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We live in an age where information and technology are rampant to a point of complete loss of control. This risks the exposure of people mostly youngsters to inappropriate information at a very young age. As much as one may want to protect their children, they cannot fence them from the outside world and all the trouble lurking therewith. Monitoring is the only tine one can do in this world and steer their young ones before their barrage of information from the internet. Spyzie is one such application that helps to keep track of any mobile device activities remotely. In this Spyzie review, you will get to know it better.

Spyzie Review – The #1 Parental Control Software for Mobile Phone

What Is Spyzie?

spyzie.io coupon codesSpyzie is a device-monitoring tool used all over the world to keep track of mobile activity. Spyzie’s compatibility with majority of Android and iOS device brands (iPhone & iPad) ensures any device is covered. This mobile phone monitoring application allows the user to monitor the activities of the various tools on the designated device remotely. With this technology, one can easily monitor and guide their youngsters from unprecedented exposure to inappropriate information.

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Why You Need to Buy Spyzie?

When you don’t have Spyzie you cannot know:

  • Where your kids are
  • What your kids do
  • Which websites your kids visit
  • With whom your kids spend their time
  • Whether your employees are loyal with your company

If any employee is passing information to your rival companies and many other things that can protect you, your family and your business.

Spyzie Key Features:

  • The activity monitor feature on this application allows the user access to monitor the various applications. This includes the online applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram among others. The feature also provides an activity log for the calls and messages on the device.
  • The Spyzie spy app comes with a geo-fencing tool, which allows the user to keep track of the device movements. This feature enables the application to send a notification in case of the target device goes beyond the designated parameters.
  • The GPS feature on the application is also an added advantage that allows the user to keep track of the target device remotely.

How to Install Spyzie App?

For the Spyzie application to work, it needs two devices one to monitor and one that needs monitoring. The application needs to be on both devices where in the case of android the application is downloadable on the Playstore. To activate the Spyzie device-monitoring application one requires a premium account, which allows the access to the various features. The account also opens up additional features of the Spyzie app not available for the demo account.

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How Spyzie Works


For starters, the Spyzie application cannot update data without connecting to the internet. For this to happen the target pone and the device with the control panel, need to be connected. Once Spyzie is set up on the target phone, one needs to log in to the account and accept the agreements in order to finish the installation. The user panel thereafter is accessible via pc or mobile device. After finishing the setup on the target phone, the control panel may take a few seconds to synchronize all data. After this is done the data will automatically synchronize to the Spyzie servers every once the device connects to the internet. The control panel allows access to the function menu for the various application features.

Do I need physical access to the phone to install it?
Well, you will need physical access to the phone when you first install it on the targeted device and once it is installed, no physical access will be needed to make any changes in the settings, unlike other monitoring apps which require physical access to the device again whenever you want to make any change in the settings.



The compatibility of the Spyzie parental control software is across all brands and operating systems. For the target mobile devices, it is compatible with the various iOS (iOS 10.0.0 or higher versions) and Android popular brands (Android 4.0 or higher versions). One can install it on a mobile device or a personal computer for the control panel application.

What Makes Spyzie Different To Other Parental Control Software?

Over time, parental control softwares gained popularity in that they allowed the parents to monitor and safeguard their children to prevent exposure to inappropriate information. Spyzie however adds a new edge to the jig by ensuring they keep track of new customer needs. This ensures that the new software developments occur rapidly fixing any bugs there might be. One such snug is the compatibility issue, which puts Spyzie as one of the best parental control software for iPhone, iPad & Android out there. Other features like the GPS tracking and geo-fencing are additional advantages that make the difference between Spyzie and other parental control apps.

A Few Spyzie Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some of real Spyize customer reviews from review sites:

“Spyzie helps me protect my kids and that’s most important.”Alexander

“Really like the Spyzie monitoring solution. With it my employees and I have better understanding of the work.” Frank

Quick Spyzie.io Reviews:

Website Layout

spyzie.io review

The Spyzie.com is a design of beauty and objectivity as is expected for an IT related website. The information provides on the website is both in-depth and helpful in better understanding the Spyzie spying app. The website though maybe crisp and well designed it is still easy to navigate wit easy to follow links and descriptions. While orienting the website information came first and the purchases later which allows the buyer as much understanding of the product before making the purchase. In all, the website is an easy go with enough information to ensure the customer understands fully the benefits of having the application.

Shopping and Processing

The product on sale on the Spyzie website is the premium access to the application. The website offers information on the various feature accessible only by using the premium account. They also offer a demo application for trial in case the customer needs a test drive before making the actual purchase. The downsides are all but nonexistent and the various features on this application surpass many parental control apps. The premium account subscriptions range from monthly to annually with prices listed on the website.

Booking and Payments

The website allows the customer to purchase subscriptions directly on the website. However, the customer needs to have a Spyzie account to allow them aces to the features. After checking on the various accessible features for the premium account holder one can book a subscription by clicking on their preferred plan. The website arrays the various payment plans ranging from monthly to annually with their discounted prices. Clicking on the plans allows one to add them to the cart, which allows the customer to access the purchase page. Forthwith, one can make the purchase by keying their billing information to check out their cart.

Customer Service

The customer service at Spyzie ensures that the application runs smoothly. If any queries arise, the Spyzie website offers a myriad of ways to contact them including the social websites. These platforms keep updating information to ensure that the client is always knowledgeable. The website provides information for more urgent queries to which the personnel at Spyzie reply as soon as possible.

Online Support

Apart from the cache of information in the website regarding the Spyzie application, it also provides social networking platforms for additional information. These platforms provide updates on the application and allow a channel for the client to make inquire. The website also provides live chatting with the Spyzie personnel using the contact information provided.

Spyzie Review – Bottom Line

Controlling the type of information available online is futile and the danger of a minor falling prey to the various online trap is always consistent. We all have an idea of the various dangers that face online users, which include cyber bulling, stalking among others. The constant fear of a child getting into trouble may prove too much for a parent to handle while the child is on the cyber space. That is safety net provided by Spyzie monitoring application. It ensures the parent is always knowledgeable of their child’s activities online in order to protect them from the dangers lurking on the internet.

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Should I Buy Spyzie App?

This parental control software is a beauty to have up your sleeve if you need to monitor the activities of minors. Our consistent connection to the internet ensures that Spyzie allows the parent to monitor their children. With the features in this monitoring application, it is a definite must purchase item for careful parents. Check our special Spyzie coupon code to get up to 86% OFF at checkout.

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