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In the twenty-first century, everything is going digital whether business or education administration or health. The transition is evident more so in the last decade with the increased use of the internet. The internet is an engine ran by sharing information whether relevant or not. As businesses grow, they are finding conformity to the internet as their best method of survival. Now with internet monitoring tools like Awario you can now keep track of your business in the digital world. Read our Awario review to know more about this top social media and web monitoring tool and using our Awario coupon code to get 10% discount at

Awario Review – Should I Really Need to Buy Awario?

What is Awario?

Awario coupon codeThis online monitoring tool helps you keep track of mentions on the internet for specific keywords. Used as an internet-monitoring tool Awario allows you to track SEO keywords of your business and alert you to mention of these keywords. Awario helps two million clients to monitor the internet for mentions of SEO in conversations and posts. With its spread across 173 countries worldwide and working with major brands, it is definitely a prices tool to have under your sleeve.

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Why Should We Need Awario?

When using Awario you can monitor the mentions of your business by customers and their sentiments whether good or bad. Additionally, this platform allows you to keep eye on the competition on the internet and know any new advancements. You can also check out new business opportunities to expand your business or even collect ideas to improve your service delivery. You are also able to find out major internet influencers like celebrities who have mentioned your business.

Key Features:

  • Perpetual monitoring. Awario keeps track of all the chosen keyword on the internet in real-time. It also gives you alerts on all potential mentions and any relevant content.
  • Any language and resources. This tool allows you to keep track of the keywords in different languages and across the online platforms and social media.
  • Powerful analytics. Keeps track of the progress of your keywords. It shows the growth of your mentions and all major influencers.
  • Important conversations. You can now keep track to all-important conversations, which make a mention of your keywords and be the first to know.
  • Sift the relevant Discussions. The Awario dashboard allows you to separate all irrelevant keywords from the useful. This way you can forego the clutter of mentions and get the potential mentions only.

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How Awario Works

Once you log on to the Awario dashboard, you can make all the specifications for the monitoring tool. You can also choose to specify your search by keying in all the negative keywords you do not want to be searched. The specification also extends to websites and social media platforms and users. You can either specify the search to only extend to a specific website or social media platform or exclude them entirely on the search. You can also specify the rate of notification and alerts on your email. Check this video to know how to create an alert in Awario social media monitoring tool. Watch the video to get a quick overview of your social media mentions via Awario’s dashboard, explore interactive widgets and learn to create insightful SMM reports – all in a few clicks:

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Ease of Use

The Awario dashboard is quite easy to use since every action you can control every search and receive reports on the dashboard. The option for setting filters for negative keywords, websites, and social media users allows you to surpass the irrelevant mentions. This spares you the notifications clutter form all the irrelevant sites. The organized folder options allow you to keep the clutter off your dashboard. This way once you answer to a comment you can place it on a different folder. Check this video to know how to create an alert in Awario social media monitoring tool.

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A Few Awario Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of real Awario customer reviews from other sites:

“Excellent for monitoring of brands, people, and news. I would highly recommend this SAAS to anyone.” Javier Palenzuela from


I use Awario to have a global view of my business brand in seconds. The app has a great value for companies and entrepreneurs. I’ve moved from Hootsuite to Awario.” AGUSTIN R. from

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Awario review

The Awario website ( is quite a feat of design and this much is apparent as soon as you log on. The simple links are easy to follow and understand therefore even the novice surfer will find it easy to navigate the Awario website. The layout of pages and information gives off an eccentric feel, which makes evident the efforts vested in the designing. The website also provides in-depth information on the Awario products, which comes as a convenience for the client.

Shopping Processing plans review

To access Awario dashboard you need a subscription plan. The website allows you to purchase the subscriptions directly. If you choose to try, Awario out you can visit the Pricing page to access the types of Awario subscription plans. The plans on the website vary for tree type’s Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans each with different prices. For the Starter plan, the client can choose to try out the free trial option for an Awario experience.

Order & Payment

To purchase the subscription plans you also need to sign in on the website in order to create an account. On the signing process, you provide the payment options of your choice. The website allows credit cards and online payments methods like PayPal. Once you have finished your signing, in you can go ahead and choose the subscription plan and check out using the payment options you previously provided.

Customer Service

The website is quite helpful as a source of information on Awario products. While on the website, the “Resources” link on the menu allows you to access all the information on how to use and any other quarries you have. The Website also allows you to start your free trial period through which you can access a limited number of the dashboard. This gives you a taste of the whole experience and allows you to familiarize with the advantages. The website also provides a video tutorial on how to use the Awario dashboard to ease your familiarization.

Technical Support

At provides all information on how to use the dashboard to the company. While on the website, you can access the company’s email and phone lines. This way you can contact the Awario personnel in case of an inquiry. The website also sports direct messages options through which the client can get answers to their questions answered directly by email. Additionally, the website provides links to the various social media platforms and a blog through which you can access more information.

Awario Review – Bottom Line

In the modern age, the race happens on the internet, which is currently the best and fastest source of information for most individuals. You can now gain access to the latest news on the internet and conform accordingly. Awario is one such tool that helps you tap into the limitless knowledge of the internet and helps you control the face of your business identity in the digital space.

Finally, should I Really Need to Buy Awario?

What We Like About Awario:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Boolean Search feature
  • White-label reports
  • Affordable pricing options

What We Don’t Like About Awario:

  • Not support LinkedIn tracking

Awario ranks as the easiest and the most convenient social media & web monitoring tool. Awario provides the cheapest plans on the market compared to all other internet-monitoring tools on the internet. Additionally, you can also analyze the completion of your business as well as a sentiment rather of your clients. This way you can curb any flaws before they damage the business repute. These factors and more are the reason why purchasing Awario is a perfect choice.

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How to Order At Awario.Com?

On the website, you can view the various subscription plans and consequently purchase one that you fancy. The plans vary from the Starter, Pro, and Enterprise each with different prices. Once you choose a particular plan, you need to sign in in order to create an account. The signing in process includes keying in your payment options. Once you have your account set up your account you automatically authorize the payment for the subscription plan. You can also choose to go for the trial period on the Starter plan, which allows you to familiarize with the dashboard’s working. Please remember to check our special Awario coupon codes, promo codes to get 10% OFF if you really want to buy Awario now.

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How to Redeem Awario Coupon Code? promo code

Availing this special Awario discount is very easy. Please choose the right subscription plan and click on our Awario promo code to get the discount at checkout automatically.

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