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Hoverwatch Keylogger Review – The #1 Keylogger for Android, Windows & Mac

The darker side of the internet crawls with hackers, stalkers, cyber bullies, and many more. Any parent or guardian is naturally inclined to protect their youngsters from these dangers. Using Hoverwatch Keylogger helps you to monitor your child or employees from accessing or risking exposure to the dangers of the cyberspace. Read our Hoverwatch Keylogger review to know more about this top free cell phone tracker and keylogger for Windows, Mac & Android.

What is Hoverwatch Keylogger?

Hoverwatch keylogger reviewThe Hoverwatch Keylogger is an application that monitors the keystrokes pressed on a target device. The application includes additional features, which aid in better device spying. The application has geo-location, keylogger, and social media monitoring has some of its features. The market has no mean supply of spyware and keylogger application but these do not match up in features and convenience.

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Why You Need Hoverwatch Keylogger?

The access to computers and mobile devices is quite unrestricted in the recent times. Both young and old can easily access even the darkest recesses of the internet with the correct information and links. The children on the internet may face exposure to dangerous material and individuals. Similarly, at the workspace, employees may access the internet pages, which may open dangers to the business information. The need for keyloggers is essentially to monitor and if necessary regulate the information accessed on the target device.

Key Features:

  • Monitors the keystrokes on the target device. It also monitors all key codes keyed on the mobile and computer.
  • Social media monitoring. The application monitors all activity on the social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, among others.
  • Geo-location. This feature works on mobile devices allows the user to track the GPS coordinates of the target device at any time.
  • Call and messages tracking. This feature tracks all calls and message history on the target device even after deletion.

How to Install Hoverwatch Keylogger?

Hoverwatch Keylogger is compatible with Android, Windows, and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad & Mac). The majority of the devices need remote installation on the monitoring device and target device. For Android operating systems, below is the installation process.

  1. Click Here to visit the Hoverwatch website and create a user account using your email.
  2. Enable the installation of APK files from unknown sources on the device.
  3. Visit the Hoverwatch website and click on the download option.
  4. Once the APK file is on the device initiate the installation process on the device.
  5. After installing the Hoverwatch Android keylogger choose when you wish to monitor and activate the anonymity option.
  6. Use your account details to activate the application.
  7. On activation, you can log on to your dashboard and commence the monitoring of the target device.

Check this clip below to know to install Hoverwatch for Android on cell phone:

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How Hoverwatch Keylogger Works:

After downloading the Hoverwatch APK and installing the application, you need to activate the anonymity option. This allows the application to work in the background of the target device undetected. On successful installation, log on to your user dashboard which only takes a short while before updating information from the target device. Every time the device is online the dashboard receives a notification in real-time.

Easy of Use

The installation process of the application on the target device is quite simple once you have access. Once the application’s installation is successful, you can easily view activity on the target device from the dashboard. The dashboard is quite convenient since you can access it for the Hoverwatch website on any device. The notifications on the dashboard appear on your email if you so wish


The Hoverwatch Keylogger is compatible with Android, Windows, and Apple devices. The compatibility for Android OS is from the version 4.0 to the latest. The windows versions compatible with Hoverwatch include 7.0 to the lathes t version. HoverWatch is also compatible with Mac and iOS operating systems. On the Hoverwatch website, you can view all new updates of the application or alternatively you can access the online blog.

Hoverwatch Keylogger Prices & Plans:

Depending on your preference, the application subscription comes in three different types. The personal subscription goes for an $8.33 and monitors one target device. The prices go for $49.95 for three months and $99.95 for twelve months. The family subscription option allows you to monitor five devices at $3.33. Finally, the business subscription option covers twenty-five devices at $1.67 a month for every device. Please check our special Hoverwatch keylogger coupon code here!

Order & Payment

HoverWatch review

On the Hoverwatch website (https://hoverwatch.com/), you can access all the subscription purchase links. The website also allows you to create a user account through which you can access the dashboard and buy the subscriptions. Once you click on the “pricing” link on the menu bar, you can view the whole catalog of subscription plans. The “Buy now” link below the subscription will allow you to access the checkout page.

Shopping Processing

The once you choose a particular subscription plan you can go to the checkout page. On the checkout page, you key in your payments and billing information. To finalize the payments you need to create an account if you are a first time visitor. Once you finalize the payment details and confirm the purchase, you automatically authorize the payment of the subscription for the duration indicated. The subscription runs for a whole mot duration and you can choose three or twelve-month options.

Customer Service

The website provides adequate information on the workings of the Hoverwatch Keylogger. Additionally, the website allows you to create a user account free with whose details you can activate the application. You can also download the application’s APK and subscription plans directly from the hoverwatch website.

Online Support

Among the information provides on the website majority allows you to easily use the application. On the Hoverwatch website, you can access the FAQs page, which provides detailed answers to common queries on the application and subscription payments. The website also provides links to the various social platforms of the Hover Watch company. Using the website and their blog the client an easily keep up to date with the various updates made on the application.

Hoverwatch Keylogger Review – Bottom Line

What We Like about Hoverwatch Keylogger:

  • The application is invisible. This is the most important aspect of a spyware application since it determines its effectiveness. The invisibility features allow you anonymity and prevent its deletion.
  • View the browser history. On the dashboard of Hoverwatch application, you can view the entire browser history even after deletion from the target computer.
  • Regular screenshots. The application takes screenshots of the desktop and sends it to your dashboard.
  • Social media monitoring. The keylogger software keeps track of all activity on the social media platforms including all media texts and online chats. You can view the activity on your Hoverwatch dashboard.

What We Don’t Like about Hoverwatch Keylogger:

The major drawback of the Hoverwatch Keylogger is the need for manual installation in the target device. This may pose a problem since the whole point of a device spyware is anonymity.

Should I Buy Hoverwatch Keylogger?

Finding the perfect device monitoring application in the market is almost impossible if you do not know what to look for. Some applications on the internet actually pose more risks to the devices users have they open them to third party spying. With the Hoverwatch expertise, however, you get the worth for your money. Having Hoverwatch Keylogger has your monitoring application is a sure way of keeping safe and anonymous while doing device spy.

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How to Order Hoverwatch Keylogger?

The website allows you to create a user account and download the application’s APK directly. The user account details allow you to activate the application once you install it on the target device. The subscriptions allow you to access the dashboard. The “price” link on the menu bar at the top of the webpage give s you access to the catalog of subscription plans and their purchase links. Once you key in your payment and billing details you authorize the payment of the subscription plan for the stipulated period.

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