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Hubstaff Review – The Powerful Time Tracking Software with Screenshots & Employee Monitoring

It is quite a conundrum the employers face while trying to gauge the employee productivity with their pay. Keeping track of every employee’s productivity and periods is a bit out of the scope even form the most effective employer. This is what brings out the need for a tool to monitor the employees’ productivity depending on their time schedules. Hubstaff is the time tracking tool in the market that deservedly boasts of its effectiveness in keeping track of an employee’s productivity. In this Hubstaff review, we will find more information about this work tracking software.

What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff coupon codeHubstaff is a time tracking and staff monitoring software that allows employers to keep track of employee productivity depending on how much time they spend on projects. While the internet provides a myriad of applications that come with the time tracking feature most are only a part of the whole application. Hubstaff, however, is primarily a time tracking tool, which comes with additional features.

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Why Should We Need Hubstaff?

Many tracking tools suit the employer, however, Hubstaff is more diverse to accommodate more. Hubstaff work best for SMBs, employers, employees, freelancer among others. The myriad of features allows the user to keep track of their productivity or that of their subordinates. Additionally, the Hubstaff tool provides a payment invoice option, which makes the payment process easier for employers. Hubstaff is also compatible with the majority of the computer OS in the market. These include Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and mobile operating systems like Android.

Hubstaff Key Features:

Main Hubstaff features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Monitoring the activity levels
  • Consistent screenshots of the target computer for pictorial evidence
  • Automatic payroll schedules
  • Mobile tracking
  • Advanced reporting

How Does Hubstaff Work?

Once the user chooses a project and runs Hubstaff the tool calculates personal or team activity rates. The tool calculates the user activity in ten minutes segment depending on higher mouse and keyboard use. Mouse and keystrokes count as an activity while no mouse or keyboard use count for no activity. After adding up the numbers of activity or inactivity in ten-minute segments, the tool then calculates the percentage. Additionally, this working tracking software takes screenshots to ensure the activity on the computer actually relates to the project.

For more information please watch this video to know how Hubstaff works in real life:

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Ease of Use

For starts, the Hubstaff staff tracking software is compatible with a majority of the operating systems in the market both for PC and for smartphones. This means that everyone using Mac, Linux, and Windows can use the tool. Additionally, Android and iOS smartphones can use the Hubstaff time tracking app. Once the user chooses a project and starts the Hubstaff tool it automatically provides you with the activity log and hourly screenshots. The comprehensive activity monitoring on the Hubstaff is quite basic thus, you do not have to worry about the too advanced features.

For more information please watch this video for quick start how to setup and use Hubstaff time tracker software:

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Hubstaff Pricing & Plans:

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The Solo Lite subscription plan provides activity monitoring and a limited capacity of screenshots for only one user. This plan is free thus, the user can subscribe for personal use. The Basic subscription plan takes the notch a bit higher with a one to fifty user capacity for five dollars a month. This plan allows you time tracking, screenshots, and keystrokes activity monitoring. Additionally, this plan also provides 24/7 customer support and employee payment option.

For $9, you get to enjoy the Premium plan, which includes all the Basic plan features and more. You can make employee invoice and allows payment money services like PayPal. It also comes with a secondary app for location monitoring.

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Does Hubstaff record keystrokes?

Hubstaff only monitors whether a key was pressed or not without actually recording the specific key. The keystroke activity allows the tool to calculate the activity percentages.

Which Operating systems is Hubstaff compatible with?

The Hubstaff tool is compatible with the various OS in the market for both PCs and smartphones. For PCs, the tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple computers, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, Hubstaff time tracker is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphone, which allows it to use the GPS tracking feature.

 Are there limits on the number of member or projects I can track?

The limit to the number of members and projects only adheres to the subscription plan. However, the Hub staff tool can scale up to the highest numbers depending on your organization. The tool allows as many projects as you fancy without restriction due to the subscription plan.

Where will my screenshots be stored?

Al screenshots upload directly to the Amazon S3 service unless the internet connection is not strong enough. In that, the screenshots remain on the local computer storage until the sure connects to the internet.

Can I delete screenshots?

The organization owner or manager can delete the work screenshots as they wish The user can also delete activity which includes the screenshots and times but not the individual screens.

