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Thetruthspy coupon codeThe Truth Spy App Special Deal:

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An In-depth Review of TheTruthSpy App

Safety of the children is the first priority of the parents but with technology in everyone’s hand, child’s security is becoming a major concern. The problem is usually created with the fault on the child’s side. So, it is highly necessary for the parents of this era to keep an eye on the children even when they are not around and see what they are up  to. This TheTruthSpy review is done to enlighten the benefits of the monitoring software programs.

What is TheTruthSpy?

thetruthspy coupon codeTheTruthSpy is the mobile monitoring software that comes with great many features that normally no other mobile tracking program offers at these prices. It is a super cheap spy phone software that helps you to remotely control the targeted device and see every move of its owner. This software program doesn’t require internet 24/7 and could upload all the collected data when the phone is connected to the internet. It is the best monitoring software for parents and employers.

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Why We Need TheTruthSpy App?

Here are the reasons why you may need TheTruthSpy:

  • You want to remotely monitor a phone of your kids or employees
  • You need a software that has many features to know as much as you can about the activities of the targeted person
  • The software should be able to work with the phone on all networks
  • It should be easy to install and work that a non-technical person could take a benefit from it
  • The price tag should be pocket-friendly
  • The customer support should be present 24/7

Watch this video for more information about this parental control software:


Free The Truth Spy Coupon Code:

Thetruthspy coupon codeThe Truth Spy App Special Deal:

Save 50% OFF on TheTruthSpy Gold Yearly Plan for only $184.99 (Reg. $371.88) at

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Key Features:

TheTruthSpy comes with many amazing features:

  • Ambient Listening

    This feature allows you to listen to what is happening in the surrounding. The user has to make a hidden phone call to listen to the surrounding whenever he feels the need. You can also record ambiently.

  • Live Call Recording

    Call recording is just one click away from you. To automatically record the call, phone number could also be selected. The recorded data is sent to the user to hear later.

  • WhatsApp Spy

    The best part about this app is it tracks WhatsApp without Rooting for Android. It tracks all the data from messages to profiles.

  • GPS Tracking Location

    The location of the device could be seen on the GPS map present on the control panel whenever you want.

  • Manage and Monitor Calls

    All the call history from time duration to contact name could be seen even the deleted records are reachable.

  • Monitor Internet Activities

    It lets you know the browser history; it even allows you to block any website that you don’t want the target user to use.

  • Record Apps usage

    Application use of the targeted device is also trackable.

  • Key Logger

    All the typed words are captured and recorded so the passwords become accessible.

  • Remotely Control

    The online control panel can control the device remotely by sending a hidden SMS as a command.

  • Record SMS Message

    The SMS record remains accessible even after the originals have been deleted from the device.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    SIM card change alert is sent to you via SMS so you can know the new mobile number.

  • 100% Undetectable

    All the working is done in the complete stealth mode, the user of the device couldn’t know that he or she is being monitored.

  • View Multimedia Files

    All kinds of multimedia files are monitored.

  • View Notes contents

    All the notes, that are saved on the phone, are also viewable that could provide the sensitive information that you have been looking for a long time.

How to Install TheTruthSpy App?

The Truth Spy discount coupon

To install TheTruthSpy, having physical access to the device is highly necessary. You need to have the device for 5-minutes approx. First, you need to purchase the software; after that, just open the website on the targeted device and enter your code to download the monitoring program.

How Does TheTruthSpy Work?

Its working is simple and completed in three steps:

  1. Download and Install: Initiate with downloading and installing this spying app in the compatible device
  2. Extract Data: The application will do the rest of the work and automatically scan the data of the device and uploads it on your provided personal control panel
  3. View Data: The tracked data could be seen by logging in to TheTruthSpy account from your device where all the information is accessible

Is TheTruthSpy Detectable?

No, it is not detectable at all. It works in the complete stealth mode and doesn’t send any notifications. It can be controlled remotely so the user doesn’t know anything.


TheTruthSpy is compatible with the following:

  • iOS devices:

It supports iPhone/iPad 4.x up to 7.1.2.

  • Android devices:

It is compatible with Android 2.2 up to 7.x.

Pricing & Plans

This software program is available just at 0.33$/day a least, but different plans are offered depending on the features.

  • Standard: This plan is available at $21.99 per month and $130.99 per year.
  • Premium: You can avail it in $25.99 per month and $158.99 per year.
  • Gold: It is the best package with great features and available just at $30.99 for a month and $184.99 for a year.

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What Makes TheTruthSpy Different to Other Parental Control Software?

TheTruthSpy is different from others because of the following:

  • Two-Days complete trial
  • Best starting rates: $0.33/day
  • No jail breaking or rooting is required to run different features

Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick reviews that let you know about TheTruthSpy:

Website Layout

TheTruthSpy review

The website is very simple and user-friendly website having the following items on the menu bar: Home, Features, Prices, Download, Affiliates, Blog, FAQs, and Contact Us. Every item is readily available as they are selling only one product with different pricing plans.

Order & Payment

You can place your order at TheTruthSpy by using your PayPal account or credit/debit card of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Bleue, VISA Electron, and Diners Club. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a refund and get your money back within 30 days. No questions will be asked.

Customer Service

Customer service is provided only through the internet. Visit this link:  and send your query to the customer service agent to get it answered.

Online Support

The online support is offered in the form of a dedicated FAQ page. It has numbers of questions and answers. In our opinion, there FAQ page is enough to guide you through everything related to their product. You can also contact them at

Finally, Should I Buy TheTruthSpy?

If your spouse or children are acting differently nowadays then you should initiate monitoring them before you get into big trouble. If you are a worried employer then this software program is also available for you. TheTruthSpy offers almost every device monitoring feature that is available today. It is very easy to use it; once you install it, the rest of the work will be done by the software and you can sit back and relax to see what is happening.

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How to Order The Truth Spy?

When you are planning to buy it then why not you buy it today with us and get the discount on it. We are offering special discount on TheTruthSpy plans and packages. Avail the opportunity today and know what is happening behind your back. Check our special The Truth Spy coupon code below:

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Thetruthspy coupon codeThe Truth Spy App Special Deal:

Save 50% OFF on TheTruthSpy Gold Yearly Plan for only $184.99 (Reg. $371.88) at

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