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Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Review

The trick about creating a network is always been in control of all points on the network. With tech devices, the task becomes more tasking as the network grows. You may need a strong network-monitoring tool that can monitor as many devices and software you need while still been simple and conclusive. With the Paessler AG, you now have the perfect tool to monitor your device and networks which also includes your online infrastructure.

What is Paessler PRTG Network Monitor?

Paessler coupon codeMany network-monitoring tools only monitor the website and the cloud infrastructure PRTG excluded. Paessler AG as unveiled their PRTG tool that combines the network monitoring tools and infrastructure management features. With this too you can control devices and view all the weaknesses in your network while still viewing performance and activity on the online platforms and devices.

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What PRTG monitors?

The PRTG monitors hardware, software, servers, routers among other devices and access point on the network. The tool also monitors VoIP, logs, events performances temperature and other online-based infrastructures. The PRTG website provides a more conclusive overview of all aspects monitored by the tool.

Why Should We Choose Paessler PRTG Network Monitor?

The monitoring capability of any network monitoring tools increases exponentially when combined with an infrastructure management tool. This allows the PRTG to keep track of the security of the various access point on the network while keeping track of the whole network activity. Paessler allows the client to run the application on an online could which removes the constrictions it may induce while running on a device. Additionally, the dashboard for the PRTG can customize itself for any device be it a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Key Features:

  • Conclusive reporting and customizable alerts – The reporting and alerts are in-depth in that you get conclusive reports from every monitored device and point on the network. You can also customize the alerts to your specified time, type (SMS, email, etc.).
  • Spread out monitoring. To prevent cluttering the tool monitors the various networks in different locations (DMZ and LAN) using PRTG remote probes. Each probe connects to the main PRTG core server from which you can view the activity on the various networks.
  • Mapping and dashboards – The tool allows you to integrate your networks into a map on which you can attach up to 300 different objects (status icons, devices, or device carts).
  • Convenient User interfaces. The PRTG tool allows you to access the dashboard through the various devices be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. The tool also comes with an online and enterprise console.

How to Install and Setup the Paessler PRTG Network Monitor?

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor installation

To install the PRTG application in your network you need at least one core device from which you can monitor the whole network. Once installed you can then install the application on other devices connected to the network using the automatic discovery feature. You need to key in similar details as those used to install the PRTG tool on the core device for faster installation. Since the core server hosts the main enterprise console, you should designate the computer for this particular use. The core server assumes administrative function for the various probes, reporting engines et cetera.

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How Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Works?

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor review

The notification comes in a hierarchy format depending on the urgency of the alerts. The tool places the devices in a hierarchy and you can view and even customize the various notification from each position on the hierarchy. The reporting and alerts suit the various devices by incorporating SMSs, HTML, emails, et cetera. You can customize the reporting from the various probes on the network to suit your requirements.

Check this video for more information on how Paessler works:

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How fast can you configure PRTG?

The whole application’s installation can take less than them minutes with its easy to install features. The application beans its monitoring even before you finish your installation process. Additionally, the smart setup feature identifies the devices connected to your network and thus makes the installation process easier.

Where does PRTG store data?

All monitoring data collected stores up in the inbuilt PRTG database while all the configuration and temporary files remain on your computer or device.

How many sensors can you monitor with the PRTG Network Monitor?

Unlike many other network-monitoring tools, PRTG has few system requirements. You monitor more than 1000 sensors on your PC. The PRTG website provides additional information on the bare minimum requirements for the tool.

Plans and Pricing

The Paessler tools base their plans and pricing on the sensors per device. The estimate for one device is around ten sensors though this varies for different devices. The plans start at $1600 for 500 sensors and $2850 for 100 sensors. They also provide XL1 and XL5 tiers for $14000 and $60000 respectively for unlimited sensors. You can also get yearly routine maintenance upgrades for 25%. The tool also comes with the freeware option, which gives up to 100 monitors up to 100 sensors.

A Few Paessler Reviews from Real Customer:

Here are some of real Paessler customer reviews from other sites:

Excellent product, provide better monitoring with huge sensors, easy to install and manage. almost every node monitor with PRTG tool.” Abdul Wahab from


Top five monitor app for IT departments on SMB and corporations 24/7 365 days.” Mauricio A. from

Quick Review:

Website Layout review

For a technology related website the Paessler website ( in clear-cut and precise leaving no room for distraction. These aspects give the account for the websites simplistic layout. The website also provides convenience by provides as much information on workings of the application and its features. These aspects all combine to give the website an easy to navigate interface for even a mundane internet surfer.

Shopping Processing

The Passer website allows you to download the application directly and even view the various specification. To download the application you need to read the system requirements beforehand in order to check for compatibility. The products page displays the various prices for different sensor plans. Depending on your requirements, you can scale upwards or downwards or even choose to purchase the upgrades for your current subscription.

Order & Payment

Once you choose your subscription plan or maintenance upgrade, you can go ahead and click on the checkout page. On the checkout page, the website requires you to key in your personal, payment and billing information. This process allows you to create an account in case of future purchases. Once you confirm your purchase, the license arrives via email. You can then key it into your core device to activate your application.

Customer Service

The smart discovery feature quite easy aids the installation process for the PRTG tool. This way you can install the tool on your various devices in no time. On the Paessler website, you can view the various requirements and specifications for the PRTG tool for your convenience. Additionally, the website allows you to download the mobile applications and enterprise console for your PC directly from the website.

Online Support

When looking for assistance with all tins PRTG the Paessler website is the one-stop spot. You can find the information on the FAQs page on the Paessler website especially helpful with the various aspects of the PRTG tool. Additionally, the website allows you a give chat option among other contact options to connect you with the Paessler personnel.

Paessler Review – Bottom Line

Pros & Cons of Paessler


  • The tool organizes your devices in a hierarchy giving the performance data and alerts
  • The tool can convert specific QR codes developed from a device or sensor to printed hardware to view from the data center or even a smartphone application.
  • Superb reporting features which allow the user to customize the data to their own specifications.


  • Some functions in the Enterprise console may redirect you to the website platform.
  • Sensor-based licensing is expensive for an organization with a large number of devices.

When creating a network it is imperative to keep an eye on all aspects to prevent infiltration or failure. The perfect told for network monitoring are available on the internet but PRTG trumps them. The combination of network monitoring features and the infrastructure management tool gives it superiority to many other tools out there.

Should I Buy Paessler Network Monitor?

In comparison to other network monitoring tools in the market, PRTG comes out on top. It is simple yet detailed reporting, which you can access from the various devices, offers much-needed convenience. Purchasing this tool is a choice you are bound to appreciate down the line.

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How to Order at

The products page on the Paessler website ( displays the prices for the various subscription licenses as well as licenses for maintenance upgrades. Once you click on a product, you can follow the checkout link to go to the purchase page. The purchase page requires you to key in your personal, payment and billing information. On completion, you get to create your account in case of future purchases and maintenance upgrades. Purchases on the website give you up to  25% discount with our Paessler coupon code and you immediately receive the license codes on your email.

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