of the ‘Products and Pricing’ page. This section comprehensively covers some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) in regards to the TrackOFF products.

The company has also provided its official telephone number as well as customer care email on the website’s homepage.

Online Support

There is no Live Chat system on the website, but you can place a call directly to the company using the phone number provided, or send them an email using the email address displayed on their Contact page.

In addition, you can send a direct message to the company by filling in and submitting the contact form on the Contact page.

TrackOFF Review – Should I Buy TrackOFF?

You should definitely buy TrackOFF in order to protect your identity as well as your personal information when browsing the Internet. TrackOFF ensures that hackers, identity thieves, trackers, scammers, and other third parties are unable to access your personal data, and use it to ruin your browsing experience, or your finances, or your life.

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How to Order TrackOFF?

Head over to the ‘Products and Pricing’ page of the TrackOFF website. Select the product you want to purchase by clicking on the respective product tab. Once you choose the payment plan, click on ‘Start Using’, after which you will be redirected to the Check Out page. Fill out your billing information, and finally, click on the ‘Place Order’ tab at the bottom of the page.

If you purchase a TrackOFF product today, you can receive up to 15% OFF in the company’s ongoing marketing promotion.

FreeTrackOFF Promo Codes:

Trackoff elite coupon codeTrackOFF Elite Coupon Code:

Get 30% OFF on TrackOFF Elite VPN (1 year/ 3 devices) for only $44.96 (Reg. $59.95) at

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Trackoff coupon codeTrackOFF Standard Coupon Code:

Get 30% OFF on TrackOFF Standard (1 year/ 3 devices) for only $26.24 (Reg. $34.95) at

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