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Presently, iKeyMonitor & EaseMon products are available for sale with a special discount of 50%. The get the discount, select any iKeyMonitor or EaseMon plans of your choice and click on our special iKeyMonitor coupon code to buy the spying solution for a low price.

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iKeyMonitor coupon

iKeyMonitor & EaseMon Special Deal:

Save up to 50% OFF on iKeyMonitor & EaseMon yearly plans at ikeymonitor.com.

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To redeem iKeyMonitor coupon code, you only need to choose a suitable version and click on the link to redeem the discount automatically.

All About iKeyMonitor.com

The usage of smart phones in increased drastically and there are many advantages of using smart phone with more disadvantages. Any advanced technology that is used properly is not going to be a problem but the improper usage leads to many problems. This has been the main concern for the parents and the employers. Parents are much worried about the activities of their children on the smart phone and computer and the employers are seeking some solution to track the activities of the employees on the business phone provided by the company for business purposes.

The companies offer a decent range smart phone so that the employees can send reports from the phone check email instantly and get all the notifications from the employer immediately on their phone. Parents are worried that their children are connected to the smart phone always as they browse online sites; and many chances are there for sending and receiving in appropriate contents.

The one of the best way to solve this problem is to use monitoring software that is used on the target phone to monitor every single activity on their phone. Use iKey monitor software to track the target phone easily without hassles. This software is one of the best monitoring software to track all the activities happening on smart phones. Many concerned people use this software and they could monitor all the activities easily and they take necessary steps to control their children from inappropriate activities that affect their life.

Who are They?

iKeyMonitor couponThey are the developer of the best software for the monitoring the activities of the children or the loved person on their smart phones. As soon as there is increase in the usage of smart phones the chances for sending and receiving offensive contents, sexual explicit contents, and some other illegal and inappropriate pictures have been increased. This spoils their life as they get diverted in to this from the studies and their career. Already large number of teens and youngsters are addicted to pornography so if they use smart phones then it will be much easier for them to download and send porn pictures and videos to others. In such case the iKey monitor software can be the best solution to monitor youngsters, teens and the students. It will monitor iPhone and the android devices effectively and no need to worry about password protected mobiles and devices.

Check this video for more information on what iKeyMonitor can help you:

Awosoft is the one of the major software company which released this software in the year 2005. Ever since the software is released it has been famous because it has been beneficial to many parents and employers till date. This company is famous for providing parental control and spy software for PC and smart phone. Large number of customers uses this software as they get more features than other software of same category.

Awards and Recognitions

The company has received many awards and recognitions for their quality software products which is easy to use with more features.

What Services do They Provide at iKeyMonitor.com?

The service includes a long list because the software in useful to track SMS, call log, Email activities, multimedia activities like sharing and receiving images and videos, browsing history, apps used in the smart phone, instant messaging applications, Whatsapp and Facebook activities and all other activities done on the phone. The best advantage of using this software is that the key strokes are recorded on the target phone and moreover the software works in the stealth mode. Once the activities are recorded it will be sent to the email of the concerned person or the concerned person can view all the activities on the online account using provided credentials.

The software will even record deleted SMS, emails and every other message from instant messaging applications and social media applications. You can also track the location of the person through GPS. Actually there are many products available in the brand iKeyMonitor and some of them are given in the following.

  1. iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy Keylogger:

    It is an effective mobile spy application which can be used to monitor all the activities of the targeted person in his or her smartphone. This application will be working in the hidden mode therefore the targeted person will not know about the presence of this software. The users can find plenty of options to track each and everything that the person does.

  2. Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger:

    This is spy software which is especially designed to monitor the computers which are having Mac operating system. The software has the essential features to keep watching the things which are happening in the computer and the reports will be sent to the user.

  3. Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac:

    This is an effective choice for monitoring the employee’s activities in the working place. The employer can install this software in the employee’s system so that they are able to track the persons who are doing some other things instead of working.

Do They Good Products?

Yes, the products from iKeyMonitor are very effective. Since they are included with all the essential features the users will have no trouble in monitoring the targeted person. They can easily track everything and get to know the unwanted things that the person is doing.

Why Should We Choose iKeyMonitor?

Because they provide the software for affordable price and they allow offer on the purchase you make. The main reason for buying from them is to receive seamless technical support.

This is the one of the best of its kind and reliable monitor software that can be useful for parents and employers. Use special iKeyMonitor coupon code to grab price discount on your purchase.

Best iKeyMonitor Promo Code:

iKeyMonitor coupon

iKeyMonitor & EaseMon Special Deal:

Save up to 50% OFF on iKeyMonitor & EaseMon yearly plans at ikeymonitor.com.

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