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Now, you can purchase NEW Furbo dog camera for a special discount. To take advantage of this amazing offer, please use our special Furbo discount code below, as you check out of this website and get this top-quality camera for dogs at a discounted price. Here are all the latest Furbo coupon codes, promo codes and special deals:

Best Furbo Discount Code:

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

How to Redeem Furbo Discount Code?

Furbo discount code

Redeeming the Furbo discount is very simple. The buyer only need to enter our Furbo coupon code to take advantage of the discount at checkout.

Furbo Dog Camera Review – The #1 Best Selling Dog Camera

The worst part of the office is that you cannot take your dog to the job. But, leaving the dog behind is always risky. Your pet is involved in number of activities when you are not around. Seeing what your dog is doing provides relief to the owner. The advancement in the field of camera has introduced many reforms, and now you can see what your dog is up to from your cellphone. In this Furbo Camera Review, you will learn more.

What is Furbo Dog Camera?

Furbo dog camera coupon

Furbo Dog Camera is a special accessory for the pet parents and allows them to see what their dogs are doing when they are not home. Not only that, it even lets them toss treat by using their smartphones when they are many miles away. It has started as an Indiegogo project and became a great success by raising more than 900% of its initial funding.

Visit Site: www.furbo.com

Key Features

The key features of the Furbo Dog Camera are as follow:

  • Camera: Located near the head of the product, it gives the high definition video with 1080p resolution. Their camera features 4x zoom with 160° wide-angle. This camera doesn’t only allow you to see your dog in HD in the day-time but at night as well. It has an infrared LED night vision that lets you monitor your pet in the extremely low light.
  • Treat Tosser: It is really a treat tosser; that means it doesn’t drop the treat in the bowl but toss it in the air. With this feature, you can play with your dog even when far away. It can hold 100 pieces of rounder treat at a time.
  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone: You can talk to your dog and listen to it. It provides two-way communication and features noise and echo suppression.
  • Bark Alerts: Dogs bark when there’s something important happening in the surrounding. When your dog barks, you get the alert so you can check on things.
  • Treat Calling: With this feature, you can record your own voice and call for your dog when it’s a treat time. You can play it when you are away and let your dog enjoy the treats.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app that connects your phone to your camera is quite easy to use. Its user interface is very simple. Four buttons are provided; one of the camera, second of the microphone, third to toss the treat and fourth of the settings.
  • Sharing: With the camera button, you can take the photo or record a video from the live streaming you are seeing. You can then share it with your family friends on Facebook, LINE or Whatsapp. Other than these, options of email and SMS are also provided.

Why You Should Need Furbo Dog Camera?

Well, you would need Furbo Dog Camera when you really care for your pet. You could use any generic camera, but it won’t allow you to have two-way communication with your dog. This device is made using the help of dog trainers. It is specific in its work.

You need it if your dog is home alone. When you go to the office, there should be someone to keep an eye on your dog and Furbo does that for you. It is created with care and love. Furbo Dog Camera lets you train your dog even when you are not physically around.

How to Install and Setup Furbo Dog Camera?

furbo dog camera review

It is very easy to work with Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo allows you to link only two email accounts and passwords only when you want to share the information with others. But for your own privacy protection, it is recommended to connect only one email account with Furbo. It doesn’t require any batteries. A USB cable and a standard power adapter are provided with the device; they are compatible with the power outlets so that you never run out of battery.

Download the Furbo mobile app and connect it to your device. Furbo becomes controllable from your phone after that. Command the device as you like to start monitoring your dog. Check this video for more information on how to setup Furbo Dog Camera with in a minute:

Best Furbo Coupon Code:

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

How Furbo Dog Camera Works:

Furbo Dog Camera uses WiFi connection to upload the captured video. At least 0.8 Mbps (0.1 MB/s) of Wi-Fi connectivity is needed to run the connection smoothly. This camera lets you see your dog at home. You can even toss treats by taping one button on their mobile app. This device turned off when you come back home on its own by detecting your phone’s Bluetooth. With this feature, your privacy is not compromised.

Check this video to know how to have fun with your dog using Furbo interactive dog camera:

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What is the main difference between Petzi vs. Petcube vs. Furbo?

Like Furbo Dog Camera, Petzi and Petcube are also available at the almost same price range with similar features. Unlike its competitors, camera quality of Furbo Dog Camera is pretty better than others and the connectivity is fast. Also, it has a greater capacity to hold the treats up to 100 at a time.

A Few Furbo Reviews from Real Customer:

Here are some of real Furbo customer reviews from other sites:

Best pet related purchase I’ve made!!! Furbo sends your phone alerts when your dog is barking or when their are loud noises in your house- i.e. when your CO detector is going off! Saved my dog’s life!..” Gretchen P. from amazon.com.


The Furbo packs great video quality and treat dispensing into an attractive pet-monitoring gadget…” Richard Easton from www.trustedreviews.com.

Quick furbo.com Reviews:

Here are some quick Furbo Dog Camera reviews that will help you to know more about them.

Website Layout

furbo.com reviews

Their Furbo official site (https://shopus.furbo.com/) is a very cool website dedicated solely to the shopping of Furbo Dog Camera. The menu bar has the options: Smart Dog Alerts, Product, Why Furbo?Support, Reviews, and Blog. On the top right corner of the website, there’s a “Buy Now” button. You can buy the product directly from there.

Shopping Processing

The Shopping processing takes less than three days. After you book your order, you can get the Furbo in two days as they offer free two-day US shipping. But, if you are located outside the US, you can check their international channels. The shopping processing time varies from country to country.

Order & Payment

Click on the “Buy Now” button to add the product to your cart. Click on the “Checkout” to further proceed your shopping. Enter customer information, shipping address and payment information. They have diverse payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Pay. You can select the one that you find most appropriate.

Customer Service

The customer service team of Furbo is available from Mondays to Sunday between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time, that means you can contact them on whatever day you like. They are only available through online support. No phone care is provided.

Online Support

You can contact Furbo’s team in their customer service hours. You can chat with them on Facebook. Their email address is support@furbo.com, you can send your queries there. You can also click on the messenger button present on their website to initiate chatting. You will get your answer as soon as possible.

Furbo Review – Bottom Line

Furbo Dog Camera is the best way to keep an eye on your dog’s activities when you are away from your home. The device quality is great and it can withstand the power of almost every dog. It allows you to toss a treat and talk to your dog from great distance.

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Where to Buy Furbo Camera Dog?

You can buy it from their official website if you are a US resident. It is offered at the wonderful price of $249.00. You can reduce this amount even further by 35% if you use our Furbo discount code at the checkout.

New Furbo Promo Code:

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

$65 OFF Furbo Dog Camera Discount Code

Save $50 on Furbo Dog Camera. Now only $199 (reg.$249) + $15 OFF Furbo discount code and FREE shipping at furbo.com.

(Furbo Discount Code & Review)

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