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Are you tired of your employees making lame excuses on reaching late at office due to traffic? Or do you want to make sure that your kids are not into drugs? If so, then mSpy is the solution to all of your problems. Read our mSpy review to know more about this monitoring software for parental control & employee. We also give you a 15% discount with a secret mSpy coupon code.

An In-depth Review of mSpy Software

What is mSpy?

mspy coupon codeThe mSpy is a diminutive application that lets you track all the activities of a targeted cell-phone user. It is potentially undetectable application that runs in the background and records call logs, text messages, notes, memos, etc of the targeted phone. It even tracks the phone’s current location and records audio clips. Along with all these, it also saves history of chat logs i.e. Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and others.

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Why Should You Need mSpy App?

Being the era of technology and smartphones, parents need to keep an eye on their children for their well-being. As kids are always connected to the internet, they can come across adult content websites or become targets of cyber bullies, which no parent wants for their children. To help you with this issue, mSpy app is an ideal software to monitor the activities of your loved ones and protect them from doing unwanted stuff.

Same is the case with employers, as they always need to ensure the safety of confidential data of the company and check the credibility of the workforce by keeping an eye on it, they’re always looking for a helping hand. Now with mSpy, employers can easily inspect the activities of employees and demonstrate their supervisory role effectively. By using some of the features of mSpy, employers can keep an eye on the activities of workers and avoid data theft easily. Check this video to know why you need this parental control application to protect your kids:

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mSpy Key Features:

This monitoring software for parental control helps you to monitors calls, text messages, browser history, read emails, and control applications running on the targeted phone. mSpy allows you to:

  • Monitor Calls
    It allows monitoring of every incoming and outgoing calls, call recordings, and call restrictions.
  • Track Messages
    With this software, text and multimedia messages that are sent and received can be viewed instantly even after they are deleted from the original phone. It also keeps an eye on instant messages of Facebook, iMessages, Viber, Skype and Whatsapp.
  • Access E-mail
    Directly monitors incoming and outgoing e-mails.
  • Track GPS
    Current location of your targeted phone can easily be tracked with it.
  • Scrutinize Internet use
    You can check all the URLs visited by the phone owner. History and bookmarks can also be checked. If you find any website inappropriate for your kid, you can block it.
  • Record What’s Going On
    This software can be converted into a bugging device whenever you want, so you can check what is going on when you are not at the scene.
  • Have Multimedia Files Directly
    Whenever the targeted phone makes any video or captures any picture, it immediately uploads to mSpy system for you to view.
  • Install or Block Apps
    Control the access of install apps. If you find any installed app unsuitable, block it!
  • Remote Access
    Control device remotely, delete the information you don’t want others to access, lock the phone if stolen or lost.

Why I Should I Choose mSpy?

Because this monitoring software is simply the best! Owing to the fact that it possesses all new monitoring techniques that other applications don’t, mSpy is the most popular parental control application available in the market and has the largest sales up to this date. mSpy has made it possible to control all the applications installed in the phone and bug clandestine conferences.

How Do You Install mSpy?

You just need to subscribe to mSpy online. After a successfully completed order, a personal account will be generated for you. You will receive a welcome e-mail from mSpy Support containing login details as well as a link that will guide you through the installation process.

This mSpy app is very easy to install. You will have to install mSpy manually onto the targeted phone. You will be required to logon to the specified link into the target phone’s browser in order to download and install the mSpy app and then link a connection with the control panel. The installation wizard will guide you through all the steps.


How Does an mSpy Work?

mSpy review

How the software operates just involves two simple steps.

  1. You need to install the software on the smartphone that you need to spy either an Android, Blackberry or iPhone. Then start the monitoring process by logging in with your login id and a password in the mSpy website account. The mSpy application then runs silently and invisibly in the background without being noticed and not affecting the phone performances.
  2. Once installed you can configure the settings and access the data logs through a clean based control panel for the phone spy. The software is designed by a top security mSpy team to ensure that no access of the monitoring software installed in the phone. What you need to do is to secure your login details well.

Quick mSpy Review

User Interface

It has a clean user interface. It’s user friendly. You can easily watch your kid and workers. It’s undetectable and runs in an invisible mode in the background without the target having any inkling of it. Due to its simplicity, you won’t have any difficulty operating it.

Ease of Use

The control panel of mSpy is really easy to understand. After logging into to the online account, user can check every detail by clicking on the tabs with monitored information names. User can also control applications, block websites, lock the targeted device and wipe out data of the monitored device by using the dashboard and control panel of mSpy.


mSpy parental control software

mSpy is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry phones, however, the versions it supports vary and depend upon the type of operating systems. The device that needs to be monitored should be available for first installation and it should be connected to the internet for the transmission of monitored data.

  • For Android, the version of Android should be 4+.
  • For iOS compatible with iOS 6 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1, advanced spying features are only available for jail-broken devices, however, basic spying features like, call logs, contacts, browser history, text messages are available for devices without jailbreak.
  • For Windows from Windows XP x32; Windows Vista x32, x64; Windows 7 x32, x64; Windows 8, 8.1; Windows 10.
  • For MacOs from Mac OS 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer support representatives are very helpful and are available 24/7 online on their website as well as you can hit them anytime on + 1 800 713 7528.

A Few mSpy Customer Reviews:

Here are some of mSpy customer reviews from reviews sites:

Dan Hilton from

“The software did exactly what I needed it to do. Also, when I had a hard time getting my paid subscription to work, the customer service was spectacular and helped me figure out my problem quickly.”

Robert B. from

“Easy setup. Just plug in. Got interesting in monitoring cause my teen daughter installed Tinder. She says shes practicing language. Wanna make sure shes ok.”

Packing & Pricing:

Currently, mSpy offers three special packages with a ten days reimbursement guarantee.

  • Basic Package

$39.99 (for one month)

$59.99 (for three months)

  • Premium Package

$69.99  (for one month)

$119.99 (for three months)

$149.99 (for six months)

$199.99 (for twelve months)

  • Business Package

$499.95 (for six months)

$799.95 (for twelve months)

However, it is mandatory to make no less than 5 subscriptions in order to obtain a business package. A discount coupon offering a 20% off is also available for business packages.

mSpy Review – Bottom Line

In a nutshell, mSpy has got all the features that you could anticipate from an spy app! From tracking the target’s current phone location to recording call and message logs, bugging underground meetings and remote controlling applications; it has got them all. It has aided many parents keeping a watchful eye on their kids and also allowed many companies to constantly observe their employees.

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