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Parental control software is used by the people who want to keep an eye on someone. Usually, it is used by parents to keep check on their children or by the employer to know the activities of an employee when fraud is suspected. It doesn’t cost much and allows easy living by providing continuous report of the person whom you suspect. Read our Qustodio review to know more about this best parental control software.

An In-Depth Qustodio Review

The following is a Qustodio review to help customers understand the company better.

What is Qustodio Parental Control Software?

Qustodio Coupon CodeQustodio is parental control software that allows parents to monitor their children’s Internet activity. It helps the parents to supervise their kids online even when the adults are not close by.

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What Can It Do?

This parental control software allows you to understand your child’s activities on the Internet. A comprehensive dashboard presents all of your child’s activities on the web. These activities include their interaction with web pages, applications, as well as Internet enabled devices.

You can adjust the settings of the software in order to manage how your child engages with the Internet. Parents can set the limits on how much time your child can spend on the Internet. You can also control games and applications, as well as view your child’s social media activity.

In addition, you can track the messages and calls that your child receives and makes in order to make sure he/she is talking to the right people. Another feature of the Qustodio parental control is that it can help you keep track of your child’s whereabouts. It also comes with a panic button, which also helps to keep your children protected while they are online.

Furthermore, the Qustodio parental control software automatically filters any harmful content to protect your child from such content. For instance, the automatically enabled filter blocks all pornography denying your child access to such harmful content.

How Does Qustodio Work?

Qustodio promo codeThe software works by monitoring your child’s activities on the Internet. It monitors what your child is doing on social networks, and reports the same to you. In addition, the software prevents your child from accessing illegal or inappropriate websites and chats. You can install the program invisibly, which makes it easy to use. You can access the software’s reports and logs with any device of your choice.

Your child’s activities can result in thousands of pages of logs, which will make it harder for you to interpret the information presented. Qustodio Family takes care of this problem by giving you enhanced information management. The software summarizes all the information on usage, and presents it to you. In addition, it points out activities that it deems high risk or suspicious so that you focus your attention on this issue now rather than later.

Check this video to know how Qustodio can help you:

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Installation and Setup

Parents can install the parental control software invisibly on the PCs that their children use to access the internet. The software becomes available to you immediately after purchase. You can then go ahead and install it in the PC of your choice.


Qustodio is compatible with Kindle, iOS, and Android. It is also compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista. This monitoring software for parents can also run on Macs with Lion 10.7 or 10.8 operating systems or Mavericks 10.9.

Qustodio FAQs:

How much time does installing Qustodio software take?

Installing the software takes no time at all because installation is instant.

How many devices can I monitor at once?

You can monitor several devices at once. Qustodio combines multiple devices and multiple young users and presents all their relevant information in a single dashboard. This will help you monitor as many devices and as many users as you want in your home.

A Few Qustodio Reviews from Real Customers & Online:

Check what Qustodio customers review about them:

PaulaVerified Purchase form Amazon.co.uk:

I searched ages for a decent parental control software that could restrict my son’s time spent online. Now it’s easier to get him to do homework because we can switch the games off but still allow use of the laptop for homework.

From Toptenreviews.com:

“Qustodio ranks among the top three best internet filter software programs for ease of use and comprehensive coverage for PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.”

Quick Qustodio.com Reviews:

  • Website Layout

 Qustodio Review

The Qustodio website (https://www.qustodio.com/en/) is easy to use and understand. You can find direct links to the pertinent information on the main page. All the features of the software are listed on the main page saving you the trouble of clicking numerous links to find out what the software is all about.

  • Shopping Processing

There are different Qustodio plans to choose from, and each comes with a different price. The number of devices you want to protect influences the prices of the plans. The plans include basic, medium, and large.

  • Ordering & Shipping

There is no shipping. Once you have purchased the software, it becomes instantly downloadable. You can then download it on to the machine of your choice.

  • Customer Service

The company has a web-based support center where you can get answers to majority of your queries regarding the company and its product. In addition, there is a link provided that directs you to a page where you can talk to the customer care team directly.

  • Online Support

The company provides both email and online chat support to its esteemed clients.

Qustodio Parental Control Review – Final Thought

Nowadays, it is relatively easy for your child to get access to a pornographic site. Your child might even unknowingly end up giving important information such as his whereabouts to potential kidnappers. With the Internet becoming more integrated in our personal lives, the safety of your children is at risk. Thus, as a parent, you need a partner such as Qustodio by your side.

The company is offering a special Qustodio coupon code to all of its loyal customers. The promo code guarantees you a 10% OFF on Qustodio premium plans you make at Qustodio.com.

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Save 10% OFF all Qustodio Premium Plans at Qustodio.com. The Internet’s best free parental control software designed to monitor, manage and protect your child's device use on the go!

10% OFF Qustodio Premium Plan Coupon:

Save 10% OFF all Qustodio Premium Plans at Qustodio.com. The Internet’s best free parental control software designed to monitor, manage and protect your child's device use on the go!

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