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An In-depth Review of PhoneSheriff

Read our latest PhoneSheriff review – the popular smart phone spy software. A real user genuine review of Phonesheriff which is a bit different from all the reviews currently available online.

What is PhoneSheriff?

Phonesheriff couponPhoneSheriff is one of the most advanced software programs available on the internet, which is ideal for spying on children and employees reliably. It is compatible with most mobile phones and includes all the essential spying features like, call history, real-time tracking, messenger logs and SMS monitoring to spy on anyone effectively. With an extensive range of features, easy to use control panel, exceptional customer support and reasonable price; it is certainly the best spying solution around.

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Why Should I Need Phone Sheriff?

With the availability of smartphones and high-speed internet, people can view and learn about stuff like never before. However, there is a downside of this technology as well; as children are always socializing and browsing various websites, there is a great chance that they see stuff which is inappropriate for their age or get bullied by someone over social websites. In order to prevent children from seeing unwanted stuff and protect them from contacts you do not want them to call, PhoneSheriff can be a perfect tool for protecting kids from undesired activities.

Likewise, employers need to ensure the safety of confidential data and keep the productivity levels of workers high. With the assistance of PhoneSheriff, employers can demonstrate their supervisory role effectively and check the credibility of suspicious employees. The software is ideal for monitoring company owned cell phones and avoiding the data theft of the company consistently.

Key Features of PhoneSheriff

review-of-phonesheriffPhoneSheriff Dashboard

PhoneSheriff comes with a variety of outstanding features which enable users to monitor a child’s or employee’s mobile device in real-time and block unwanted activities if necessary. Some of the key features of PhoneSheriff are as follows:

  • Check Call History
  • Monitor Received/Sent SMS
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • View Photos
  • View Messenger Logs
  • Block Inappropriate Applications
  • Check Emails
  • Phone Time Restriction
  • Multiple Device Management
  • Monitor Websites Visited
  • View Contacts and Reminders on Calender
  • User-friendly Control Panel

Installation and Setup

After buying PhoneSheriff, the buyer will receive an email containing a download link and installation instructions. The buyer needs to click on the download link to download the software and follow the instruction provided in the received email to complete the installation process. Once installed, PhoneSheriff will start monitoring the targeted phone automatically and send the recorded data to the online account of the user, which he can examine by logging in to the online account.

Check this video to know to use PhoneSheriff:

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PhoneSheriff supports Android, iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices, the phone operating system requirements are as follows:


  • Supports 2.1 – 4.4.4 versions of Android operating system. SMS Command capability is not available for Android 4.4 operating system.


  • Compatible with 3.1.3 – 8.1.2 versions of iPhone operating system. For installing PhoneSheriff, iPhones must be jail-broken.


  • Currently supports – versions of Blackberry operating systems.

Help and Support

PhoneSheriff customer support is immaculate, customer care representatives are available for assistance 24/7 to answer the customer queries swiftly. Users can contact the customer support by opening a support ticket or using the live chat service available on the official website.

How to Buy Phone Sheriff and Make Payments?

In order to buy PhoneSheriff, a person needs to visit the official website “” and choose the right package plan by clicking on the “BUY NOW” tab. For making payments, the prospective buyer needs to fill up the billing section and agree to the terms and conditions to purchase the software.

PhoneSheriff  Review – Bottom Line

All things considered, PhoneSheriff is a powerful spying software that assists in monitoring and restricting activities of an individual in real-time. It includes innovative surveillance features which enable users to monitor the activities of anyone reliably. The software is regarded as one of the best spying solutions over the internet, because of its exceptional features, remote monitoring capability, superb technical support and affordable price.

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Currently, all the products of PhoneSheriff are available at a special discount. All you have to do is to choose a suitable package plan and use the PhoneSheriff coupon code to purchase your favorite application for a discounted price.

There is no PhoneSheriff promo code available at the moment . But you still can check other best monitoring software for cell phones below:

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iKeymonitor is an best spying software that has been used by a lot people to monitor calls, call logs, web browsing activities and other things on targeted phones or tablets in real-time.

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