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Highster Mobile Pro Review At a Glance

Cell phone spying software is an application that allows users to keep a track of an iPhone or Android phone within certain boundaries. Highster Mobile Pro comes with advanced spying features that enable users to monitor anyone’s cellular activities discreetly. With the help of this phone spy software, a user would be able to monitor the communication logs and internet based activity of an individual reliably. In this Highster Mobile Pro review, we’ll examine their parental and employee monitoring software in detail.

What is Highster Mobile Pro?

Highster Mobile coupon codeHighster Mobile Pro is a software application that is designed to monitor the mobile phone activities of an individual with ease. It is a recent and very well organized application that is very useful for parents and employers to keep an eye on children and workforce respectively. This parental and employee monitoring software is actually designed in order to provide safety for families, businesses and other institutions.

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Pros and Cons of Highster Mobile Pro:

What We Like about Highster Mobile Pro:

  1. Purchase
    It is secure, fast and easy to buy Highster Mobile, as a person can visit the official website and place the order within minutes. You may purchase it at anytime from any part of the world by going to: http://www.highstermobile.com/
    Highster mobile is easy and simple to download, as a prospective buyer can easily access the download link available in the confirmation email after purchase and follow the instructions from his iPhone to complete the installation process.
  2. Install
    It is easy to install this application as all you are required to do is to click the button labeled as ‘Next’. For your convenience, there are instructions provided at every step by the installation wizard. This application requires little space and little time for installation.

What We Don’t Like About Highster Mobile:

  1. Customer Support
    The customer support could have been better, as there is no chat service available yet.

Why Should I Need Highster Mobile Pro?

Highster Mobile pro reviewIt is very useful software for child protection as parents can keep an eye on their children using the Highster Mobile Pro edition. On the other hand, adults can take the benefit of looking after their aging parents in case they have to get out of the house for a reason. Moreover, the business owner can keep the track of business phones and computers so that there is no chance of theft. These are some basic and important benefits of the Highster Mobile software.

Key Features:

Some of the key features of Highster Mobile are as follows:

  • GPS Tracker
  • Message Logs
  • View E-mails
  • Browsing History logs
  • Call logs
  • Lock Target Phone
  • Live Control Panel
  • View Contacts and Notes
  • Check Photos
  • Monitor Internet-based Messengers Chats
  • View Social Networking Websites Activities
  • Stealth Camera

How to Install Highster Mobile on Target Phone?

Highster Mobile is one of the most reliable mobile phone spying software around that comes with outstanding spying features, ideal for spying on the mobile phone activities of children and employees. It is compatible with most smartphone operating systems and can be installed on a mobile device within a few minutes. However, there are a some important details that you should know before installing this software, such as:

Can I install it remotely?

No, you cannot install Highster mobile on the targeted phone remotely, as physical access of the targeted phone while browsing the download link is required to download and install the software.

How many mobile devices can I monitor with Highster Mobile?

When you purchase Highster Mobile, you receive an active license key which allows you to monitor one mobile device. For monitoring multiple mobile devices, separate license keys are necessary, which means you would have to buy additional license keys independently for each mobile device.

Is it completely hidden?

Yes, it is completely hidden, as it secretly monitors the mobile phone activities of the monitored individual and does not show any signs of its presence on the mobile device being monitored.

How much time does the installation process of Highster Mobile take?

The installation process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, however, the downloading process may take a little more time depending on the download speed of the internet connection.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download and Install Highster Mobile Pro:


The software is compatible with all Android and Apple mobile devices, however, Apple devices must be jail-broken in order to install Highster Mobile. Also, for monitoring internet based messengers on Android devices, it is necessary to root the targeted Android device. Currently, Highster Mobile does not support Blackberry and Symbian phones, it is expected that this cell phone monitoring software will be available for the above mentioned mobile phones in the near future.

Installation & Setup

Downloading and installing Highster Mobile is really easy and takes a few minutes to complete. A prospective buyer needs to follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the installation process:

  1. In order to buy Highster Mobile, a prospective buyer needs to visit “http://www.highstermobile.com/” and click on the “BUY NOW” tab to move to the next page
  2. The new web page will show the various details about the software, such as tag price, features and compatible platforms. The buyer should click on the “BUY AND DOWNLOAD” tab to purchase the software.
  3. For payment, the user will have to provide the billing details and agree to the terms and conditions to place the order.
  4. After confirmation of order, the buyer will receive a welcome email in which the download link will be present. The buyer just needs to open the provided download link through the targeted device to download Highster Mobile software.
  5. Once the download process is complete, the user just needs to open the setup file to start the installation process and then follow the installation wizard’s instructions to complete the setup process.
  6. After installation, the user will also have to provide the license key that was provided to him in the welcome email to activate the product.
  7. As soon as Highster Mobile gets activated, it will start monitoring the targeted device automatically and start sending the logs to the online account of the user.
  8. The user can easily access his secure online account by providing his username and password provided in the confirmation email to remotely monitor the targeted device.

Watch this video to know how Highster Mobile Pro works:

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Highster Mobile supports all iOS & Android devices, however, it is necessary to jailbreak the targeted Apple device to install this phone spy software.

Ease of Use

Users can easily monitor any Apple device by logging into their online account and use the user-friendly dashboard to view the communication logs of the monitored device.

A Few Highster Mobile Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some of real Highster Mobile customer reviews from review sites:

Everything was fast and easy. The download took only a few minutes to do. After that the have gathered data from the target phone very quickly. I really liked the user control panel and how it was laid out…” from pissedconsumer.com

It is obvious that Highster Mobile software has many good features and provides excellent monitoring…” from cellspyapps.org

Quick Highster Mobile.com Reviews

Website Layout:

Highster Mobile review

Their official website http://www.highstermobile.com/ is made quite user friendly with all the useful pages like Home, How It Works, iPhone, Android, Blog, Features, Support and “Buy Now” button at the top while FAQs, Support and other useful links at the bottom. The Highster Mobile website is designed in a way that you can easily go to your desired material within a few seconds.

Shopping Processing & Payment

At Highstermobile.com, choose the OS that your target device that you like to monitor. Proceed to checkout and enter your information, shipping address and other details.

Any person may install the Highster Mobile free trial version or could purchase the application by making payment through the following payment methods:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Visa Debit / Delta
  • Bank
  • JCB
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

Help and Support

The customer support of Highster Mobile is quite good, any person can contact the support team by visiting the official website and clicking on the “SUPPORT” tab.

How to Buy Highster Mobile Pro?

Visit “http://www.highstermobile.com/” and follow the instructions provided in the “Installation and Setup” section to buy Highster Mobile for your phone.

Highster Mobile Pro Review – Final Thoughts

All things considered, Highster Mobile Pro is the most advanced spying application that comes with superb surveillance features which make spying on an individual easier. With advanced features, easy to use control panel and reasonable price; this cell phone spying app is certainly the best spying solution available on the internet.

Currently, Highster Mobile Pro can be bought for a special discount. Just choose your target mobile phone and click on our Highster Mobile coupon code while checking out to take advantage of this wonderful offer.

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