A Few Hubstaff Reviews from Real Customer:

Here are some of real Hubstaff customer reviews from other sites:

Easy operation, flexible setup, convenient tariffs, and a good application. The big advantage is the integration with most services…” Konstantin Peshkov from


I recommend this software all the time. It makes it so easy for me to keep track of my work and plan invoicing…” a verified reviewer from


…This program has benefited me a lot because I have managed to successfully control my staff and have led to a better organization within my company…” Ashley A. from


Here is another Hubstaff review from a customer that save him more than $22,000/year using Hubstaff:

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Quick Reviews:

Website Layout reviews

The Hubstaff website is quite a design feat with its simple overall look and elegant layout. When you visit the Hubstaff website, the first thing that takes you is the colorful and simple layout. The website emphasizes every detail in color thus making the experience lively. The website, however, does not lose the user-friendly aspect with its links and layout. This way, even the novice internet surfer will have a simple time navigating the various website pages.

Shopping Processing

On the website through the user bar at top of every page, you can access the various pages. One of these pages is the subscription plans and pricing. The website though simple provides enough information about their products without causing too much clutter or visual overload. The various plans for the Hubstaff time tracker include Solo lithe, Basic and Premium each with different pricing. Information on the specific features of the subscriptions is available on the website.

Order and Payment

The visitor can purchase the various plans directly from the website. The plan descriptions and pricing for the subscription plans are accessible on the website. Once the client chooses their preferred plan, they can proceed to purchase it by clicking on the purchase button. For the first time, visitors to the website display a “Start free trial” button. Once you click on this button, you can then proceed to create your user account. This process requires you to provide you information as well as payment details. The payment options for the Hubstaff official website allows for online means like PayPal as well as credit and debit cards.

Customer Support

The website provides tons of information on the Hubstaff time tracking tool and its various features. Directly on the website’s homepage, the client can view the various features and benefits of using Hubstaff. Additionally the website as a FAQs page, which provides detailed answers to the most prevalent questions. The client can also access the Hubstaff personnel after purchasing a subscription plan to take them through the various features.

Technical Support

As stated earlier the website is quite eloquent concerning the Hubstaff tool and its various features. Among the information on the website are ways contact its personnel in case of an emergency. Once you subscribe to a plan on the website, you can then view all these features and contact the Hubstaff care desk in case of an emergency or inquiry. The contact information on the website includes a hotline, email address and a direct mail option.

Hubstaff Review – Bottom Line

What We Like About Hubstaff:

  • Superb time tracking features like screenshots, keystroke, and mouse movement monitoring.
  • Activity logs for percentage monitoring
  • Easy to make time schedules for your employees
  • Easy to make employees payments depending on their activity logs

What We Don’t Like About Hubstaff:

  • The application does not have advanced tracking features
  • You need a separate application for stopwatch feature
  • The application does not have IP address restrictions

No matter the means one uses to measure, the productivity of individuals they always come up sort since everyone is different. Therefore, all you can do is provide the most relatable way to measure productivity for a majority of the individuals. Among the best time tracking tools in the market is Hubstaff, which measures productivity depending on the activity rate of the individual. Its user-friendly aspects and additional features make it a favorite for many people.

Should I Buy Hubstaff?

The Hubstaff tool provides time tracking features among other convenient features like automatic payroll. This relieves the employer of a lot of pressure in keeping track of their employees and the payments plans. While doing this the tool still stays away from the more advanced feature of time tracking. This reduces the chances of confusion while using the application. Hubstaff is, therefore, the perfect tool when looking for a simple and effective time tracking tool for your business or personal use.

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How to Order At Hubstaff.Com?

You can view the various subscription plans on the website through the pricing link on the user bar at the top of the website page. The subscription plans include Solo Lite, Basic and Premium. For a new subscriber, the website provides the free trial option for fourteen days. However, to start your subscription, the website requires you to key in your user details. This includes user information like email and passwords as well as payment and billing information. For Basic and Premium plans, once your finalize your account creation and key in your payment options, you authorize the payment for the plan for a duration of one month. Please remember to check our special Hubstaff  discount coupons below to save your money at checkout.

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