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An In-depth Review of CCleaner

The following article is a comprehensive review of the software and company known as CCleaner. The article will inform potential buyers on the critical aspects of the software such as what it is, why PC users need it, its key features, the installation procedures, and how it works. The CCleaner review will also look at the pricing and plans available for the software, as well as a close look at what exactly makes the CCleaner different to other PC cleaning software available in the market. Finally, the article will conclude by giving a review of the company’s website to make it easier for the visitors to navigate it.

What is CCleaner?

ccleaner coupon codeCCleaner is a PC software designed to effectively clean files stored in a computer or on the cloud, as well as to optimize the performance of the computer. It is the leading PC cleaning software in the world as it is trusted by millions of people across the globe.  This software will remove all of the unnecessary files in your PC’s system, ensure that your computer runs faster owing to optimized storage space, and enhance the security of your PC system.

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Why We Need CCleaner?

You need CCleaner for a variety of reasons. First, the software is critical to the optimization of computers for both individuals and entire corporations. It comes with highly advanced optimization features, and with the one click cleaning process, you will be on your way to optimizing your computer in no time.

Secondly, you will need this software when you begin to notice that your computer is running slower than usual. As the computers get older, they accumulate files and instructions that are no longer needed by the user. They may be inactive, but they are still taking up space in the computer’s hard drive, and this is what is causing your computer to slow down. The CCleaner is intuitive, and will be able to alert you on unused files and settings that are taking up space, and that you should remove. The software allows you to remove these unused items with just one click.

You will also need this software in order to be assured of risk-free, safe, and private browsing every time that you are online. Every time that you visit a website, the site’s cookies remain on your computer. This enables businesses and advertisers to track your movement, especially your purchases online. To protect you from this invasion of your privacy, the CCleaner will erase all of the cookies that have been stored in your computer, with just one click of a button.

Fourthly, the software helps clean out your registry in order to avoid crashes and errors, and allow for your PC to become much more stable.

Lastly, you are guaranteed of a quicker start-up every time because this software allows you to disable programs operating in the background that you do not need.

Key Features:

The CCleaner is able to clean temporary files, cookies, history, form history, super cookies, and download history in the most popular search engines including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

In addition, CCleaner can also clean files to varying degrees in other less popular browsers including Kmeleon, Avant, Phoenix, Sea Monkey, Google Chrome Canary, Flock, Chromium, Chrome Plus, Pale Moon, SRWare Iron, Netscape Navigator, and Rockmelt.

When it comes to Windows OS, the CCleaner is able to clean out the recycle bin, the jump lists, DNS cache, temporary files, memory dumps, recent documents, log files, clipboard, as well as provide error reports.

Another key feature of the CCleaner is its ability to clean out the system’s registry by removing unwanted or unused file extensions, fonts, help files, icons, invalid shortcuts, shared DLLs, ActiveX controls, and ClassIDs.

The software is also able to clean out recent file lists as well as temporary files from third party applications that include WinZip, Microsoft Office, eMule, Adobe Acrobat, Google Toolbar, VLC, Windows Media Player, Nero, and WinAce.

Lastly, this software does not feature any spyware, viruses, or adware. Hence, you can be sure that the software is not trying to spy on you, or attempting to steal your data or crash your system. Every time that you run this software, you are guaranteed of maximum PC protection.

How to Install CCleaner?

Installing the CCleaner is quite simple. All you need to do is download the version of the software that you have paid for onto your computer. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to run the software in order for it to be installed. Click on the ‘Run/Install‘ button, and follow the on-screen instructions that follow. You will receive a notification when the software has been successfully installed into your system.

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How CCleaner Works

ccleaner professional review

The CCleaner works by carrying out an extensive search of all the elements stored or operating in your computer, itemizing which files, and data are no longer needed in the system or are making it difficult for your system to operate optimally. The software will then present its findings to you within minutes, and prompt you to delete these files from their different storage locations.


The CCleaner is compatible with majority of the browsers used worldwide including the most popular ones such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, as well as the less popular ones that include Chromium, Canary, and Pale Moon.

Pricing and Plans

The CCleaner has three versions. There is the free version that has a limited capability compared to the paid versions. There is also the CCleaner Professional that costs $19.95, and is the most popular plan. The third plan is the CCleaner Professional Bundle (including Defraggler Professional, CCleaner Professional, Recuva Professional and Speccy Professional) that goes for $39.95, and this plan offers the best value to the customers because of all of the features it comes with.

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Ccleaner coupon codeCCleaner PRO Bundle Special Deal:

Get 25% discount on CCleaner Professional Bundle for only $29.95 ( $39.95) (including CCleaner Professional, Defraggler Professional, Recuva Professional and Speccy Professional) at

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What makes CCleaner different to other powerful PC cleaning software?

Compared to similar cleaning software in the market, the CCleaner is more affordable, more powerful, and much more intuitive. It is also easier to use compared to others in the market.

Quick CCleaner Reviews

Website Layout

ccleaner review

The website layout ( is simple, which makes it quite easy for users to navigate the site. In addition, all of the relevant links can be found on the homepage, further simplifying the navigation process.

Order and Payment

Making an order is also done on the website, and it simply involves paying for the plan you prefer using your preferred payment method. You will receive an email notifying you that the payment has gone through, as well as provide you with the download link for you to be able to download and install the software into your computer.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive FAQ page where you can view the answers to some of the most popularly asked questions from other customers in regards to the product. There is also a ‘Contact Us’ section, where you can find the contact details of the company including physical address, as well as email.

Online Support

You can get in touch directly with the company using its social media handles whose links can be found on the website.

Bottom Line – Is CCleaner Legit?

Yes, CCleaner is a legitimate PC cleaning software that you can trust to clean your PC files whether you are an individual, a business, or looking to clean up the files stored in your cloud accounts.

Should I Buy CCleaner?

Indeed you should purchase the CCleaner if you want a guarantee that your personal computer will be effectively cleaned. Hurry and purchase now and stand a chance of getting a 25% discount in the ongoing promotion. Please check our CCleaner promo code below.

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Ccleaner coupon codeCCleaner PRO Bundle Special Deal:

Get 25% discount on CCleaner Professional Bundle for only $29.95 ( $39.95) (including CCleaner Professional, Defraggler Professional, Recuva Professional and Speccy Professional) at

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