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Bitdefender Box 2 Review – The New Bitdefender Box

As the era of technology marches us on, we find ourselves more dependent on network connections for communications. As it is the majority of the world’s population either has at least some way to connect to the internet. However, the downside comes when you have to deal with online criminals. The internet crawls with persons with nefarious intentions, which leaves us insecure on the internet. That is why you will need such a cyber-security device as the Bitdefender Box. In this Bitdefender Box 2 review, we delve into the fine feature of this piece of tech, which protects your network at home, and on the go.

What is Bitdefender Box 2?

Bitdefender box 2 coupon

The Bitdefender Box 2 is a smart home cybersecurity hub designed to protect your home networks i.e. y our Wi-Fi and connected devices. To some extent, the device also acts as a router for your Wi-Fi networks that is an improvement over its predecessor. The Bitdefender Box sports advanced malware and networks protection features to prevent attacks on the Wi-Fi systems and the devices connected.

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Key Features:

  • Networks protection feature. This prevents any attacks that might occur due to hacking on one device. It prevents the attack home-based network by a zombie device.
  • Malware protection feature. The device prevents the attack of home computers and devices by malware or its spread.
  • Venerability assessment features. The Bitdefender Box checks the whole network in real-time to prevent any attack through the most venerable ports.
  • Parental control features. This device provides advanced parental control features, which allows the parent to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate internet sites. It also helps in monitoring any devices connected to the Bitdefender Box.
  • Safe browsing features. This feature prevents the connected devices from accessing armful internet sites.

How Bitdefender Box 2 Looks:

Bitdefender Box 2

The Bitdefender Box 2 design is not quite keen on the aesthetic properties of other cyber security devices. With a simple cylindrical shape, the device is more functional than pretty. However, it makes up for its lacking looks with a superb performance and features. The outer shell of the device is somewhat hefty but not to a point of inconvenience. It comes in black and withes colors, which are functional in keeping it inconspicuous and not drawing much attention.

How to Install and Setup Bitdefender Box 2?

The Bitdefender Box 2 comes with simple instructions and setup manual that even the novice tech user will have an easy time. The device as the option for cloning your networks setup thus you do not have to reset your whole system and the devices connected. For full functionality, the Bitdefender setting synchronization across all devices including the PC, mobile phones, and tablets. The device comes with a Bitdefender smartphone app, which allows it synchronizes it settings by pus emails across the devices. Watch this video to know how to setup the Bitdefender Box 2:

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How Bitdefender Box Works

Bitdefender Box coupon code

Once the device is fully set up and connected the Bitdefender app allows you to control most features of the network. The application allows the user to receive notifications once a new device connects to the Wi-Fi or any protected device tries to access a malicious site. You can also check on the data usage on the network among other features. The parental control feature allows the parent to prevent their children to access armful or inappropriate site or even restrict access times. The device, in general, prevents malware attacks on the home network in real-time. This neutralizes future networks even before they arise.


The Bitdefender Box 2 is compatible with most Wi-Fi networks and provides 802.11ac for a twenty to thirty meters range. There is a with which it takes issues but some reviews show that it may have issues setting up with the Zyxel C2100z router by CenturyLink. For the Bitdefender application, it is compatible with either Android or iOS smartphone. However, it seems more suited for the Android operating system with which one can access the full application features.

Bitdefender Box 2 vs. Norton Core: What are the Differences between Norton Core and Bitdefender Box 2?

Bitdefender Box vs Norton Core

These two devices are somewhat matched up in terms of features. Both the Norton Core and Bitdefender Box 2 have parental control software, though, the latter yet to develop anti-cyberbullying and anti-predator features. They also both sport a number of advanced features like the deep pocket inspection. For the upper and Bitdefender Box 2 as 100% network compatibility and anomaly detection features. However, Norton Core as 1.7 GHz Dual-core compared to the 1.2 GHz Dual-core for the Bitdefender Box. Norton Core eventually comes out on top on the aesthetics stage with a multi-dimensional spherical shape, which is inconspicuous yet eccentric.

A Few Bitdefender Box 2 Reviews from Real Customers:

Bitdefender Box customer reviews are evidence for its superiority in creating safe systems for your home network.

“Bitdefender doubles down on guarding your network and IoT devices against attack with its second hardware offering, the Box 2. The latest version brings more power and more features, but at a higher price.” from


“Easy Peasy set up! 10 minutes and everything was up and running. The box detected all 30 devices on our network and we were off and running. Very smooth and quick Download rate…” from Ray H –

Quick Bitdefender.Com Reviews

Website Layout

Bitdefender box review

The Bitdefender website is a convenience and marketing tool. The website allows for direct purchases of the device while also providing enough information. As for the design and navigation the user can rest assured they should not have trouble with the Bitdefender website. The simple design and minimal links are just sufficient to offer ease while still being relevant. Concisely the website is convenient for even a novice internet user.

Shopping Processing

The website provides ample information on the Bitdefender Box to allow for a knowledgeable purchase. While on the website, one can access the device features and specifications. Additionally, the customer can access the manual for setting up the device, which allows you a comprehensive systematic process. If satisfied by the comparisons you can go ahead and purchase the product directly by clicking on the ‘Order now’ button on the homepage.

Order & Payment

The ‘order now’ button takes you directly to the purchase page from, which you can key in your billing and payment information. The website’s purchase page allows the customer to key in their payment options, which include debit and credit cards as well as online transfers like PayPal. The customer also requires to key in their billing and shipment destination. This facilitates the successive delivery of the product.

Customer Service

The website is a hub of information, which specifically pertains the Bitdefender Box. While on the website, you can access the Setup manual for the device. The setup link comprehensively explains the process of setting up in all different scenarios. The website also provides a FAQs page through which the client can have their inquiries answered. For purchases, the websites also allow for a free one-year subscription for the Bitdefender smartphone app. The updates on the application are prompt and free of charge.

Online Support

While you log into the Bitdefender website, you notice the various contact channels available. The website provides the customer with contact information and channels in case of any inquiries. These contacts include the phone lines through which the customer may reach their personnel. Additionally, the website allows them to send direct messages to the company and have their answers sent directly to their emails.

FAQs of Bitdefender Box 2:

Is Bitdefender Box available in my country?

Currently, the device only ships to USA, Canada and select European and Asian countries. Efforts to ensure that the number of countries available is underway.

Does Bitdefender have parental control features?

Certain tools like the management of internet time, content filters by age, or pause a device are all available with the Bitdefender Box. It allows the user to set a profile for each person connected to the Wi-Fi. This way you control the time spent on the internet using the Bitdefender Central app.

How does Bitdefender Box protect my devices?

By monitoring all traffic on the networks, the system is able to prevent malicious attacks on the devices. It employs tools like the anomaly detector, brute force protector and multiple layers of security to prevent exploit. The app also protects the iOS and Android devices as well as the macOS locally both at home and away.

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Bitdefender Box Review – Bottom Line

In the cyberspace, one can never be too sure with the security of the networks. The modern age incorporating all devices into the smart movement making it, an internet ran era. With each step forward in the protection scale, a balance in the malicious side also appears. Its only with adaptive technologies like the Bitdefender Box can one be sure to keep up with the malicious techies. The product also comes with a $50 discount with our special Bitdefender Box promo code for each purchase.

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