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This is an article that provides readers with a comprehensive review of the course, DayTraderPro. The article will provide insights into what the course is, what it entails, why consumers need it, the individual credited with the creation of the course, the course’s benefits, pricing and plans, as well as what makes it different to other trading courses available in the market. This DayTraderPro review will also conclude by providing an overview of the company’s website to aid in enhanced navigation by visitors to this site.

What is DayTraderPro?

DayTraderPro coupon codeThe DayTraderPro is a platform that offers day trading learners the opportunity to be mentored by expert day traders live.

The platform provides a live trading room whereby learners can participate in real time trading under the mentorship of the pros. The professionals also provide a step by step breakdown of their own trades, providing the learners with key insight into how to use logical technical analysis in predicting trends within the market.

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Why We Need to Enroll DayTrader Pro Academy?

We need to enroll DayTraderPro because it allows us to learn how to make profitable daily trades using key insights from professional day traders. Customers will get to learn the strategies that the pros use in order to become a successful trader. The pros will walk the customers through live trades to give the learner a better understanding of the strategies being utilized.

Who Has Created This Course?

Guy Gentile, a veteran trader has created the online, live trading courses that are the basis of the DayTraderPro platform. Gentile has over 20 years experience in this field, and has been able to qualify for a number of trading licenses issued by the Chicago Board Stock Exchange.

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What does the DayTraderPro Course Cover?

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Pro tips to becoming a profitable trader
  • Basics of different trade strategies
  • Importance of research
  • Day trading basics
  • Spotting big sellers
  • How to analyse, interpret, and predict trending stocks
  • Different types of trade set-ups
  • Live trading lessons

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Benefits from DayTraderPro Trading Fundamentals Course:

The DayTraderPro Fundamentals Course is beneficial as it provides the learner with a comprehensive breakdown of all the technical analysis and basics involved in day trading.

Learners will also receive trading resources at no cost after registering for the course. These resources include items such as a 3-month full and free access to the DayTraderPro live trade platform, 30 days guaranteed free access to a simulated DAS.Inc trading platform, study materials, and discounts on merchandise from the DayTraderPro online store.

Other benefits include live daily results that are consistent. You get to watch the pros make real time trades thanks to the platform’s screen sharing feature. You will also receive first hand, real time insights into their unique day trading methods and strategies.

The chat room allows you the opportunity to learn and understand the trading charts as a pro is there to explain everything.

All of the mentors have more than 10 years experience in day trading, and will be able to share with you unique industry insights that you cannot find anywhere else.

Pricing and Plans

With Day Pass pricing, you will pay $35 daily. This plan sends you mobile alerts on real time entry and exit price calls. You will also be able to interact with pro traders on the platform.

Per month pricing costs $199 monthly with similar perks to the daily offering. The 3 months package goes for $537, while the bi-annual price is $1015.

The annual subscription will cost customers $1910.

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What Makes DayTraderPro Trading Fundamentals Course different to other Trading Courses?

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One of the major ways that DayTraderPro heavily stands out from other trading courses in the market is that it utilizes real time market trading as a learning tool. Other courses rely on simulations to teach students, and this method has proved ineffective time and time again.

Utilizing real time market scenarios give the students clearer insights into the unpredictable nature of the stock market, and how best to make trades even under those unpredictable conditions. This method of teaching also helps students understand how to make logical decisions, and how to calmly execute trades regardless of the pressure one faces when trading in the market.

The course also comes with a lot of essential freebies that make the learning process much easier including free access to a premier day trading simulation platform, and the DayTraderPro live chat room.

The course is the most comprehensive in the market offering more than 100 hours of real time trading, as well as more than 8 hours of video tutorials.

Quick Reviews

The following section covers the features of the website to make navigation easier for visitors to the website, whether new or returning.

Website Layout

DayTraderPro review

Their official website layout ( is simple and eye catching. The simplicity of the website makes it easy to navigate for both new and returning visitors. It also makes it easy to interact with the various elements of the website.

The homepage provides visitors with all the basic information they may require about the company’s main offering. This includes the benefits of the product, links to signing up, its features, as well as honest customer testimonials. The links to the different pricing plans for the product can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Order and Payment

Order and payment are done exclusively on the website. You will need to sign up on the website first, and then verify your account in order for you to be able to make a purchase. Once you have done that, select your preferred plan from the homepage.

You will be redirected to the payment page where you can choose the payment period that’s best for you. Once selected, fill in your personal and payment details as well as select your preferred payment method.

The methods of payment accepted on the site include PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.

Authorize payment, and once it goes through, you will receive a confirmation email elaborating on your subscription, and next steps.

Customer service

At the bottom of the homepage, you will find an ‘Email Us‘ link that will direct you to the company’s email.

Online Support

The website has a live chat feature that allows you to speak to a customer care representative in real time. You can use this feature to get immediate assistance on any issue or questions you might have in regards to the product.

You can also get in touch with the company online directly using its social media handles whose links can be found on the homepage of the website.

DayTrader PRO Review – Is DayTraderPro Legit?

From the above, it is clear that the DayTraderPro course is a legitimate trading course that is apt at helping learners understand the fundamentals of trading, and how to apply them. The aim of the course is to ensure each learner becomes a pro in this chosen field.

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Should I Buy DayTrader Pro Academy Trading Course?

Yes, indeed you should buy this course if you are looking to understand the intricacies of day trading, and how to become a pro in this field.

Hurry and purchase this course now so that you are able to participate in the ongoing promotion where the company is offering this course at a 20% OFF discount with our special DayTraderPro coupon code below.

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How to Redeem DayTrader Pro Coupon Code?

Redeeming the DayTraderPro discount is very simple. The learner only need to click our DayTraderPro promo code to take advantage of the discount at

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