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Here are all the best PocketFinder coupon codes, promo codes and review:

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Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

$20 OFF PocketFinder Coupon Code:

Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

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Redeeming the PocketFinder discount is very simple. The buyer only need to enter our PocketFinder coupon code to take advantage of the discount at pocketfinder.com.

PocketFinder Review – Does It Really Work?

The following is an extensive review of the PocketFinder tracker and monitoring software. The article will provide a detailed explanation as to what PocketFinder is, why we need it, its key features, how to activate it, how it works, as well as what makes this particular PocketFinder different from similar products on the market. This PocketFinder review will also highlight the pricing and plans available as well as provide an overview of the company’s website to aid in navigation.

What is PocketFinder?

pocketfinder coupon codePocketFinder is a tracking and monitoring solution designed by Location Based Technologies Incorporated. The solution is designed to help people guarantee the safety of their loved ones by tracking and monitoring their movements as well as locations.

Visit Site: www.pocketfinder.com

Why We Need PocketFinder?

We need PocketFinder in order to aid us to keep track of the people that we care most about. This tech solution provides us with peace of mind when we are not physically present with our loved ones.


This product is ideal for parents who want to monitor their kids’ location as they head to or from school, school activities, as well as when they are visiting with friends or spending time away from home.

It is also ideal for the tracking and monitoring of seniors while still respecting their independence.

PocketFinder Vehicle is also essential to have as it allows you to know where your vehicle is at all times, as well as ensure that the riders inside are protected as well. Your vehicle is usually one of your most valuable assets, and having the PocketFinder Vehicle allows you to keep it safe.

PocketFinder Key Features:

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The key features of the PocketFinder include:

  • Location Technology

PocketFinder uses three technologies to accurately locate an individual or a vehicle. These technologies include:

  1. Google Premier Mapping and Cell ID
  2. WI-FI Google Touch Triangulation
  • GPS/A- GPS
  • O.S Signal

The PocketFinder comes with an SOS button that your loved one can press when they find themselves in danger. This signal will alert you that something is wrong, and your first objective is to alert the relevant authorities about the whereabouts of your loved one so that they can intervene immediately.

  • Tracking

The PocketFinder+ and the PocketFinder Vehicle provide accurate location tracking, with details updated in seconds. The Vehicle location tracker updates every 60 seconds, while the PocketFinder provides location updates and interval options every 10 seconds.

  • Speed Alerts

You will receive an alert every time the PocketFinder Vehicle tracker notes the speed that the vehicle is going is above what you have set. This is essential when you want to ensure that each person you allow to drive your car stays within your preferred speed limit.

  • Geo-Fences

This feature allows you to create as many zones as you deem fit with enter and exit alerts that can be used for multiple users.

  • Low Battery Alert

The Vehicle tracker provides you with a Power Cut notification, alerting you every time the power nears the set limit. You can also set the battery level limit alert for the PocketFinder+.

How to Activate PocketFinder?

The first step in activating the PocketFinder is to click on the ‘Activate‘ button that can be found below the Pocket Finder logo on the company site’s homepage.

You will be redirected to the Activate page where you will be promoted to fill in the Account form. This includes entering your preferred user name as a password for your PocketFinder account. You will also be prompted to create a secret question, which the company will use to keep your account private and secure.

Next, you will be required to fill in your payment details including your preferred method of payment.

The next step is now the actual activation. Start by selecting the type of device, your preferred subscription plan, and then enter your Activation code. This activation code for the PocketFinder+ Personal Tracker is the IMEI number that is found on the back of the device.

On the other hand, the Activation code for the Vehicle Tracker is the ESN number found on the back of the device. This number is usually 10 digits long.

Once you have entered the correct activation code, click on the ‘Activate Device and Plan’ button. If you intend to activate two or more devices, click on the ‘Add an Additional Device’ button, and follow the Activation code steps above.

Finally, click ‘Next‘ after which you will be all set up.

How PocketFinder Works:

The PocketFinder works by receiving GPS information from several satellites as well as through the triangulation of several WI-FI signals, a process made possible by WI-FI Touch from Google.

In every minute, PocketFinder sends GPS location for the 3G Vehicle Tracker through the cell phone network. It also submits GPS data every 10 seconds for PocketFinder+ tracker.

The cellular company will then send encrypted data to the PocketFinder servers where it is stored and analysed. As a customer, you can access this information by logging into your PocketFinder account using your preferred device. You can manage all of your account features through the app.

Customers automatically receive an email alert and push notification every time that the PocketFinder goes into and out of a specified zone.

Pricing and Plans

The monthly cost for customers in Mexico, US, and Canada is $12.95. For international customers, the cost is$19.95 per month.

With the monthly subscriptions, customers get access to unlimited email alerts, number of emergency contacts, mobile push notifications, email alerts, zone and speed alerts, sub accounts, and location lookups.

Personal PocketFinder+ Tracker Coupon Code:

$20 OFF PocketFinder Coupon Code:

Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

$20 OFF PocketFinder Coupon Code:

Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

What Makes PocketFinder Different to Other Pocket Finders?

PocketFinder is different from its competitors mainly due to its ease of use from activation to actual location tracking.

In addition, the tracking solution can also monitor speeds of the vehicle you are tracking, as well as enable you to create several monitoring zones for multiple users.

Quick Pocketfinder.com Reviews

Website Layout

pocketfinder review

The website layout is simple, which makes the entire site simple to navigate. All of the pertinent information can be found on the homepage including key features of the product, as well as a brief description of how it works.

Order and Payment

Orders and Payments are done on the site’s Shopify store and its Activation page. You need to purchase both the subscription and your preferred physical product using your desired payment method.

Authorized payment methods include AMEX, ApplePay, Visa, JCB, and MasterCard.

Customer Service

The company has provided a link to its email on its ‘Support‘ page. In addition, there is a comprehensive FAQ section on this page.

Online Support

The company’s Shopify store has a Live Chat tool that can allow you to communicate with the company in real time. The site itself has a Live Chat tool for the same purpose that allows you to type in your question, and you will be led through a series of answers that will prove useful to you.

PocketFinder Review – Does PocketFinder Really Work?

Yes, PocketFinder does work and it is a great tool for tracking people you love as well as your vehicle.

Should I Buy PocketFinder?

Yes, you should buy the PocketFinder if you are looking for the most effective tracker on the market. Hurry and purchase now in order to be able to participate in the ongoing promotion where you can get  $20 OFF on your purchase with our PocketFinder promo code below.

Best PocketFinder Promo Code:

$20 OFF PocketFinder Coupon Code:

Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

$20 OFF PocketFinder Coupon Code:

Get $20 discount on Personal PocketFinder+ or 3G Vehicle Tracker at Pocketfinder.com!.

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