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Monitoring your employees or kids is the perfect way to save your business or home from big loss. Monitoring software programs provide the best solution and become your eyes, as you cannot be physically available all the time to see what they are doing. Refog Keylogger is one such spying software that tells you many things about the computer use in your absence. In this Refog Keylogger review, you will learn more about this parental control and employee monitoring software.

Refog Keylogger Review – The #1 Keylogger for Mac & Windows

Refog keylogger review

Refog Keylogger is the ultimate monitoring solution for the parents and employers. It keeps track of all the keys that are pressed on the selected device. You don’t get the random key logs that don’t make any sense. This keystrokes recording software is designed to provide the details of the keystrokes that are performed during any particular app or web session. Even it has the ability to track IM chats.

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Why You Need Refog Keylogger?

Refog Keylogger is your requirement if you are worried about your children online time because you cannot keep an eye on them. It provides you the ease of knowing about your children activities without telling them that they are being monitored.

You could be a business owner and you might need this product because your employees waste too much of their precious time on the job on other activities but you want them to meet their deadlines and complete the tasks on time. Also, you want your important data to remain in good hands.

Key Features:

The key features of Refog Keylogger are as follow:

  • Records Keystroke: Every single key that is pressed by the user is monitored and saved; from usernames, passwords to emails, you can see all.
  • Logs Web History: Even when the history is deleted from the browser, you can get the details. From the website visited to the time of login, you can have every minute detail.
  • Screenshot History: This software takes random screenshots of the screen so you can know exactly what is happening behind your back. Multiple monitors could be checked at a time.
  • Invisible Mode: It works silently in the background so the user of the computer could not know that he or she is being monitored. It could not be found in control panel, program folder, or tray; no user could tell that it is installed on the computer.
  • Password Protection: Whenever you want you can open the program folder with the help of the special command or hotkey. Only you have the power to use it.
  • Monitors applications and files: Every executed program is monitored so you can know whether your employees or your kids are wasting time on gaming, web surfing etc.
  • Monitors IM: All kinds of instant messaging software including MSN, Skype, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, etc. are monitored and you get the real chat and not just clicked letters.

Watch this video for more information on how this PC monitoring app can help you in real life:


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How to Install and Setup Refog Keylogger?

After you download the Refog Keylogger file, you need to deactivate or turn off your antivirus program because it could interfere with the installation or other activities of the keylogger. It doesn’t mean that this program is harmful to your computer in any way. But, your antivirus might tell the user that they are being monitored. After that, you can run the installation process of the software. When the installation is completed, you can turn on your antivirus again. The PC will work normally. The new keylogger software will work in the stealth mode.

How Refog Keylogger Works:

This undetectable spying app works in simple three steps:

  1. Download it on your desired Mac or Windows Computer
  2. Install and run the program
  3. Sit back and relax and get the monitored details of the device

Ease of Use

Installing the Refog Keylogger on your computer is the only thing that you need to do, rest of the work will be completed by the software itself. It is very easy to use and you don’t need any special skills to operate it. The data is monitored automatically. You will get the results in the form of a list. All you require to do is to open the files one by one and see the activity of your monitored device.


This computer monitoring software is ideal for you whether you are using Windows or Mac. All the new versions of these operating systems are compatible including Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and Mac OS X.

Refog Keylogger Price:

They are offering a free trial and you can buy Refog Keylogger in two ways:

  • Buy One License in $42
  • Buy Three Licenses in $87

Order & Payment

Refog review

Ordering Refog Keylogger is very simple. Just click on the Buy Now button. Select the license type of your choice along with your operating system on the next page. Then click on the Order Now button. Enter your billing details and payment values and click on Submit Order.

You can either pay by using PayPal or any of your credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and others are supported. If you don’t want to pay through the card, you can use the following payment methods: QIWI, WeChat, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, and Cash/Check.

Shopping Processing

After placing your order, you will get your registration key within minutes. You don’t need to wait at all as they offer instant delivery of online orders. After you register your product, you get the full version of software with free one year update and priority support.

Customer Service & Online Support

You don’t get many options when you want to reach their customer service team. Your queries will be entertained right away through the submitted ticket. You can go to their support page to enter a new request. The same page offers detailed FAQs. All the answers are present in detail. There’s a chance that you might not need to submit the ticket when you check their FAQ section.

Refog Keylogger Review  –Bottom Line:

Pros and Cons of Refog Keylogger are as follow:


  1. Provides complete details of the program with the key logging
  2. The free trial version is available for download so you can know what this software actually offers
  3. Instant availability of the registration key after you place the order
  4. Free update for 365 days after you purchase it


  1. Alarm keyword option is not available
  2. No application filter is offered

Should I Buy Refog Keylogger?

Refog Keylogger is a simple to use program that is ideal for the Windows as well as Mac users. It is very easy to use and you don’t require any extensive computer knowledge to be the spy. All you need to do is to install it once and it will do rest of the job. The collected data will be provided to you and you can instantly see all the happenings that occur behind your back.

If you want to keep your business and kids save then you should definitely buy Refog Keylogger for Mac and Windows. It is trusted by millions of people all over the globe, thus it worth a try.

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How to Order Refog Keylogger for Mac & Windows?

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(Refog Keylogger Review & Promo Code)

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