How to Spy On iPhone Without Access to Target Phone?

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In this era, mobile phones are accessible to everyone. In one way, this is one big blessing but there are many people who are abusing this device. Children can access anything through their smartphones and also contact or be contacted by anybody. Having an affair or cheating an employer becomes easy with phones like iPhones. To know what your loved ones and employees do behind your back, take the help of the spying software programs that are especially designed for this purpose. They can track almost every activity of these devices. Learn how to spy on iPhone without access to target phone or monitor iPhone & iPad without a jailbreak.

How to Spy On iPhone Without Access To Target Phone?

What Do You Need to Make It Work?

Internet connection is the first thing that you need to make any iPhone monitoring software work after its installation. All the monitored data is sent to your given account by the service provider. The captured images, messages, etc. can be viewed online by using the given username and password from anywhere.  Data is added continuously and the spy can check it whenever he wants.

How Does iPhone Spying Software Work?

Working of spying software is simple and instant. It starts monitoring data readily after the installation. Once the iPhone spying app is downloaded and installed, it works automatically. All the installed data is sent to the online control panel. Only the spy has the username and password for that panel. This online account is accessible from anywhere in the world; the only requirement is the internet connection. You can check what’s the targeted person has done in your absence online.

What Will You Know When You Spy On an iPhone?

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iPhone spying software programs are designed in such a way that they are able to monitor everything that is happening on the phone. They provide access to the device’s gallery so you can see images and videos installed on phone. Numbers and timings of sent and received calls, text messages, social networks chats, all are monitored including WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, etc. Web browsing history, bookmarks and other browser related things are also uploaded. Even you can know the location of the targeted device. With these software programs, you can be the real spy and know everything you desire.

Children of this generation are more exposed to internet and its disadvantages than any other generation. As we discussed earlier, parents worry about the advanced technologies and easy availability of the sources of the complete features of internet on mobile phones.  They need to monitor the activities of their children on smart phones and other gadgets. No parents want their children to misbehave and misuse the technologies available these days. Now it is easy for them to monitor the activities of their children through this spy software since they are busy in their work.

Other than the parents employers need this software to monitor their employees. Employees misuse the privilege of the smart phones provided to them. Actually they are given with smart phones for business purpose, but they misuse it.  Hence it will be a great help for employers to monitor their employees in various ways.

Top 2 Best iPhone Spy Software Which Don’t Need to Access Target Phone

Most of the software to spy iPhone needs jail breaking. Jail breaking is the process of removing the limitations enforced by iOS on all its devices. There are reasons for why we need jail breaking and for why don’t we need jail breaking.  If you use jail breaking then your phone will become slow to data access and any bug in the application will affect the phone. Hence it is best to use spy apps without jail breaking. Let us discuss two such different apps to spy on iPhone without access to target phone. mSpy and Mobistealth are two iPhone spy apps which don’t need to access target phone.

(iOS 6 – 8.4; 9 – 9.1 with jailbreak; iOS 6+ without jailbreak)

mspy coupon codemSpy is the iPhone monitoring software that has the power to monitor almost all the activities of the iPhone. It can be your perfect companion in knowing the activities of your family and employees. The software is compatible with iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0.2. The company claims that it is as easy as pie with mSpy.

mSpy allows the easy monitoring of call logs, location tracking, WhatsApp, SMS, Snapchat, Skype, Keylogger, emails, calendar, address book and so much more.  No matter which browser you are using, it is compatible with almost all of them. It provides multi-language support 24/7.

Along with the monitoring of conversation between your targeted device and others, you can do lots of other stuffs. Control which application or program is appropriate to run on the targeted iPhone; you can block the app if you want. You can also check the visited websites and other internet activities. Social media platforms are also accessible. Keylogger helps you to know the username and password of various websites. The gallery of the phone can be checked also. You can view the captured, sent and received

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Mobistealth dealMobistealth offers special iPhone spy software that is capable of monitoring all the activities that are performed on the targeted device. This software program works in silence. It is the spy technology that keeps track of everything. It can read messages, provide call details, log emails, track location, show WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line details, etc. Whether you want to know what your kids or employee, it is the best app.

With Mobistealth, you don’t need to get worried about jail breaking. It supports all non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad. The compatible operating system is iOS 9 and above. It provides insights of all the calls that are received and sent. With it, you can check all the contact details saved on the phone, even the hidden ones.

Mobistealth helps you to know the location of the person at a predefined interval. Whatsapp, Skype, Kick, Line, Snapchat, Viber and all the famous chatting applications are monitored. Including all these features, it can also upload all the images and videos that are saved in the phone. Internet history is also tracked so you can check all the browsing data.

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Bottom Line

Knowing what your kids and employees do is highly important in this fast moving world where information is transferred in just a glimpse. It has become important to know what is happening and when. It is the need of time to monitor iPhone activities through spying software. If you want to monitor iPhone activities that are not jail broken then mSpy and Mobistealth are the best options to go for as they offer diverse features without being caught.

(How to Spy On iPhone Without Access To Target Phone?)

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