Spytech SentryPC Review

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The following is a Spytech SentryPC review, which is monitoring software that can be used in schools, homes, and businesses.

An In-depth Spytech SentryPC Review

What is Spytech SentryPC?

SentryPC promo codeThe SentryPC is innovative cloud based software that monitors your users’ computers, filters the content that can be accessed by the computer, and helps in proper time management.

You can also describe the SentryPC as a parental control and employee monitoring software. This is because the target market for the software is parents and employers.

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What Can Spytech SentryPC Do?

The Spytech SentryPC software can do a host of activities to ensure that your users are using their time on the computers wisely. For starters, the software records all the activities that the users perform and engage in whether on the Internet or on the computer. The software is able to record all of this information in real time. This will keep you informed on exactly what they did and when they did it.

The cloud based software also gives you the ability of controlling when the users can access the computers. The software does this by creating schedules on a daily basis. The schedules highlight how many hours a day a specific user can use the computer. You can also have the software set the maximum number of hours per day or per week that users can use the computers.

This setup allows for easy time management if your users are your employees. It is also an excellent tool when it comes to controlling how much time your children spend on the computer.

SentryPC will also allow you to filter your users’ content. The cloud-based monitoring software gives you the capability of blocking content completely. Alternatively, you can select the specific times that users have access to certain content. The filter feature allows you to block all types of content. These types include chats, certain websites, games, and computer applications.

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How Does Spytech SentryPC Work?

You can access your SentryPC cloud account from any remote location. All you need is an Internet-enabled device. Access to your account allows you to see all the user activities in real time. You can also adjust the user settings of the remote computer instantly and in real time if you feel that the monitoring is inefficient with the current settings.

The Sentry PC works quietly in the background, which means that the users will be unaware of its monitoring and filtering activities. In addition, the software comes with central management capability. This means that you can manage all of your computers and users from a central location, regardless of where they are physically.

Installation and Setup

It is easy to install and setup the SentryPC. You need to purchase the software from the site, after which it is automatically available for download. The download comes with specific step-by-step instructions on how to install the software. The installation is cloaked so that users are unable to remove or interfere with the tasks of the software.

Once you have installed the software into the computer, you will never have to go back to it. You can access all the user settings and activity logs on your cloud-based account. All you need to do is sign in into this account from anywhere in the world.


SentryPC is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, 200x, NT, and XP.

How much time does installing SentryPC software take?

Remote installation of the SentryPC software occurs instantly. You can access the users’ activity logs and settings immediately through your web based account.

How many devices can I monitor at once?

SentryPC is capable of monitoring several devices at once. You can monitor all of your computers and users at once. This is because the software comes with centralized management.

Quick SentryPC.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Spytech SentryPC Review

The website is easy to use with all the links to the relevant pages found on the home page.

Shopping Processing

The software comes in a multitude of plans depending on the number of PCs you would like to monitor. The plans include a basic plan, a Business 50 plan, a Business 100 plan, a Business 250 plan, a Business 500 plan, and a Business 1000 plan. The more PCs you want to monitor, the higher the price of the plan.

Orders and Shipping

Once you purchase the software based on the plan that you have selected, the software is instantly available for download.

Customer Service

Customers can find a ‘Contact Uslink at the bottom of the home page. You can send an inquiry using the form provided once you follow the link.

The website also has a Support Center where you can find relevant resources that can assist you.

Online Support

The company provides free online support to all of its customers using an innovative online ticket system.

Spytech SentryPC Review – Conclusion

If you are an employer or a parent concerned about how your users use your computers then Spytech SentryPC is your best option. SentryPC is offering a special discount to its esteemed clients. Please check the current Spytech SentryPC promotion below.

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SentryPC – Monitor. Filter. Control.

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