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SpyShelter Review – The World’s No.1 Anti-Keylogger Software

The following is a review on the anti-key logger software manufacturing company known as SpyShelter. The below description will include details on the company, its most popular products, how to install the products, as well as their prices. In addition, this SpyShelter review will also provide an overview of the company website, how easy it is to navigate it, seek product-related information on it, as well as make purchases.

Who is SpyShelter?

spyshelter coupon codeSpyShelter is an American software manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture of some of the world’s best anti-spy solutions.

Visit Site: Spyshelter.com

What are They Selling at Spyshelter.com?

Spyshelter.com specializes in the sale of anti keylogger software that provides you with real time protection as you browse from any monitoring attempts by any type of key logger, webcam logger, financial malware, and screen logger.

The company uses a patent technology on the software to ensure that it is able to protect you comprehensively from both common and customized key loggers that are difficult to detect using normal anti-virus software.

SpyShelter Firewall

spyshelter premium promo code

The SpyShelter Firewall offers the ultimate protection against any logging attempts on your computer.

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Why Do I Need SpyShelter?

You need install SpyShelter in your computer in order to ensure that your computer is protected from any attempt by malware to monitor and retrieve sensitive information from your activities, and stored files. Unlike ordinary anti-virus software, the SpyShelter applications are able to block all attempts from customized and regular key loggers from accessing your PC. The software is also adept at protecting your computer from all types of zero-day malware.

Check this video for more information on SpyShelter anti keylogger:

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Spyshelter coupon codeSpyShelter Firewall Coupon Code:

Get 15% OFF on SpyShelter Firewall at spyshelter.com.

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Spyshelter coupon codeSpyShelter Premium Coupon Code:

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Key Features:

  • Anti-key logger:

    The main feature of the SpyShelter software is the anti-key logger module, whose main purpose is to protect you from all types of key logger attempts on your computer.

  • Clipboard protection:

    The SpyShelter software offers you more protection by shielding your clipboard from malware access attempts.

  • Internet security:

    The SpyShelter software also contains the AntinetworkSpy module that bars Trojans from gaining access to your files, and stealing your private information as you browse the Internet, and transact over it. You are guaranteed protection against all types of Internet Trojans including FTP, SMTP, HTTPS, and POP loggers.

  • Sound logger protection:

    The software also contains a security model designed to protect your PC from sound Trojan loggers. This feature is useful when receiving voice calls using instant messengers, as well as ensuring that sound loggers cannot gain access to the sounds emanating from your in-built microphone or webcam.

  • Webcam protection:

    With SpyShelter, you are guaranteed protection from any unauthorized external attempts at accessing and taking over your webcam.

  • System protection:

    SpyShelter software comes with the HIPS module that proactively monitors and shields your sensitive system components from all types of malware, including those that use sophisticated encryption technology, as well as those that have not been discovered yet.

  • Screen capture protection:

    The SpyShelter software also offers protection against unscrupulous screen loggers. These types of malware usually take screenshots of your screen, which might expose your sensitive data to identity thieves, and financial scammers. The software prevents any attempts by screen loggers to take any screenshots of your screen.

  • Keystroke encryption:

    SpyShelter automatically encodes each of your keystrokes in order to ensure that any malware will be unable to pick up any meaningful text by monitoring your keystrokes. Furthermore, the encryption is done in real time. Hence, the information you key in every time is protected all day and all night for as long as the software is within your computer system.

How to Install and Setup SpyShelter?

  • Step#1: Purchase the SpyShelter software you wish to install on your computer. There are three main products sold on the website. These products are the SpyShelter Premium, the SpyShelter Firewall, and the SpyShelter Free Anti-Key logger.
  • Step#2: Obtain the license key from your email once the payment process has been successfully completed.
  • Step#3: download the application, verify your purchase by using the license key, and then run the program.
  • Step#4: Once installed and setup, the program will begin working immediately, and you will receive numerous alerts on what to do with different programs and applications on your computer. Choose what the program should do in each alert, and then sit back as it begins to monitor all of the activities undertaken on your PC by the different programs and applications.

How SpyShelter Works:

The SpyShelter works by monitoring all activities occurring on your PC in real time and blocking any logging attempts by unauthorized third parties, as well as harmful malware.

How to Use SpyShelter?

Once the software is installed in your system, you will notice several alerts appearing on the screen. These alerts are supposed to help you create a set of rules for each application on your computer. When you click on an action in each alert, you are defining what the software should do every time that a particular program runs. All of the programs you allow on the alert window will be allowed to run, while those that you deny or terminate will be barred from taking place on your computer.


The software is compatible with PCs running on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems.

Pricing & Plans

The SpyShelter Premium starts from 29€ per year. After payment, you will receive a license key in an email delivered to the email address you had provided. The license key will allow you to enjoy all the features of the SpyShelter Premium.

Quick Spyshelter.com Reviews

Website Layout

Spyshelter review

The SpyShelter website (https://www.spyshelter.com/) is relatively easy to navigate. All of the important links can be found at the top and bottom of the homepage for easy access to relevant product information. In addition, the homepage contains all of the information you will need to help you decide if indeed you are in need of an anti-key logger.

Order & Payment

Once you select the product, you will be redirected to the ‘purchase’ page. Press the ‘Purchase’ button beside the product. You will then be taken to the website’s ‘Checkout’ page. Here, you can specify the currency you would like to use in purchasing the product, as well as filling in your billing information. You will then be directed to the Confirmation and Payment page, after which the process will be complete. When the purchase is successful, you will receive the license key in your inbox.

Shopping Processing

You are able to view all the company products on its products page. Each product has its own separate page where you can view unique details as well as the price of the product. You can add the products into your shopping cart before moving on to the checkout page.

Customer Service

You can find the company’s international hotline phone number on the website. The website also has a Help Desk page where customers can open new tickets in order to receive assistance from the company’s customer care department. In addition, you can check the status of your ticket on this page.

A comprehensive FAQ section covering majority of the most asked questions about the company’s products can also be found on the website.

Online Support

The company’s website does not have a Live Chat support system. However, it does have a comprehensive Help Desk page, as well as FAQ section.

SpyShelter Review – Should I Buy SpyShelter?

You should definitely purchase SpyShelter software in order to protect your computer from the different types of key loggers that are attempting to access your PC.

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How to Order SpyShelter?

You can order SpyShelter software by visiting the company’s website, and clicking on the ‘Purchases’ page link. From here, you will be able to place an order and pay for it using the on-screen instructions provided. SpyShelter is running a promotion of 15% OFF if you purchase one of their products today with our special SpyShelter coupon code below.

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