How to Choose The Best Employee Monitoring Software?

Protecting the company is the duty of the owner. It is not only beneficial for the employers but for other people as well who are affiliated with the company. Not every worker is trustworthy. To know who is sincere and who is not, there are many employee monitoring software programs available in the market. We are here to make your selection easy. Read further to know how to choose the best employee monitoring software.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software programs are easily available software in the market that are designed to track the activity of the employees. It is the need of the every firm owner who doesn’t want to lose their data.  The United States Supreme Court passed an order in 2010 that allowed the employers to monitor the activity of the employees when they log their work hours.  The employee monitoring software can be used to spy when company’s equipment like pagers, laptops, mobile phone or USB drives are being used.

Why You Need Employee Monitoring Software?

The foremost requirement of employee monitoring software is to secure your company’s information and asset. The new technologies have improved the working pace though, but now transferring the data to your enemies has also become very easy. Email is the main source of it. Employees can easily send your confidential information with few mouse clicks. Another form is multimedia messaging and calls.

Employee monitoring software programs alert you beforehand. By knowing about the employee’s activity you can know what they are doing. You can easily track any suspicious activity that can save you from a bigger lose. These software programs inform you immediately when your specified keywords are being used. They also let you control many activities on the devices you provided to the workers.

How to Choose The Best Employee Monitoring Software?

As these monitoring software programs are highly appreciated by the big as well as small companies, many vendors appeared in the market with their respective products. We have searched high and low to find the best employee monitoring software in the market. Our top employee monitoring software list will reduce your search and help you in making the right decision.

Top Employee Monitoring Software:


StaffCop is known for its three complete spying software programs: Standard, Enterprise and Home versions. The former two allow the monitoring of 1- 10,000 computers at the same time. They are corporate security software that monitor the employee activity and also allow you to control it. They prevent any unauthorized distribution of information. They let you effectively control the employee activity.

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Surveilstar is another employee monitoring software that can do a lot for you. It records all the necessary information that you need to know. It saves you money because it doesn’t allow your employees to waste their time online. Surveilstar prevents all kinds of data leakage by making you the boss of data sharing. Only you can decide which information should leave the network and which should not. It also lets you block websites and keeps cyber threats away.

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Qustodio is the monitoring software program that keeps an eye on your network and employees. From one central location, it monitors all the activities including keystrokes typed, emails, chats, internet use and so much more. Within seconds, it provides the detailed reports of all the activities. No matter where you are, you can see your network in real time.

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mSpy is the complete monitoring software for computer. It is easy to install and operate. It can track all the activities that are carried on computer. The employer can see the activity remotely by opening their control panel. It can take screen shots, log keys, tell about user activity, and so much more.

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Mobistealth provides you with the computer monitoring software for MAC and Windows. It allows the employers to keep an eye on the employees through numbers of ways. It is quite easy to use and tells you every activity of the computer. It also allows you to control your computer remotely. Whatever happened appear on your mobistealth user account, so you can check and take action. It monitors functions like: web history, Gmail logging, Skype chat, keystroke logging and so much more.

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flexiSPY is another Mac and Windows monitoring software that is designed for employers as well as keen parents. It allows the user to monitor number of things from IM chats to USB device information. It also takes screenshots so you can see what is actually happening. You can see the browser history and bookmarks. All in all, with its 40+ monitoring feature, it makes you the true boss.

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SentryPC is our next amazing PC monitoring software. It tells you exactly what are your employees doing on the computer. It monitors internet activities as well and helps you to resolve the threatening issues beforehand. It makes you the head to block the website, social media, news, stocks over the network. You can also block the games, apps and messengers.

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Last but not the least in the list is SniperSpy. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. It remotely monitors all the activities of your employees. It has the online control panel that lets you check the activity log from anywhere in the world. It even takes the live screenshots and keystrokes for your instant spying.

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All the employee monitoring software programs have their own specialty. Selecting the best one is optional, but having one is compulsory if you want your information to remain safe and secure.

(How to Choose The Best Employee Monitoring Software?)

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