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The following is an extensive review of the company, SpoofCard. In this article, potential customers can learn about the company, its main product offerings, how the company’s main product can help you, the legality of the program, as well as the pricing and plans of the company’s products. In addition, this SpoofCard review will also outline the features of the company’s website including its layout, how to shop on it, how to pay for your preferred plan, as well as details on offline and online customer care services.

SpoofCard Review – Does Spoof Card Really Work?

Spoofcard coupon codeSpoofCard is a program designed to conceal your real number by displaying a fake number when you are making calls to other individuals. The program gives you the capability of changing your caller ID every time you make a call. This program helps to protect your privacy by spoofing your number when making the calls, or sending texts. In addition, you can disguise your voice using this program, further protecting your identity.

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Why Should I Choose SpoofCard?

You should choose SpoofCard if you are a professional, and need to have a specific caller ID every time you make a call, regardless of where you are calling from. In addition, you should choose this program if you work from home and need to protect your personal phone number.

Watch this video to know how to use Spoof Card to change your voice, caller ID, record calls and more:

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SpoofCard Key Features:

The following are some of the key features of the SpoofCard application. Knowing these features will help you understand what to expect from the app, as well as help you determine whether it is the right product for you based on your needs.

  • Spooftext

    With Spooftext, you can send texts using your phone anonymously so that the phone number that you are using remains private. This feature of the app is easy to use, secure, and highly effective at anonymizing your identity while texting.
    You can use this feature when you are texting someone you met online, or when you want to text information, but to do so anonymously. You can also use this feature when you want to prank a friend. The feature is accessible anywhere apart from your phone, for example, on your tablet or PC.

  • Changing your caller ID

    This is the most prominent feature of the SpoofCard application, and it involves disguising your phone number every time that you make a call, and do not want the recipient of the call to know your personal number.

  • Recording calls

    SpoofCard also allows you to record calls, which is an important feature of you are seeking evidence of wrongdoing from the person on the other end of the line. You can also use the recorded calls as a form of protection. You can download the recording instantly, and save it on your device.

  • Call directly to voicemail

    If you want to avoid an awkward conversation, you can make a call that goes directly to the intended recipient’s voicemail using the SpoofCard application. It will still look like you made the call, but the recipient will only access the call in their voicemail messages.

  • Disguising your voice

    The app also allows you to disguise your voice by masking it using a different anonymous voice, either female or male whenever you are making a call. You can use this feature to prank a friend, or to protect your identity, and privacy from the recipient of the call that you are making.

  • Make calls from anywhere

    This app allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world. The company has an expansive network of access numbers across the world, which allows you to make calls anywhere you are around the world.

  • Easy replenishing of talk time

    With SpoofCard, you can easily replenish your talk time minutes in order to continue to talk to others from anywhere in the world. This way, you will never have to worry about not being able to call someone at any time.

What SpoofCard Can Help You with?

SpoofCard can help you with disguising your number in order to keep your personal number private and secure. The app can also help disguise your voice when making a phone call by allowing you to choose between a male or female voice depending on your preference. The app also features options for background noise in order to protect your location. This ensures that no one can determine where you are if you do not feel inclined to divulge this information.

How SpoofCard Works

Spoof card reviews

This application works by hiding your Caller ID every time you make a call to someone else. After installing the application, you will be able to begin spoofing almost immediately. The app seamlessly integrates with your contacts, making them available with just a tap of a button.

To use this method, all you need to do is key in the number you wish to call, and the number that you want displayed as your caller ID, and then proceed to make the call.

You can setup calls using the company’s website, or its mobile app, or by using the company’s access numbers that you can call directly. There is also the Group Call feature found on the dashboard either on the website or app. This feature is quite popular amongst professionals, and you can use it to make a conference call without any of the participants of the call ever finding out your real number.

Watch this video to know how to use SpoofCard to place calls, change your caller ID, record calls and more:

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How do I place a call with SpoofBurner?

With SpoofBurner, you can access two way communication while at the same time being able to spoof your number. Other spoofing programs do not allow two way communication.

To place a call using SpoofBurner, click on its tab on your account, enter the number you wish to call, select your preferred caller ID, and finally, set up the phone number that you would like to receive calls from if the person you are calling wishes to call you back.

Once you have completed entering these details, click on the ‘Place Call‘ tab, after which you will receive a number to dial that will make the connection to the destination number.

Is SpoofCard Legal?

SpoofCard and the technology that the program uses is completely legal in the United States. However, if you are using the application outside of the US, it is imperative that you find out whether its use in that country is permitted.

Pricing and Plans

You can purchase the app using Google Store for Android devices. There are two plans for purchasing credit that will enable you to make and receive calls, as well as send texts using the program. You have the option for monthly membership, or pay as you go.

The cost of the monthly membership varies depending on the number of monthly credits you wish to purchase. For instance, 160 credits cost 24.95 dollars. Lower number of credits will cost less while higher number of monthly credit will cost more.

You will be charged 1 credit per minute for both outgoing and incoming calls when you are using Spoof Burner.

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A Few SpoofCard Reviews from Actual Customers:

Those reviews from the satisfied customers of SpoofCard app prove its performance capabilities.

“I bought this Spoof card so i can play a trick on my friend. The spoof card works well and you have the option not only to disguise your caller id but also to change your voice to a Man or woman. The minutes are actual minutes unlike some other cards.”  from InSun Beatty, a verified buyer from Amazon.com


It’s the best App for its purpose compared to the dozens in its category I’ve sampled. Although, it’s more expensive than I hoped it would be, it’s the best program used compared to the “free” alternatives which are’t “free” as they are littered with spam, scams, and limitations that void the purpose of using it overall…” Ridasawa, from App Store. 

Quick Spoofcard.com Reviews

Website Layout

Spoofcard review

Their official site (https://www.spoofcard.com/) is easy to navigate and all of the relevant links about the program including features can be found on the home page.

Order and Payment

You can select and purchase monthly credit from the website. Once you login, you can go to the payment page, select your purchase plan, and proceed to pay for the credits using your preferred payment method.

Shopping Processing

The links to downloading the app can be found on the website. You can then shop for your preferred payment plan for the credits that you will be using while operating the app.

Customer Service

There is a comprehensive FAQ page where you can get all the information you need about the program, how it works, as well as its legality in your area.

Online Support

The site offers live support, where you can communicate directly with the customer care representatives.

SpoofCard Review – Bottom Line

Should I Buy SpoofCard?

Yes, you should buy SpoofCard in order to protect your personal number as well as identity when you are making calls or sending texts. This is also an ideal app if you are looking to prank your friends.

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How to Order SpoofCard?

Visit the website, download the app, and begin using it to spoof all of your calls. If you purchase now, you will benefit from our SpoofCard coupon code when purchasing the app.

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