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High quality features of SurveilStar record and control each activity of every employee’s computer and Internet. Users of this software can watch real-time screen Snapchat and remotely control their employees’ computers.  They are happy to use this advanced software and recommend it for their business associates.  If you listen to an unbiased SurveilStar review online, then you can gain knowledge of SurveilStar Employee Monitoring software in detail.

SurveilStar Review at a Glance

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SurveilStar records all your employees’ activities on working PC and protect your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult-oriented websites.

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SurveilStar is the number one employee monitoring software in our time. The most exclusive features of this affordable software give the maximum return on investment for all users.  Every user of this software enhances their business in the desired way. This is because they monitor overall activities of their employees remotely.

Why Should I Need SurveilStar?

SurveilStar Employee Monitor is the best option for every employer who seeks the best in class employee monitoring software on the market. Once you have begun using this user-friendly advanced software, you will get the complete support for monitoring every employee in your company from anywhere at any time. You will be satisfied with a smart approach to detect insider threats, investigate every employee and maximize the overall productivity.

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What SurveilStar Can Help You?

SurveilStar reviewSurveilStar is designed to monitor the computer and Internet in all aspects.  This activity monitoring software has the most excellent features like screen playback, website browsing, chat & instant message, document usage, application activity, incoming & outgoing emails, network & bandwidth, file printing, device usage, warnings, alerts & actions, computer maintenance and statistics & tools.

How to Install & Setup SurveilStar Employee Monitor?

The overall installation of SurveilStar is easy as expected by everyone who has bought this software. SQL server requirement for the most efficient usage of SurveilStar is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.  You have to make sure that you have the OS: Windows 7/8 /Win2000 SP4/XP SP2/2003 SP1/Vista, 2.2 GB of available hard disk space and Minimum of 512 MB of RAM before installing the SQL server

If you have installed the SQL server, you have to install the SurveilStar server & console in your personal computer.  The next step is to install SurveilStar Agent on all computers of employees you would like to monitor. The last step is to login SurveilStar console and focus on all records. The overall installation of SurveilStar server and console are similar and easy.  You will be happy to spend less than estimated time for installing and using the SurveilStar.

There are three ways to install the SurveilStar Agent. These ways are as follows.

  1. Direct Installation
  2. Remote Installation
  3. Logon Script Installation

You can launch the SurveilStar console when you have chosen Start > All Programs > SurveilStar > SurveilStar V3 Console.  It is the right time to login this console and view each record from agent computers.  You have to enter the IP address or computer name of SurveilStar Server, account and password. The default admin account is admin.


SurveilStar Activity Monitor is compatible with the Windows 7, Windows 8 Vista, XP SP2, Win Me / NT 4 Agent only and Win2K SP4.

Ease of Use

The overall user-friendliness of SurveilStar is beyond expectations of every user at this time. The maximum user-friendliness of this employee monitoring software satisfies all users worldwide at this time.  Many employers throughout the world use this software and fulfill their expectations about a hassle-free way for monitoring every employee in their office.  They get the complete support and block file transfers, network access, email and web-mail, chat, websites and other activities of employees remotely.

Take a look SurveilStar screen snapshot:

Help and Support

Qualified customer support representatives in the online support center of SurveilStar assist people who wish to know about any aspect of this employee monitoring software from anywhere at any time.  Many people make contact with SurveilStar at:  They get a reply within 24-hour in business days as awaited.

Regular users of SurveilStar get free support and upgrade as they have expected. They are happy to upgrade this software at no cost and get the prompt support from committed representatives of the customer support team available in the SurveilStar.  A successful customer support team of SurveilStar welcomes every enquiry before and after purchasing this employee monitoring software.


Can I install SurveilStar to employee’s computer without be known?

Yes, you are able to install SurveilStar without the knowledge of your employee. As it will be running in the stealth mode, the employee will not get to know that you have installed SurveilStar in his computer. You can also set up the monitoring system in the remote mode. In fact the data transfer between the server and the monitoring agent will also be in the stealth mode.

Can AVG or other anti-virus software detect Surveilstar components? What can I do if they report it?

Usually none of the anti-virus software will detect the presence of SurveilStar and they will not report about that. SurveilStar will generally upload the certification files to the particular anti-virus provider and get their approval. Therefore it is not possible for that software to identify SurveilStar in a computer. If the anti-virus software in your system reports SurveilStar, then you should add SurveilStar to the exceptional list of your anti-virus software. When you do this, the anti-virus will skip SurveilStar when you or your employee is scanning the computer. Moreover SurveilStar will not harm the files or other software in your system therefore you do not have to worry about any such things.

Can I use Surveilstar when the computers are not in the same LAN?

Yes, you are able to use the SurveilStar Enterprise Edition for such purpose. You can install the software over number of nets. You can get to know about this by contacting the SurveilStar support team.

How to Buy SurveilStar?

SurveilStar provides the following payment options.

  • American Express Card
  • Bank/Wire transfer
  • Credit/Debit card (Visa/MasterCard & Payment information by Fax)
  • Diners Club Card
  • JCB Card
  • PayPal

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SurveilStar Review – Conclusion

SurveilStar is the most successful and recommended employee monitoring software in our time. Attention-grabbing features of this affordable software encourage everyone to use it. The free trail facility for 30 days assists everyone who likes to appraise the overall quality of SurveilStar on their own. You can invest in this premium yet inexpensive software for enhancing various aspects of your business.

SurveilStar employee monitoring software is available at the most competitive price on the market. You can make use of the special SurveilStar coupon code and reduce your expense while buying SurveilStar online.

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SurveilStar Employee Monitor 20% Discount

Save 20% OFF on SurveilStar employee monitoring software at SurveilStar records all your employees' activities on working PC and protect your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult-oriented websites.

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