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Norton Core coupon codeNorton Core Promo Code:

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Norton Core Coupon Review At A Glance

Today is a connected age and every person, home and business have a need for the internet. For most of these cases, Wi-Fi is the chosen way of connecting. This way the persons connecting also fall under great risk of cyber crimes. An attack on modern Wi-Fi systems allows the perpetrator access to any device connected to this network. When a majority of devices at home use the Wi-Fi network protecting one may not suffice. That innovation is Norton Core. Below the in-depth review of Norton Core secured Wifi router delves into ways in which Norton keeps homes Wi-Fi systems safe and connected.

What Is Norton Core?

Norton Core coupon

Norton Core is a Wi-Fi router whose design not only allows it to provide excellent speeds but also protects the systems from intrusion. Norton core uses deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, and Symantec’s global intelligence Network to protect home Wi-Fi systems. In this way, Norton Core protects every device connected including thermostats and smart televisions.

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How Norton Core Looks:

Norton Core review

The polygon shaped device is a real beauty. This device does not require hiding in unseen spaces since it is a decoration in itself. While its neutral grey color hardly warrants attention, in case one spares it a glance no eyesore will result.

How Norton Core Works:

The Norton core uses deep packet inspection, intrusion inspection among other safety features to protect from cybercriminals. Wi-Fi routers are at a disadvantage with their susceptibility to hacking. Core, however, uses data encryption and automatic software updates to prevent this very weakness. The smartphone software allows the client to keep monitoring their Wi-Fi system and alerts them in case of an irregularity.

Watch this video to know how Norton Core can help you protect your family:

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Does Norton Core Come With A Subscription?

Purchases made directly on the website come with the complimentary one year Norton Core Security Plus subscription. This way, one has the ability to monitor their Wi-Fi systems until the subscription ends then they may need to renew. The Norton Core Security Plus is compatible with every OS in the market and monitors every internet accessible devices in a home. It also comes with the parental control feature to allow the parent to control over what their children access on the internet as well as protect them from cyber-crimes.


Norton has no compatibility issues since they specialize in all operating systems. With the Norton security application, one can install it on all devices be it a tablet, smartphone or even a PC. The software works across all OS including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. On android also informs the client on safety risks on the battery and privacy for any application they intend to download.

Color Available

Norton Core is a definite work of art for its shape and color options. The polygon shape gives it an eccentric look that may prove a decoration in any living space. The device comes in granite grey, titanium gold, black, among other colors. The whole palette allows the client to pick their choice since they pay attention to aesthetics in every device.

In Which Countries Is Norton Core Available?

Currently Norton core ships to US clients only with their first shipments on 7th August 2017. They are yet to announce availability in additional countries.

Will Norton Core Work Outside The US?

Norton restricts its boundaries to the country of purchase. Since they currently only ships within the US they devise and service only works within the US. The device will not work if the client is out of the country.

How Is Norton Core Wifi Router Different Form Other Router?

The other Wi-Fi router come without security feature which makes them susceptible to cyber hacking. By adding security feature on the Norton Core router it makes it a lot safer to use for your home internet. Norton not only monitors the various devices connected to the Wi-Fi network it also protects them from digital attacks by isolating the threat before it spreads. The combination of deep packet inspection and data from the global threat database, Norton Core defends from any threat before they infiltrate. With their automated updates and data, encryption features the Norton Core stands a better chance at preventing cyber-attack on you internet than any other Wi-Fi router.

A Few Norton Core Reviews from Real Customers:

Norton Core customer reviews are evidence for its superiority in creating safe systems for your Wi-Fi.

Phenomenal router. Looks absolutely beautiful but also performs very well! We are getting the maximum speed of our internet connection 155Mbit through the router every time, even from outside across the street!” this is the review of Josh Borden a Core customer.

Another customer, J. Salzenstein, has this to say,

I was impressed with the looks from the start, but after setting this up and using it for a month, I’m a huge fan. Setup is incredibly easy using Norton app (even for those without technical knowledge of network, Wi-Fi, etc.) you can have your Wi-Fi up and running in less than fifteen minutes.


The Norton Core is as stunning as routers come, and it’s packed with security and parental control features to protect every device in your home, from PC to smart fridge.” from


The Core gives real-time protection for the entire home – but you do have to pay an annual subscription.” from

Watch this video to know why you need Nore Core at your home now:

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Quick Norton.Com Reviews:

Website Layout review is a work of aesthetics and convenience. Created with detailing for the information the client may require as well as the looks it is a beauty to visit. The links and the pictures evidence the immense care vested in the creation of the website. The information provided is both in-depth and easy to understand. The website’s creation pays attention to details since even a person not so tech savvy would have no difficulty while navigating this website.

Orders and Shipping

The website allows the client to make direct purchases, which they ship to the clients’ location directly. The service, however, is only applicable to the US clients only. The website products and services link to allow the customer to view the various devices and subscription packages available. Once the customer chooses to make a purchase, the “buy now” link allows them to access the purchase page from which they can key in their billing information.

Customer Service

The website provides customer service options while visiting or using the Norton Core. The Norton core team works to ensure the client always receives optimum protection by keeping the website always updated. They also make sure the client keeps track of their Wi-Fi systems with timely alerts in case of any treats. The website’s information and links also keep the client too informed.

Online Support

In case of inquiries, the client may get in touch with the personnel through the various contact information provided on the website. The website provides a detailed FAQs page, which they keep updated. also allows the client access to information from their online community on which one can have their inquiries answered. The support at covers all their bases for the client’s convenience.

Norton Core Review – Bottom Line

Safety in the cyberspace is never a guarantee and all one can hope for is to keep ahead of the attackers. Using Wi-Fi at home is a tricky process since any time it is on it poses a threat to your computer or any device connected to the internet. Wi-Fi routers have provided no real protection or so it is with the normal routers in the market. One requires a router that not only provides the protection it also enhances the Wi-Fi speeds enormously. This perfectly describes Norton Core since it not only protects it also provides large coverage and higher internet speeds. Please check our special Norton Core discount code below to save your money at checkout.

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Latest Norton Core Promo Codes:

Norton Core coupon codeNorton Core Promo Code:

Get $130 OFF Norton™ Core Gray for only $149.99 (MRSP $279.99). Plus $69.99 Free Setup + Free Ground Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*.

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Norton WiFi Privacy Protection Special OffersNorton WiFi Privacy Protection Special Discount:

Save $40 OFF 1 Year Subscription Norton WiFi Privacy Protection for 5 Devices. MSRP $89.99.

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