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Know what your computer users are doing and see every single minute activity with Spytech SpyAgent. Now avail the extra benefit when you buy it with us. Use our Spytech SpyAgent coupon code and get 20% off and free Lifetime Upgrade Insurance on your purchase.

Latest Spytech SpyAgent Coupon Code:

$10 OFF Spytech SpyAgent

Save $10 OFF all Spytech SpyAgent licenses at Spytech-web.com. Buy now!

$10 OFF Spytech SpyAgent

Save $10 OFF all Spytech SpyAgent licenses at Spytech-web.com. Buy now!

How to Redeem Spytech SpyAgent Coupon Code?

Redeeming the Spytech discount is easy and simple. Just select the product you want to buy and click on the Spytech SpyAgent coupon code to redeem it.

An In-depth Spytech SpyAgent Review

What is Spytech SpyAgent?

Spytech SpyAgent couponSpytech SpyAgent is the award winning computer monitoring software that has the ability to track everything that is happening on computer. It works in stealth mode so the person who is being monitored doesn’t know. Along with providing important computer monitoring features, it can also do application and website content filtering, lockdown scheduling, email log checking, chat client blocking and so much more. It is the all in one computer monitoring software package that covers your every need.

Key Features of  Spytech SpyAgent:

  • Logging:
    SpyAgent logs everything in literal. From what the user has typed to what is downloaded, you get the log of everything. All the activities are stamped by date so you can easily keep an eye on them. Everything logged can be saved; you can even export what’s important by sending it to reports for later use. Activity of all the users can be tracked by single software.
  • Keystroke Logging
    Whatever typed is logged. Its special keystroke logging features exclusive ‘Format’ button; it can turn the log into more readable form by formatting the text. Captured passwords are flagged so you can easily separate them from rest of the text. If you select the screenshot capturing mode, you will get the keystrokes of the screen also.
  • Monitor Sent and Received Emails
    All the emails sent and received from the computer are recorded. You can see the attachments too.
  • Events Timeline Logging
    With the ‘Events Timeline’, you can view all the events performed by the users including Document Viewings and Printings, Program Starts/Stops, Email and Chat Messages, Keystrokes Typed, and Website Visits. It also tells you the time for which the user was activated.
  • Internet Chat Conversations
    Whatever the user sent and received during a chat conversation, you have the access to check that. The monitoring includes Yahoo Messenger, AOL, Skype, XFire, Google Talk and other famous messengers.
  • Website Activity
    All the online searches and website visits are recorded with the time log. You can also know how much time is spent on a particular website. All the latest browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Flock etc. are supported.
  • Application Usage
    Know when the app was started and stopped; see the actual time for which it was used. You will know whether the app is running in the background or being used continuously.
  • Webmail and Website Content
    Log of the all the webmail messages sent and received will made available. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MySpace etc. are monitored.
  • Computer Usage Logging
    You can know the activity of the user per session. You can know when a certain user has logged in and when logged out.
  • Sound-triggered Microphone Audio Recording
    It is a complete spy with microphone recording too. Whatever voice is captured by the computer’s microphone will be recorded. Its special detecting power initiates the recording only when the sound meets your configured volume threshold so it is up to you what you want to monitor.
  • Webcam Capture Recording
    Have the knowledge of what is happening around your computer by turning the webcam on. Captured images can be viewed on SpyAgent’s built-in slideshow viewer.

Other Monitor Features are:

  • Intelligent Screenshot Capturing
  • Internet Traffic Data
  • Internet Connections
  • Files Uploaded and Downloaded
  • Files/Documents Accessed
  • Files System Usage
  • Files/Documents Printed
  • Window and Mouse Activity
  • Clipboard Logging
  • Activity Logging
  • Real-time Remote Desktop Viewing and Control
  • Specific Program Logging
  • E-Mail Log Delivery
  • FTP Log Delivery
  • Application Filtering
  • Website Filtering
  • Chat Filtering
  • SmartLogging – Activity Triggered Logging
  • Instant Email Notification Alerts

What Spytech SpyAgent Can Help You?

Use of the SpyAgent is dependent on you. It can be utilized in the numerous ways.

Spytech SpyAgent Review

  • Computer Monitoring:
    Know who uses your computer and how they use it.
  • Employee Monitoring:
    If your employees are not productive then check what they are doing in the working hours. Know whether they are actually working.
  •  Spouse Monitoring:
    Are you suspicious about your spouse’s behavior? Install this software and know what is really going on.
  • Parental Control:
    Parents should keep an eye on the children when they are using computer. If you can’t, let the SpyAgent do the job. You can limit the computer usage of your children remotely.
  • Keystroke Logger:
    Know whatever is typed from your keyboard including passwords.
  • Internet Monitoring:
    Check and record all the activities that are done online from internet chatting to website visited.
  • Content Filtering:
    Manage and control how your computer should be used. Restrict the use of programs or websites according to your will.

How Does Spytech SpyAgent Work?

Just install it and leave the rest on the SpyAgent. It will work in the stealth mode and tell you what is happening when you log in your account.

Installation and Setup

Installing SpyAgent is the work of few seconds. With easy configuration wizard, setup becomes very simple. Just follow step by step guide and install it to get it working.

App Compatibility

Spytech SpyAgent is compatible with Windows NT4, 200x, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. 32-bit as well as 64-bit are supported. Other requirements are 3MB Hard disk space and Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher).

Spytech SpyAgent with its amazing features is the top spying software for the computer. It has countless features that make your computer an advanced surveillance device. If you have any concerns about how your employee works or what your kids or spouse do behind your back then it is the best software to go for. When you want to buy this software, purchase it with us and get 20% off + free Lifetime Upgrade Insurance with our special Spytech SpyAgent coupon code. Avail the benefit today and have the advantage for whole life.

Special Spytech SpyAgent Promo Code:

$10 OFF Spytech SpyAgent

Save $10 OFF all Spytech SpyAgent licenses at Spytech-web.com. Buy now!

$10 OFF Spytech SpyAgent

Save $10 OFF all Spytech SpyAgent licenses at Spytech-web.com. Buy now!

(Spytech SpyAgent Coupon Code)

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