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10% OFF Qustodio Premium Plans

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10% OFF Qustodio Premium Plans

Save 10% OFF all Qustodio Premium Plans at Qustodio.com. Buy now!

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Qustodio Discount Code

An Overview of Qustodio

This is a an overview of the company Qustodio (Qustodio.com) to help customers learn more about the company and its superior product.

Who Are They?

Qustodio promo codeQustodio is a company that focuses on helping parents supervise their children online. The company aims to enable parents to take control of what their children are exposed to on the Internet.

The company has been developing consumer security software for multinational corporations globally. Qustodio Parental Control has managed to use this experience to help parents protect their kids by providing efficient security solutions.

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What Are They Specialized-in?

Qustodio specializes in developing parental control software. This software enables parents to monitor their kids’ activities on the Internet. Qustodio parental control app also allows you as a parent to set the limit on how much time your children can be on the Internet. The software also allows you to block your kids from accessing certain apps, games, and websites.

Key Features of Qustodio

Qustodio contains several features that make it superior when it comes to parental control software. This parental control app allows you to monitor calls and messages that your children make and receive. It also enables you to view their social media activity to ensure that they are not engaging with anyone inappropriate.

This monitoring software for parents can also block pornography, control access to applications and games, as well as track your child’s whereabouts. The software also comes with a Panic button that sends you location alerts if there is any trouble.

Why Should I Need This Parental Control App?

You need this service if you have under-age children that can access the Internet. With technology moving so fast, it might be difficult to keep a lid on what your child can access on the Internet. Barring them entirely from accessing the web is not an option as it might cause an all-out war in your household.

In addition, many schools these days are using the Internet to post homework, classes, and revision guides. This means that your child has to be on the Internet in order for him/her to access their schoolwork.

As a parent, you have every reason to be petrified at what your children may come across when they are on the Internet. There are also thousands of strangers online waiting to take advantage of innocent children.

This is where Qustodio Family comes in. the software enables you to monitor all of your child’s activities on the Internet. This internet filter software will help you know whom they talk to, what they are watching, which sites are they visiting, and which games they are playing while on the Internet. This information will help you better protect your children from any harm that may arise from the Internet.

How Does Qustodio Work?

The first step to using this revolutionary software is creating a free Qustodio account. Once you have created an account, you can select the Qustodio premium plan that best suits your family. The plan you select will be based on the size of your family, and the number of devices you would like to monitor.

The Small plan is for small families with only five or less devices to protect. The Medium plan is for slightly larger families, and it can offer protection for ten or less devices. The final plan is the large plan, and this package is capable of protecting up to 15 devices.

Once you have selected and purchased the plan, the software will become instantly downloadable. Download the installation settings, which come with an easy guide on the configuration process.

Check this video to know how Qustodio work:

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Why Should I Choose Qustodio Parental Control?

Qustodio Coupon CodeQustodio is the leader in the monitoring software for parents mainly because of its experience in the field. It has been developing consumer security software for several years, and this experience has enabled it to craft superior parental control software for parents.

In addition, the company’s software is superior because parents can monitor several devices and users from a central place. All the information from each user and device is presented to the parent on an easy to understand dashboard.

You can also limit the amount of time your children spend on the Internet. You can set this limitation across multiple devices in your home. Limiting the time your users spend on the Internet ensures that they engage in other meaningful and beneficial activities such as spending time with the family, doing homework, or catching up with some much-needed sleep.

Finally, Qustodio Parental Control has come to the rescue of millions of parents who had no idea on how to protect their young ones when they are surfing the web. The parental control software allows parents to see what their kids are doing on the Internet, and prevent them from accessing any undesirable websites or applications. Parents can do this remotely, which makes the software both convenient and efficient. The company is also offering a special 20% OFF + 10% Qustodio coupon code to redeem.

Special Qustodio Promo Code:

10% OFF Qustodio Premium Plans

Save 10% OFF all Qustodio Premium Plans at Qustodio.com. Buy now!

10% OFF Qustodio Premium Plans

Save 10% OFF all Qustodio Premium Plans at Qustodio.com. Buy now!

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