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LogMeIn Pro Review – The Best Secure Remote Desktop Software

The following is an in-depth review of the LogMeIn Pro, one of the leading remote access tools available in the market. The LogMeIn Pro review will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the tool, its key features, who would benefit the most from this tool, as well as a guide on how to install the tool, and how to use it. In addition, this review will give a condensed summary of the manufacturing company’s website, the ease of navigating it, shopping on it, and paying for your preferred product on it.

What is LogMeIn Pro?

logmein pro coupon codeThe LogMeIn Pro is one of the most popular remote access tools available, and it gives you the capability of accessing a computer that is somewhere else remotely.

With this tool, you can access all of your files from your main computer using any of the other connected devices. You can also gain remote access to your most popular websites, as well as applications.

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Why You Need LogMeIn Pro?

You need the LogMeIn Pro to give you instant access to all of your computer files, and applications when you are physically far from your computer. This will ensure that you can work from anywhere without the need of carrying your laptop around. It is also an essential tool to have if you telecommute often, and need access to files on your work computer in order to continue working when you are away from the office.

You will also need this tool when working as a team, and the members are physically distant from each other. Granting them remote access to the files on a computer will ensure a successful collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Instant and unlimited remote access

With the LogMeIn Pro, you can work remotely from anywhere, and ensure there is no loss in productivity, as well as increase the efficiency of your business. This tool guarantees you quick access to all of the files stored in your computer, as well as unlimited access to all of your popular cloud-based and desktop-based applications. You can also easily gain access to your most commonly used websites on your PC.

  • Enhanced file transfer

There are no file size restrictions with the LogMeIn Pro, which means you can remotely transfer files of any size across all of your devices using the tool.

  • Efficient remote printing

The LogMeIn Pro tool gives you the capability of printing documents stored in one computer using a remote computer. You can print the documents at the printer that is physically closest to you.

  • Screen sharing

You can share your screen remotely with all of your team members to enhance collaboration, or to provide support even when you are far.

  • Enormous file storage space

With the Pro, you get 1TB of file storage space, allowing you to comfortably store, access, and share files of different sizes with anyone from anywhere.

  • Unlimited number of users

You can share your computer access with a large number of other users for instantaneous cooperation on a project.

  • Enhanced password management

When you purchase this remote access tool, you will receive a complimentary LastPass license that enables you to save all of the payment details, passwords, and usernames related to your account in a secure location.

  • Simultaneous monitor display

The Pro has the capability of showing you all of the connected work monitors at once from a remote location. It will be as if you were sitting at your office desk looking at the monitors in real time.

How to Install and Setup LogMeIn Pro?

logmein pro review

The following is a guide on how you can install and setup the LogMeIn tool.

  1. In order for you to use the LogMeIn tool, you will need a specially designated ID. Go to the website, LogMeIn.com, and sign-up by following the instructions on the screen.
  2. Using the computer you would like to access remotely, log in to the website, LogMeIn.com, using the user ID provided in step 1.
  3. Click on the ‘Download’ tab, and follow the instructions on the prompts that follow. You will receive a notification/alert that the installation process was successful. You need to install the LogMeIn tool in every computer that you would like to gain remote access to.
  4. Then proceed to install the LogMeIn app on your phone or tablet, or any other device that you will want to use in remotely accessing the computers in your LogMeIn account.

How LogMeIn Pro Works

Once you have signed up, and received your LogMeIn User Id, you can sign in to your account in your browser, and then click on the icon of the remote computer that you would like to access. You can also choose to log in to the LogMeIn client app to access the remote computer.

When using the browser, the client app will automatically download onto your device if it was not there already. The client app usually has several menu options available to you once you establish a remote connection with the host computer. With this app, you can transfer files back and forth, draw on the screen to demonstrate something to your colleagues, or use the mouse cursor as a laser pointer.

Once you close the connection, you get to decide whether to keep the app or delete it.

Check this video for more information about LogMeIn Pro:

Free LogMeIn Coupon Code:

logmein coupon codeLogMeIn Coupon Code:

Try LogMeIn Pro for MAC & PC free for 14 days at Logmein.com.

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Ease to Use

The software is easy to use across all platforms, whether it is through the mobile interface, or a Mac, the host computer or a tablet. The mobile interface is particularly easy to use owing to the highly functional tap and drag instructions on the screen. This feature is present across all mobile devices.


The LogMeIn Pro is compatible with Mac and Windows’ PCs, iOS-run devices, as well as Android devices.


The LogMeIn Pro comes with three affordable price plans. The Individual plan costs $30 a month. It is billed annually and gives you remote access to up to two computers with one free license to LastPass Premium.

The Power Users plan costs $70 monthly, and it is also billed annually. You get remote access to up to five computers, as well as three free licenses to LastPass Premium.

Finally, the Small Business Plan costs $129 per month, and with this plan, you can access up to 10 computers remotely. The plan is billed annually, and you will receive five free licenses to LastPass Premium.

Each of the plans comes with remote access, remote printing, multi-monitor display, as well as a terabyte of file storage.

Quick Logmein.com Reviews:

Website Layout

logmein.com reviews

The website (https://www.logmein.com/) is quite easy to navigate as the home page contains all the relevant information, as well as links to different products and the resource page where you can find additional support information.

Order & Payment

You can make an order for a product on the site, as well as pay for it as you check out. All plans are billed annually.

Shopping Processing

All the products are found on the website, and you can select the one (s) that is most preferable before checking out.

Customer Service

There is a FAQ page for different product issues. If you do not find the answer to your query, you can use the customer care email addresses provided for each section. You can also use the customer-care phone numbers provided to contact the company.

Online Support

The website provides a Live Chat platform where you can chat with a customer care representative online to help you with your query.

Bottom Line – LogMeIn Review

Pros & Cons

One of the biggest advantages of the LogMeIn Pro is its ease of setup and use. Even a tech novice can be able to easily install the tool, set it up, and use it, without the need of external assistance.

In addition, the Pro is one of the most affordable high-functioning remote access tools in the market. You will get a highly effective tool with all the functionalities in place at a moderate price. Furthermore, you can also access the free trials and free versions of the Pro before you make a purchase. The availability of these free packages is to ensure that you get a chance to test the applicability of the tool to your normal routine before you embark on making a purchase.

Security is a big concern for each of us when we use Internet-backed applications and software. With the LogMeIn Pro, you do not have to worry about the privacy and security of your information as these two elements come as a guarantee.

One of the main disadvantages of the Pro, however, is the fact that you will not have access to local email client. Furthermore, the Pro is almost the same price as the LogMeIn IT Reach, yet the latter tool has more advanced features.

Finally, Should I Buy LogMeIn Pro?

Yes, you should if you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and effective remote access tool that allows you to stay connected with your staff members and colleagues from anywhere, guaranteeing enhanced and consistent productivity.

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How to Order LogMeIn Pro?

Select your preferred product, log in to the site using your User ID, review the product, and its cost, as well as input any promotional code if you have one. Once you have ensured everything is in place, confirm the order, pay the amount shown, and proceed to check out. There is a special discount if you purchase the LogMeIn Pro today!

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logmein coupon codeLogMeIn Coupon Code:

Try LogMeIn Pro for MAC & PC free for 14 days at Logmein.com.

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