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Spytech SentryPC can be your ultimate solution to the PC monitoring. Now have the wonderful advantage when you buy this software with us. Enjoy a special discount on your purchase with our special Spytech SentryPC coupon code.

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SentryPC coupon

SentryPC – Monitor. Filter. Control.

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How to Redeem SentryPC Coupon Code?

Getting the discount with us is very easy. Select the suitable subscription plans and click on the SentryPC coupon code to redeem the discount immediately.

A Quick Spytech SentryPC Review

What is SentryPC?

SentryPC promo codeSpytech SentryPC is the complete monitoring software for the parents and employers. It allows the full control of your PC from anywhere. It is cloud based monitoring software that provides real time surveillance.

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Key Features of SentryPC:

  • Invisible Computer Monitoring

    SentryPC records all the activities that are done online as well as offline. Know the details of what your employees and children do behind your back.

  • Screenshots

    View the screen with the help of the screenshots; you can see in real what they are up to.

  • Keystroke Logger

    Whatever typed is saved. All the content including passwords are logged. You can also know which content or window has used the typed words.

  • Web Activity

    All the visited websites are captured along with downloaded items and online searches. You will also know the duration and timings of web activity.

  • Application Usage

    Know all the applications that a user uses and for how much time.

  • File and Documents

    Know what files and documents are opened or created around all file systems, network and portable devices.

  • Location Changes

    Track where your computer is in real.

  • Email Activity

    All the emails sent and received are captured as a screenshot; you can even see the emails that are to be sent.

  • Chat & Social

    All the messengers and social network sites are also under monitoring. Know whom they contact and what they talked about.

  • Session Tracking

    Detailed session tracking allows you to know how active the user was during certain session.

  • Alert Logging

    Get the triggered activity alerts with just a click and see what unwanted is being done.

  • Comprehensive Content Filtering

    Get the control of what the user can do remotely; have full control over their activities.

  • Website Filtering – Category And Keyword

    On the network, allow only those sites that you want them to visit and block the rest either by typing in the web addresses or by specifying keywords.

  • Application Filtering

    Only allow restricted application usage. You can block it completely or set the time for use.

  • Chat Client Filtering

    Filter or block all the famous messaging apps including Skype, AIM, gTalk, ICQ, AOL, MySpace IM, Yahoo, XFire, Odigo, Excite, mIRC, or Trillian.

  • Keyword and Phrase Filtering

    Restrict the use of any keyword you want. The window will be closed instantly when a particular keyword is typed. This stops the transmission of confidential information.

How Can SentryPC Help You?

It works in the stealth mode. You can control it remotely from anywhere 24/7. Check this video for information on this Parental Control and Employee Monitoring Software.

SentryPC coupon

SentryPC – Monitor. Filter. Control.

Save up to 75% OFF on SentryPC Business Plans at

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How Does SentryPC Work?


For using SentryPC, a person first needs to visit the official website “” and click on the “Plans & Pricing” tab. After that, the buyer has to select his device along with its operating system and then choose a suitable subscription plans by clicking on the “Buy Now” tab. In the end, the buyer simply needs to provide the billing and contact details to confirm the order.

Download and Install

After confirmation of order, the buyer will receive a confirmation email in which the license information and details about how to use the product will be available. The user should open SentryPC control panel and tap on the downloaded file by using the computer that he wants to monitor and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Start Monitoring

Once the installation is complete, Sentry PC will start monitoring the PC automatically and send all the related data to its control panel for the user to see. The user can monitor all logs of the targeted device remotely by accessing the control panel at any time.

Finally, Spytech SentryPC is the perfect surveillance software for the parents and employers. It offers all the top quality features that any spying software can offer. Buy it today with us and get free Lifetime Upgrade Insurance on your purchase.

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Spytech SentryPC Promo Code:

SentryPC coupon

SentryPC – Monitor. Filter. Control.

Save up to 75% OFF on SentryPC Business Plans at

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(SentryPC Coupon Code)

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