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With proper SEO tools and guidance, you can learn to improve your ranking in the web search and become more efficient in the market. Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform; you will learn more about them in this Serpstat review.

Serpstat Review – Best Hacking Tool for SEO, PPC & Content Marketing

Serpstat coupon codeFounded in 2013, Serpstat is a complete SEO platform for professionals. At the time of its development, it was only a keyword research tool. It has started its journey as the in-house software for the Netpeak digital marketing agency. But by the year 2015, it initiated its services out of the agency and become a subsidiary of Netpeak Group working as an independent SaaS. Serpstat became all-in-one SEO platform in August 2016 with its 5 special tools that are used by the professional digital marketers all around the world.

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What Are They Specialize in?

Their specialty is SEO and its related all keyword analysis tools that are essential to improve your rankings in the web search. It is all in one SEO platform for professionals.

Key Features of Serpstat SEO Platform

Serpstat key features are as follow:

Serpstat review

  • Keyword Research:

    Know which keyword will prove profitable for your website and how to make your online presence strong. Make your website content more searchable by finding the top-performing keywords. Also, analyze the performance of the keywords by using special tools like cost-per-click, search results numbers, competition level and cost-per-click. It can gather keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns as well.

  • Search Analytics:

    This feature allows you to know which keywords have played the success role for your competitors. It helps to perform competitive landscape analysis that tells you about your competitors and what makes them strong or weak. Overall, it helps to improve business.

  • Advertising Analysis:

    This tool helps you to find the competitors in AdWords and your competitive niche in paid search. Also, learn how to make the ad efficient depending on your targeted country. It allows you to have the highest possible ROI from your PPC activities.

  • Content Marketing Ideation:

    Know what your targeted audience wants to know and make your content effective and more helpful for them. Moreover, also know how much your content is popular by seeing its sharing number on Facebook. It lets you know which webpage gets more visitors to improve your content.

  • Competitor Research:

    Automatically know which your top competitors in the market are. Improve your content and take better decisions with this feature. With Domain vs. Domain Comparison Tool, you can tell about the common keywords on the your own and your competitors’ domain. The special Serpstat’s Batch Analysis Tool provides batch analysis of 200 domains.

  • Rank Tracking:

    Rank Tracking not only tells about your own ranking but ranking of your competitors as well. Also, share your web project with your team members.

  • Market Intelligence:

    With this feature, know the domain leaders of your niche in the market and learn how they have achieved this place. Expand your SEO and PPC efforts in the positive direction. Also, know how they are performing and beat them.

  • On-page Audit:

    Serpstat offers a special On-site audit that allows you to do instant in-depth analysis of web pages. It tells about different ranking factors that further improve your position in the web search.

  • Reports and Infographics:

    Know your history and other important information on the simple dashboard’s single window. Track your success and get notified when there’s a change in the ranking of your domain and keyword. Get the complex data composed in the form of diagrams and charts for easy monitoring.

  • API:

    Their developer-friendly API feeds competitor analysis, keyword-research data, position-tracking and daily rankings into the reporting system.

  • Backlink Analysis:

    Get the back link analysis report, list of anchors, and backlinks of yours and your competitor’s websites

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What Serpstat Can Help You?

With the Serpstat features, you must have known much about them now; to further see what they can do for you, look at these 5 special Serptat tools:

  • Position Tracking

    Get the comprehensive research of SERP with highly advanced and up to date analytics. Other than that, you can know the traffic insights of the domain along with the changes in the market share. Also track the state and city of your direct competitors to learn more about them. SERP Historical Data and Keywords Clustering by tags are offered by Serpstat.

  • Backlink Analysis

    Know the backlink data in a single click, with over last 90 days data available. Other than that, it also allows you to keep track of what your competitors’ backlink strategies are. Track which links are popular and attract more audience. Also, it provides the quality scores of referring domains.

  • Keyword Research

    Serpstat is the leading page-oriented platform that allows the deep and easy competitive analysis to evaluate competitors’ strategies and even provides the missing keywords present in a single URL. With this tool, you can bring your URLs to the first page of Google search. It offers a “Tree-view” Keywords Distribution and lets you search all the terms and phrases connected to the queried keyword. With adaptable filters, you can set your own parameters depending on your needs.

  • Site Audit

    Serpstat Domain Optimization Score is the unique score board that shows you the quality of your website’s optimization along with your competitors’ website. With this feature, you can fix errors of your SEO and linkbuilding. Also, it helps you to avoid new errors. Plan whether you need a SEO expert; have the best SEM strategy.

  • Competitor Research

    Know your competitors online – get the complete list of pages having your desired keywords and their ranking on the web search. Learn who your niche leaders are and what strategies they are using. Follow the keyword trends and remain on the top. Also, see the keyword map of your competitor’s website.

Watch this video to know how Serpstat works:

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What Makes Serpstat Different to Other SEO Platform?

Serpstat vs SEMRush vs Aherfs

Serpstat is as good as any other keyword research tool but it has lowest possible price than others. SEMRush and Ahrefs are its major contenders, and Serpstat is no lesser than any of these two. Their 100% clients are satisfied. It also offers multi users that others don’t. Their Data Visualization is also a unique feature that offers data in easily understandable format.

Few Reviews from Actual Customers

Actual Serpstat customers have following reviews about this platform:

I love Serpstat. I can’t imagine running my online term life insurance business without it. You will be amazed when you too start using SerpStat. Dollar for Dollar Serpstat gives you a ton. Its competitive analysis is among the very very best.Scott W Johnson, Whole Vs Term Life – Manager


Serpstat has been great for finding how your competition is measuring up. This tool is a must because it shows you the organic results on google and the advertising ones. Very useful instrument indeed!Mohammed Anwar, Dynamic Launch – Owner


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that doesn’t require a hefty subscription for users. Comparing it to other players out there, their price tag is much more affordable, and it basically included every function you needed to do a modern SEO. Good Job and I highly recommended.Eric Ang Ze Cheng, Baby Journey – Blogger

Quick Reviews:

Here are quick reviews of

Website Layout reviews

Website is highly user friendly with single product on sale. Its Features are present at the top with Blog, Prices, Use Cases, and Support options at the top of the web page.

Shopping Processing

There are different plans offered for Personal and Business. Personal one has Plan A to D and Business Plan E and Plan H.

Order & Payment

Select the plan you want go for and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Click on the ‘Pay’ button. You can pay through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. Enter your detail and complete placing the order.

Customer Service

Their customer service agents are highly professional and guide you appropriately in every matter.

Online Support

You can contact their online team directly by clicking at their Contact Us page at the bottom of the web page. Their email address is

Serpstat Review – Bottom Line

If you want to stand at the top of the web search then search engine optimizing tools are necessary to integrate in your content and web pages. is the best SEO platform.

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