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KidGuard Review At A Glance

The presence of the cyber world is no much ignorable than the very sun rising and setting. The notion of ignoring the virtual world breeds cyber crimes. Most people in the modern times spend at least a part of their time in the net space every day and each time one is plugs in is a chance for the cyber-criminals to attack. Protecting our kids at all costs is the ultimate goal as a parent and with help of KidGuard, one can do exactly this, only in the virtual space. Below is our KidGuard review that indulges into the protection that KidGuard offers the young generation.

What is KidGuard?

KidGuard Coupon CodeKidGuard is essentially the answer to protecting your kid against any risks they could encounter on the net space. This call monitoring & child cell phone tracker software, KidGuard, allows the parent to monitor their child’s activities on their phones and internet-enabled devices. This innovation also prevents possible dangers by maintaining surveillance and notifies the parent in case of a possible threat to their young ones.

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Why We Need KidGuard?

Kids today are susceptible to dangers of the cyber crimes as much as are the adults. With cyber bullying, sex predators and stalkers the cyberspace is not a place for the less of caution. These crimes often result into depression, teen suicides and other stress-related difficulties in the child’s life. This is the reason why one needs a protective software, which allows them to keep an eye out and have your kid’s back in the virtual space. This way one can easily identify the behavior patterns of your child and even prevent them from falling into depression, which would otherwise be hard to notice.

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KidGuard Key Features:

KidGuard comes with various features that allow the parents to maintain optimum surveillance on their kid’s phones. This includes call logs and contacts feature that allows viewing the various contact on the target phone and receiving the call register of all calls made. Another is the messages feature that allows the parent to view the various messages sent received or deleted.

The App activity monitor helps the parent to keep surveillance on the various applications and notifies on their activity when used. The location feature allows the parent to maintain location point on their children each time. Finally, the social media monitoring allows the parents to keep an eye on the activity of their kids while they are on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

How to Install KidGuard?

This top ranked cell phone spy & monitoring app for parents is easily downloadable from the various application stores online. The iOS stress and Android Play store allow the customers to download the applications directly to their phones. Once they accept the privacy agreements form it allows them to install the application. For the Android phones, one needs to install the app on the target phones too. The iOS users need not install this application on both phones. The application also works on other devices like a laptop or a tablet.

How Does KidGuard Work? reviews

Once the application is set up on both the monitoring device and the target phone one needs to log into the application to access its features. This includes keying in their personal details and purchasing their premium features. The monthly price of the premium allows the customer to keep surveillance for a month with a ten-day trial period for new users. After purchasing the premium, one can access the various features of the application. This way one can choose the various application one may need to be monitored on the target device. It also allows the parent to pinpoint the GPS location of the target phone.

Here is a quick video showing how KidGuard work as well as the Situation 360 Report from the dashboard.

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KidGuard parental control software is compatible with any smartphone devices be it an iOS device or the Android phones. This allows any user to access the software on their devices stores and have them installed. KidGuard also can install on other devices including the laptops and tablets. This way the customer to have surveillance on their kid’s devices as a whole.

What Makes KidGuard Different to Other Parent Control Software?

The parental control applications available have different features and may seem endearing but very few actually perform according to their advertisement. This is not the case for Kid Guard, the application is the work of research and innovative technology to not only provide real-time protection but also prevent future risks.

This proactive nature of the application has given rise to its Situation 360 feature. This feature arranges any data on the phone including the photos, messages and any other information deemed useful and puts it into one folder, which sends to the monitoring phone. This cell phone spy application also sends the last known location and the relative locations of law enforcement agencies near that location. Concisely the application gives the parent an “SOS button” in case their child runs into trouble.

A Few KidGuard Reviews from Actual Customers:

The reviews from the satisfied customers of KidGuard prove its performance capabilities.

I worry so much less now. I am very pleased with KidGuard. Being able to keep an eye on my daughter’s interactions online is very important to me.” This is a KidGuard review by Victoria Thomas a satisfied customer.


Another customer Mark Louis says, “I have three children and I am so pleased with KidGuard services. It helps a lot to know the location of my children when they are out with friends.

Quick KidGuard.Com Reviews:

Website Layout

KidGuard Review

The KidGuard website is a simple and effective creation for any customer to visit regardless of their prowess in computer knowledge. The website also allows the customer to purchase the premiums of the application directly on the website. Most importantly the website has enough information in it to allow the client full understanding of the application’s workings.

Shopping Processing

The KidGuard website ( allows its visitors to access information on their application as well as a way of purchasing its premiums. While the application is downloadable from the various application stores one needs the premiums for the full access to the features. Prices and the purchase link on the website takes one to the purchase page where they need to key in their details and billing information.

Booking and Payments

To fully purchase, the premium one needs to key in their billing information. After keying in the information, other specifications only allow the person to better the monitoring of the target phone. The billing information includes payment options that allow for online payments. The credit cards and debit cards also serve as an option while paying for the premium.

Customer Service

The customer service at KidGuard works with one goal in mind, safety from online risks. This is why they employ researchers and technology innovators to keep track of the various upcoming risks on the cyberspace. They can, therefore, update their software to allow for a more proactive protection.

Online Support

The website is a hub of information on its various pages. Through the FAQs page, one not only gets insight on the various inquiries they may have on the application, it allows them to access information on new threats. This way the client is always up to date with the various ways to keep track of the risks and ways to cope. The website also allows the client to make contact with the personnel at Kid Guard. The online message and the email service allow the client to send their inquiries to which they get replies as promptly as possible. The website also displays links to the various social platforms through which the customer can communicate their inquiries.

KidGuard Review – Bottom Line

The world exists in a split between the virtual and the existent world with every individual accessing the virtual space at least once each day. The virtual element, however, does not exempt the virtual world from crime and risks. This dark side of the virtual world sometimes causes harm in ways of depression that is harder to treat at times than any ailment of the natural causes. The possibility that a kid can fall prey to these crimes is real and that is why every parent needs to keep monitoring their kids constantly.

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Should I Buy KidGuard?

Maximum care for the young ones now should extend to the cyberspace. This way one can prevent harm from coming to their child while they are on their phones. This protection is only possible with an application like KidGuard. The features and advantages of having this application surpass most parental control applications on the internet currently. One also gets 30% OFF and a ten-day trial period once they purchase the premium with our special KidGuard promo code below.

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