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While the mobile devices are offering constant connectivity, they can also be a way to bring cyberbullies, hackers, and internet stalkers closer. This is why most pargets and employers need to keep a constant vigil to ensure the devices are not instruments to harm the company or the children. This is why you need a monitoring application like iKeyMonitor. Read our iKeyMonitor review to know more about this top monitoring software for iPhone, iPad & Android.

iKeyMonitor Review – Does This Monitoring App for Android & iOS Really Work?

What is iKeyMonitor?

ikeymonitor promo codeiKeyMonitor is an application that allows you to monitor detailed activity on another device by bypassing the passwords. This application is a mobile tracker and you can view any information on the target device from messaging chats to call logs. iKeyMonitor is an Awosoft company development, which provides device-spying solutions for both employers and parents.

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Why You Need iKeyMonitor Monitoring App?

Security is the major concern associated with device spying applications. iKeyMonitor provides a discretion mode with which you can spy undetected. Once turned on you can block from monitoring and while turned on you can even view the device location remotely. This is a feature perfect for cases of logs of the phone. These among other features give iKeyMonitor its unique edge.

Watch this video for more information how iKeyMonitor can help you to protect your kids:

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iKeyMonitor Key Features:

  • Invisibility

iKeyMonitor allows you to spy on the target device undetected and prevents the user from uninstalling or busing it.

  • Social media Call and Messenger application monitoring

This feature provides you with all chats and call logs on the target device including email conversations.

  • Real-time screenshots

You can take current screenshots of the target phone and view them on your dashboard.

  • Remote application control

This feature allows you to remotely turn it on and off and even view the device activity anywhere. This allows you to find the device location in case of logs.

How to Install and Setup iKeyMonitor?

This spying software works on both Android and iOS devices. The process of installation on jail broken devices and the non-jail broken device is somewhat different.

  1. The first step requires you to sign up on their official website (https://ikeymonitor.com) and create your user account. The process is free and you can take advantage of the free trial option.
  2. Once you create your user account click on the download link to start the download of iKeyMonitor APK.
  3. Go to the download file destination and install the application. Follow the prompts given and activate the discretion option for anonymity.
  4. The application will require you to key in your user information to activate the application on the target device.
  5. Go to your dashboard and wait for about half an hour or less to synchronize the device information and start receiving data from the target device.

This process applies to non jail broken Android and iOS devices (iPhone & iPad).

How iKeyMonitor Works:

ikeymonitor iphone keylogger reviews

The website allows you to use the application for a limited time free of charge. To download the application you need to create an account on their website through which you can access the online cloud. The link on the online website allows you to download the application and then install it on your device. To activate your application you need to key in your user details. You can then view the information on the target device after synchronizing on less than half an hour.

Ease of Use

The design of the iKeyMonitor application suits the iOS devices more and thus it offers more restriction on these very devices. However, for the features, the application is quite efficient in providing passwords bypass and monitoring the various application on the target device. The application, however, goes as far as a parental control software and thus the parents do not have the parental control feature as in other spying applications.


iKeyMonitor tracking application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The options for the  iOS devices go both ways jailbreaking or non jailbreak (iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger). You must root your Android devices for you to install the application. The application can only accommodate one target device per account, which is one of its major restrictions.

iKeyMonitor Pricing Plans:

The subscriptions on the website vary depending on the duration they last. For smartphone devices, the subscriptions vary from one month and annual durations. The monthly subscription goes for $49.99 while the annual subscription goes for $299.88. For iKeyMonitor for Windows and Mac, the application goes for $29.99 a month. The spy app also provides you with a free trial period through which you access all the features and test the app for suitability.

A Few iKeyMonitor Reviews from Real Customer:

Here are some of real iKeyMonitor customer reviews from other sites:

… I really thank iKeyMonitor which made it easy. iKeyMonitor is a mobile spy child monitoring app. So now I can rest at ease with the knowledge of your child’s smartphone activities…” Cristy Venus from www.trustpilot.com.


… It is a very powerful, ideal and easy-to-use spy app that you can use to control your children if you’re a parent, monitor your employees if you own a company…” Gabriel Galambosi from amazon.com.

Quick iKeyMonitor.com Review:

Website Layout

ikeymonitor review

The official iKeyMonitor website (https://ikeymonitor.com) is a convenience and marketing tool in that it provides information as well as a platform to purchase their products. The website design is easy to navigate since the link and layout are straightforward. The website has a taskbar at the top and various links at the bottom, which take you to virtually any page on the website. Awosoft website though not as the most eccentric website out there, still provides ample elegance while leaving room for easy navigation and user-friendliness.

Order &Payment

For the first time users, the website provides a free trial period through which you get to use the application and access most of the features. To purchase the subscription you need to create a user account. The creations of the user account require the client to key in their personal, billing and payment methods. The website allows online payment methods like PayPal as well as debit and credit cards.

Shopping Processing

For the first time user, the website allows you to access the features of the iKeyMonitor for a free trial period. Once you choose a particular subscription, the website takes you to the purchase page. On this page, you can view the subscription description and key in your personal, billing and payment information. Once you finalize the payment and receive confirmation, you receive an activation code.

Customer Service

The Awosoft website provides at most convenience for the client in terms of information and products. The website provides ample information on the products to allow the client the best choice of products. The website also provides links to download the application and purchase the subscriptions. Additionally, the website provides new clients with the option for a free trial period of the iKeyMonitor monitoring app for parental control.

Online Support

The website provides a direct mail option for the client to have their queries answered directly to their email. The website also provides links to the various social platforms through which the client can view the various updates on the application. The Blog and FAQs page allows you more information on the application and other Awosoft products.

iKeyMonitor Review – Bottom Line

What We Like About iKeyMonitor:

  • The invisibility feature allows the application to operate undetected on the target device.
  • The application allows you to take regular screenshots of the target device.
  • Keylogger features allow you to view all passwords entered on the target device.
  • The application comes with Social media, calls, and messaging applications monitoring.

What We Don’t Like About iKeyMonitor:

  • Both iOS and Android phones require jail-breaking (rooting) before you can access more features.
  • You cannot block anything on the target device.

Should I Buy iKeyMonitor Monitoring App?

IKeyMonitor monitoring software is quite proficient in it functions as a spying tool. The features it packs provide you to at most convenience while spying on any mobile device. Though it does not provide the parent or guardian with blocking features like a few of the top keyloggers, it makes up in the features it does have. The application comes with other feature that allows remote device tracking even when the device is offline. These among others give Awosoft’s iKeyMonitor its edge.

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How to Order at iKeyMonitor?

Once you choose your preferred subscription, the “Add to Cart” allow you to access the purchase page. The website purchase page requires the client to key in their billing, payment, and personal information in order to authorize the payment. Once you finalize this process, you create an account and authorize the purchase of the subscription. The website provides new clients with a free trial period and a special iKeyMonitor coupon code get up to 50% discount at checkout.

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