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An In-depth Kuna Smart Security Light Review

The following is an review of the Kuna Smart Security Light, a technologically adept security system that is set to take the world of home security to another level.

What is Kuna Smart Security Light?

Kuna Smart Security LightThe Kuna Smart Security Light is an outdoor security camera and smart light fully equipped with HD. Users are able to control this product using their smart phone. The security light also has an intercom, which enables you to communicate with visitors before they reach your doorstep.

Key Features

The Kuna Smart Security Light has several distinct features that make it an ideal security addition for your home. The smart security light has a smart detection feature, which is able to record 10 seconds before an event occurs.

You will also receive instant alerts on your mobile phone as visitors show up on your doorstep. This will help you know in advance, who is on your doorstep before you open the door.

Another amazing feature of the Kuna Smart Security Light is its HD video live feed. You will be able to see recorded video of the outside of your home in HD and in color. The security light video records all day and night, so you can be sure that every movement outside of your door has been recorded.

The Smart Security Light also has a two-way intercom that allows you to speak with visitors before you let them in. the audio is clear and crisp to allow for effective communication between you and the visitors.

Other amazing features of the Smart Security Light include its continuous power, which means that you will never have to be concerned about the juice running out, and its 2-hour look back, which is a recording of 2 hours after every event. In addition, the security light comes with a siren that deters any unwanted guests.

Furthermore, the product has a weatherproof design making it ideal for all weather conditions including snow, humidity, and rain. Moreover, light controls when the security light goes on and off.

All of these features are designed to ensure the homeowner’s safety while in his home by alerting him when visitors are approaching his doorstep and deterring unwanted visitors from getting into close proximity to the homeowner’s property.

Check this video for more information on Kuna Smart Security Light:

Why Should I Choose It?

Kuna promo codeYou should choose this smart outdoor home security because its devices put your home’s security in your own hands, and you can control it using your smartphone. Thus, Kuna enables you to protect your home conveniently and all the time, even when you are not physically in the home.

Kuna Smart Security Light will alert you of all the activities happening outside your house, and you will never have to worry about the batteries dying. This means that you can protect your property all day, every day. Kuna Maximus light is wired, and uses the live power from your home, so you will never have to worry about your home being unprotected because the device has run out of batteries.

Kuna also has unparalleled features that include alerts and notifications, event detection, cloud recordings, and live video feeds in HD, all of which, are absent in traditional systems.

Another reason that you should go for Kuna is that it provides you with optional subscription plans that are affordable, unlike traditional security systems.

What is Kuna Smart Light Security Made of?

Kuna Smart Light is made of cast aluminum, which serves as the enclosure for the entire system. All of the Kuna devices, except the Toucan, also come with a frosted glass cover as well as a plastic back plate that guarantees a strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal.

How Does Kuna Smart Security Light Work?

Kuna Smart Security Light review

Kuna Smart Security Light powered devices work by detecting, alerting, and deterring possible security threats from entering your property. The device will detect an event, and record 10 seconds before an event is triggered. The device will also alert you of any happenings outside your home. You will receive the alert on your phone so that you can see what is happening and respond appropriately.

In addition, the Kuna device also comes with a two-way intercom that lets you speak to the visitor and deter or allow him to enter your home. You can set up an automated message that will be played every time someone arrives at your doorstep. The device can also send out an alarm to deter unwanted individuals, and even call the police in some instances.

What Makes Kuna Maximus Smart Security Light Different to Others?

Kuna Smart Security Light is inconspicuous and elegantly blends with the rest of the house. Burglars will be unaware of the Kuna system, which enables the security system to deter them effectively. Traditional security systems look like security cameras, and burglars can easily pick them out and destroy them, giving them ample leeway to burglarize your home.

If you are looking for an effective way of guarding your house against unwanted visitors and other security threats, then you should definitely invest in the Kuna Smart Security Light. It has numerous features that will help you keep your house safe even when you are far away. Special promotion: Buy it now and get $20 OFF with our special Kuna Smart Security Light promo code below:

Kuna Smart Security Light Coupon Code:

Kuna promo codeKuna Smart Security Light Promo Code:

Get $20 OFF on Craftsman + Companion – HD Security Camera & Smartlight at GetKuna.com. *

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